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Amazing Daughters Quotes


"Trust your daughters, they are faithful. Honor your daughters, they are honorable. Educate your daughters, they are amazing." - Ziauddin Yousafzai

"I have an amazing wife and three daughters that always keep me motivated." - Jose Andres Puerta

"Life with three daughters can be nerve-wracking, but it's amazing to be loved by so many different women." - Laird Hamilton

"Click. Boom. Amazing!" - Steve Jobs

"You nine daughters of Jupiter, sisters of one heart." - Gnaeus Naevius

"Fornication with your daughters thats like a double dog sin." - Christopher Moore

"He who has daughters is always a shepherd." - Proverbs

"Bravery hides in amazing places." - Kiera Cass

"'Sugarland Express' was pretty amazing." - Janusz Kaminski

"I have this amazing life." - Ali Macgraw

"I had an amazing childhood." - Abbie Cornish

"I love Louisiana. It's amazing." - Johnny Knoxville

"'Macbeth' is an amazing story." - Andy Serkis

"It's pretty amazing being me." - Matthew Morrison

"I'm an amazing mama's boy." - Penn Jillette

"My parents were screenwriters, and they had four daughters and we all write. So that's amazing. Talk about powerful parents. My mother always said to us, "Everything is copy."" - Nora Ephron

"I don't want my daughters to grow up the way that I grew up. I want them to actually see Mommy in a fulfilled relationship that's amazing for her." - Jessica White

"For even daughters of the swan can share Something of every paddler's heritage." - William Butler Yeats

"I could never become accustomed to American mothers' reckless disregard for their daughters' moral welfare." - Luigi Barzini

"I've got demons in my past so I've got daughters on the way," - Jay-Z

"Be amazing. Be everywhere. Be real" - Jason Calacanis

"The Mets are gonna be amazing." - Casey Stengel

"I love you breathlessly, my amazing man." - Paullina Simons

"Everything's amazing right now, and nobody's happy." - Louis C K

"I have amazing boobs. They're just perfect." - Jessica Simpson

"My students are constantly amazing me." - Bill Mollison

"If you're curious, London's an amazing place." - David Bailey

"It's amazing how stress keeps you trim." - Peter Andre

"My fans are amazing and super loyal." - Taio Cruz

"Raw lobster tail, freeze dried, is amazing." - Nathan Myhrvold

"I suppose you've always been amazing at this stuff."- Clary "I was born amazing." - Jace" - Cassandra Clare

"You'll know you're amazing when you get devoted to making other people amazing." - Robin S. Sharma

"Life divides into amazing enjoyable times and appalling experiences that will make future amazing anecdotes." - Caitlin Moran

"I get paid very well for an amazing, amazing life. I'm blessed." - Ellen Degeneres

"Mark Ruffalo is just an amazing guy and an amazing director." - Orlando Bloom

"Mothers and daughters are closest, when daughters become mothers." - Anonymous

"My daughters are my Picassos." - Neneh Cherry

"I am definitely a Type A personality, always rushing around, trying to do too much, not good at just lying on the beach. But I'm so thankful for everything I have: wonderfully supportive parents and sisters, the best husband in the world, terrific students I love teaching and hanging out with, and above all, my two amazing daughters." - Amy Chua

"Life possesses an amazing array of profoundly sad faces." - Aberjhani

"It's amazing the fantasies your mind can put together." - Mitch Albom

"The amazing ones are those that don't know it." - Anthony Liccione

"I'm amazing and studly, but I have limits." - Jim Butcher

"Liberals tell amazing lies about guns and everything else." - Ann Coulter

"It's amazing how much 'mature wisdom' resembles being too tired." - Robert A Heinlein

"You are good, You are great, You are amazing" - Austin Carlile

"Im having an amazing life and it isnt over yet." - Cloris Leachman

"Had an amazing weekend hanging with my pals." - Victoria Justice

"Today could be the start of something amazing." - Joel Osteen

"Astronauts and teachers are much more amazing than actors." - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

"Isn't it amazing how photography has advanced without improving." - Charles Sheeler

"It's amazing what these superhero movies have become." - Stan Lee

"I love Francoise Hardy. She's my dream, she's just amazing." - Gabrielle Aplin

"Australian weather's amazing! You notice that when you go overseas." - Flume

"Don't be so amazing or I'll miss you too much." - Conor Oberst

"Look deep within yourself, and you'll find something amazing." - Michael Jackson

"I'm the poster boy for Propecia. It's amazing." - Joe Lando

"Time Inc. has amazing titles - really great content." - Laura Lang

"The surfing - the waves in Indonesia are amazing." - Rob Machado

"I think Andrew Stanton is such an amazing, creative mind." - Lynn Collins

"It's amazing what we remember as sports fans, right?" - Kevin Connolly

"It's amazing what a spray-on tan will do." - David Cook

"If people think you are this amazing, own it." - David Chang

"It's been an amazing year of individual performances." - Steve Kerr

"I feel amazing right now. I just feel like dancing." - Venus Williams

"Music makes your soul feel amazing while you're performing it." - Bijou Phillips

"Alan Cumming is such an amazing performer and person." - Carrie Preston

"It's amazing what sleep does for your looks." - Emily Procter

"Southern California, they have been amazing. They're totally with us." - Chita Rivera

"I do like athletes as they have amazing self-discipline." - Seal

"I have amazing friends who have led inspirational lives." - Andrew Shue

"It's amazing how many introverts go into the ministry." - John Piper

"My mother is the coolest, most amazing person I know." - J J Abrams

"It's amazing what you can learn to get used to." - Chesley Sullenberger

"Elizabeth Taylor. In her heyday, she was amazing." - Joe Jonas

"Equality for everybody is great. That would be amazing." - Rob Lowe

"New York City is an amazing place to raise children." - Ricky Martin

"It's amazing how low you go to get high." - John Lennon

"Who I am in Christ is amazing. Who Christ is in me is the real story. It is beyond amazing." - Bill Johnson

"It's an amazing luxury to say I'm 31 years old and I'm gonna take a year off. That's pretty amazing." - Sarah Mclachlan

"I am pained to listen that my daughters, grand daughters and great grand daughters are no longer safe." - Fauja Singh

"Fame is rot; daughters are the thing." - James M Barrie

"This life is a war we are not yet winning for our daughters' children. Don't do your enemies' work for them. Finish your own." - Marge Piercy

"Thy daughters bright thy walks adorn, Gay as the gilded summer sky, Sweet as the dewy milk-white thorn, Dear as the raptured thrill of joy." - Robert Burns

"A busy mother makes slothful daughters." - Proverbs

"Proverbs are the daughters of daily experience." - Proverbs

"I know you do not make the laws but I also know that you are the wives and mothers, the sisters and daughters of those who do." - Angelina Grimke

"Ribbons a-flutter and orchids a-tremble, Yearly the vigilant Daughters assemble, Affirming in fervid and firm resolutions Their permanent veto on all revolutions." - Marya Mannes

"Daughters-in-law lived with their husbands' parents, not their own; a synonym for marriage in Chinese is taking a daughter-in-law." - Maxine Hong Kingston

"There be none of Beauty's daughters With a magic like thee; And like music on the waters Is thy sweet voice to me." - Lord Byron

"This life is a war we are not yet winning for our daughters' children. Don't do your enemies' work for them. Finish your own." - Marge Piercy

"Honor your daughters. They are honorable." - Malala Yousafzai

"I'm the father of four daughters." - Harvey Weinstein

"Mothers and daughters have that rivalry thing." - Gretchen Wilson

"Teach your daughters to walk in virtue." - Gordon B Hinckley

"We're all going through so much hard, wonderful, amazing . . . it's blessings; it's lessons; it's hardship; it's life. I guess, I don't know what the definition of life is. I now know the meaning of my life, because of my daughters, but mine is one little tiny speck in the universe. It's nice to not be pretending everything is perfect all the time, because it isn't, but I do love happiness and joy and optimism." - Drew Barrymore

"I've been blessed with two beautiful daughters. It is amazing how inadequate I can feel in being able to protect, teach, and take care of them. I'm not talking about a paranoid the-world-is-a-dangerous-place kind of way. I mean when they just give me a simple look or ask me something like "Where do stars comes from, Daddy?" I'm opened up in a way I had not thought possible." - Patrick Fabian

"I kept looking and thinking, 'This woman's amazing.' I'm happy that I'm with her. She's amazing, and I'd think the same of her even if she wasn't with me - she's just amazing." - Tom Cruise

"I kept looking [at wife Katie Holmes] and thinking, 'This woman's amazing.' I'm happy that I'm with her. She's amazing, and I'd think the same of her even if she wasn't with me - she's just amazing." - Tom Cruise

"The thing about this business is that you always end up finding these amazing stories and these amazing people who make amazing films. I just want to work with good people and keep challenging myself with different kinds of characters." - Madhur Mittal

"Just open your eyes, shake your head, and look at what is happening in the world. It is amazing! This universe is amazing!" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"You don't inspire your teammates by showing them how amazing you are. You inspire them by showing them how amazing they are." - Robyn Benincasa

"My baby is amazing; even his head smells amazing. His breath, the whole thing, you could eat him! He's a big, beautiful boy. He's great." - Orlando Bloom

"It's really amazing that I was discovered and that I've been given these great opportunities to travel the world and work with amazing artists. I'm very blessed." - Misty Copeland

"It's amazing how many introverts go into the ministry. It's amazing how many people go into the ministry who don't really like to be with people." - John Piper

"There's no way in the world that just because women turn the number 40, they're anything less than amazing. That's crazy. If anything, you're even more amazing!" - Jennifer Lopez

"Fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do. Girls become lovers, who turn into mothers, so mothers be good to your daughters, too." - John Mayer

"My daughters, your daughters, our daughters deserve safety, protection, and the freedom to make their own choices about their personal lives and their physical selves." - Carre Otis

"Prayer is the hard-work business of Christianity, and it nets amazing results." - David Jeremiah

"It is perilously easy to have amazing sympathy with God's truth and remain in sin." - Oswald Chambers

"My father was an amazing man. The older I got, the smarter he got." - Mark Twain

"The most amazing thing about little children ... was their fantastic adaptability." - Kristin Hunter

"I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing in Baz Luhrmanns Romeo and Juliet." - Brenton Thwaites

"The swells were amazing! As big as three-story apartment buildings!" - Abby Sunderland

"I'm an optimist - I feel like an amazing part of life is that at any moment." - Aziz Ansari

"I have 12 paintings of Kaufman art. He is an amazing artist." - John Travolta

"Ford's last Fifth Queen novel is amazing. The whole cycle is a noble conception." - Ford Madox Ford

"My father was right: you could make anybody amazing just by insisting they were." - Elizabeth McCracken

"It was amazing how it worked: the tiniest bit of truth made credible the greatest lies." - Jeffrey Eugenides

"Love is amazing, so divine, demands my soul, my life, my all." - Isaac Watts

"It's amazing what we lose in life by listening to fear, instead of listening to God." - Joyce Meyer

"It's amazing that this is all happening to Lost in Space." - Mark Goddard

"One of the most amazing developments in the history of biology." - Thomas Hunt Morgan

"It's amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday." - John Guare

"I was mad when I heard The Amazing Race wasn't about white people." - Zach Braff

"Amazing what the application of a knitting needle could do for one's manners." - Lauren Willig

"The only time I took Ecstacy was years and years ago. It was absolutely amazing." - Graham Norton

"Isn't it amazing how, when you strip away everything, people are so much alike?" - Jodi Picoult

"It's amazing what you can do when you stop worrying about failing." - Anne Sweeney

"It was really amazing the number of hard hits from which a mind could recover." - Stephen King

"If I could do something with Paul McCartney it would be just amazing. Or Eric Clapton." - Jake Shimabukuro

"You have an amazing ability to depress me sometimes, you know that?" "I try my best." - Derek Landy

"If you let people into your life a little bit, they can be pretty damn amazing." - Sherman Alexie

"I just think it's amazing that a person could lose everything, chasing nothing." - Andy Andrews

"It's amazing how lovely common things become, if one only knows how to look at them." - Louisa May Alcott

"Little kids are amazing. They seem able to adjust to anything." - Judy Blume

"The most amazing combinations can result if you shuffle the pack enough." - Mikhail Bulgakov

"It's amazing. The moment you show cash, everyone knows your language." - Aravind Adiga

"Love is wonderful, amazing, and the best thing that can happen to us." - Mary J Blige

"How can you not love Jack Gleeson? Hes amazing. Hes the nicest guy." - Sophie Turner

"Our ability to adapt is amazing. Our ability to change isn't quite as spectacular." - Lisa Lutz

"Do it or don't. It's amazing how many things in life are that easy." - Henry Rollins

"It's amazing what you can see when you just sit quietly and look." - Jacqueline Kelly

"Somewhere between raising hell and amazing grace, Lord I know just how they feel." - Hank Williams, Jr.

"Technology means you can now do amazing things easily; but you couldn't easily do them legally." - Lawrence Lessig

"They say it's better than sex. It's so much better. It's amazing." - Angelina Jolie

"Presentations are the most amazing persuasion tool available in organizations today" - Nancy Duarte

"You are amazing. A true light warrior and this world certainly needs you." - Kris Carr

"It's amazing how many things busy people are doing that never will be missed." - Peter Drucker

"Awwww, lame, we're not going to disneyworld. (said by the amazing talking dog, Total)" - James Patterson

"If you don't follow the stock market, you are missing some amazing drama." - Mark Cuban



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