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All Living Things Quotes


"All living things on earth are kindred." - Edward Abbey

"All things living are in search of a better world." - Karl Popper

"Let your love flow out on all living things." - William Styron

"All things living are in search of a better world ." - Karl Popper

"The good man is the friend of all living things." - Mahatma Gandhi

"All was forgiven. All living things were brothers, and all dead things were even more so." - Kurt Vonnegut

"Kindness and compassion toward all living things is the mark of a civilized society." - Cesar Chavez

"We are part of a great whole. All living things are our brothers and sisters." - Kenneth Clark

"Desire is life trying to continue to be life. All living things desire... Life is wanting." - Kim Stanley

"This is the tendency of all living things: to avoid pain and to cling to pleasure." - Pema Chodron

"There is no differentiation between all living things: trees, river, animals, and humans." - Ian Somerhalder

"Gold is a living god and rules in scorn, All earthly things but virtue." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"Gold is a living god and rules in scorn, All earthly things but virtue." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"Turn all things to honey; this is the law of divine living." - Sri Aurobindo

"I did all kinds of things in order to earn a living." - Alan Hovhaness

"You breathe all the time you're sleep, but you aren't living. I mean living - doing the things you want to do.... That's what I call living, Aunt Polly. Just breathing isn't living!" - Eleanor H. Porter

"Did you think that rats do not have hearts? Wrong. All living things have a heart. And the heart of any living thing can be broken." - Kate Dicamillo

"God isn't a noun but a process...a continual, infinitely creative outpouring of love and light onto all living things." - Marianne Williamson

"And all the while, I suppose," he thought, "real people were living somewhere, and real things happening to them ..." - Edith Wharton

"It was impossible to imagine the aloof, dignified, powerful High Lord living as, of all things, a slave." - Trudi Canavan

"In Islam, all living things have souls. We are made pure by the fire of the lord compassion." - John Speed

"Trees and children are, of all living things, those whose growth soonest makes one feel one's age ..." - Mary Russell Mitford

"The rocks. They carry the chronology of water. All things simultaneously living and dead in your hands." - Lidia Yuknavitch

"Fearful and unprepared, we have assumed lordship over the life or death of the whole world, of all living things." - John Steinbeck

"To develop understanding, you have to practice looking at all living things with the eyes of compassion." - Nhat Hanh

"All things work for bad for those living in opposition to God and insist on having their own way." - Rick Warren

"Until he extends the circle of his compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace." - Albert Schweitzer

"Of all the things I am not very good at, living in the real world is perhaps the most outstanding." - Bill Bryson

"Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things, man will not himself find peace." - Albert Schweitzer

"My long sickness Of health and living now begins to mend, And nothing brings me all things." - William Shakespeare

"Humans will die like all living things do, but we have the added burden of knowing that we will." - S Jay Olshansky

"All living things are gnarly, in that they inevitably do things that are much more complex than one might have expected." - Rudy Rucker

"All real living is meeting." - Martin Buber

"Thoughts are living things - they travel far." - Swami Vivekananda

"I do consider sounds as living things." - Bernard Parmegiani

"All education should be directed toward the refinement of the individual's sensibilities in relation not only to one's fellow humans everywhere, but to all living things whatsoever." - Ashley Montagu

"... the genetic code is in fact literally identical in all animals, plants and bacteria... All earthly living things are certainly descended from a single ancestor." - Richard Dawkins

"I only hate two things - living things, and objects." - Jerry Sadowitz

"Living in fear is not living at all." - Christopher

"Is not living at all not better than living badly?" - Critias

"A tree is a wonderful living organism which gives shelter, food, warmth and protection to all living things. It even gives shade to those who wield an axe to cut it down" - Gautama Buddha

"I find that the standard of living does not go up in proportion with the cost of living. The trick in life is to do things that are fun all the time." - Warren Buffett

"Let us develop respect for all living things. Let us try to replace violence and intolerance with understanding and compassion. And love." - Jane Goodall

"Of the irrational part of the soul again one division appears to be common to all living things, and of a vegetative nature." - Aristotle

"Trees are, after all, our largest and oldest living things. They are Australia's natural, national treasures - the true Elders of our vast continent." - Richard Allen

"I have a vision for living. It's about elements of style. It's about all the things that I love, that I believe in." - Ralph Lauren

"When people go within and connect with themselves, they realize they are connected to the universe and they are connected to all living things." - Armand DiMele

"All flowers talk to me and so do hundreds of little living things in the woods. I learn what I know by watching and loving everything." - George Washington Carver

"I see nothing worth living for but the divine virtue which endures and surrenders all things for truth, duty, and mankind." - William Ellery Channing

"All living things have an aura, a rapidly vibrating, invisible psychic energy field that protects them from toxic, non-physical energies that would otherwise be detrimental to them." - Frederick Lenz

"Love is a wave flowing in the direction of bliss for all living things. It will carry you if you allow it to flow through you." - Marianne Williamson

"After you find out all the things that can go wrong, your life becomes less about living and more about waiting." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Honor all living things, for we are of the stag, and the salmon, and the bee; so destroy not life, save it be to preserve your own." - Scott Cunningham

"Happy Friday! Lift your spirits by living in the vibration of LOVE & APPRECIATION then check out all the positive things and people you'll attract!" - Tracey Edmonds

"Certain beliefs must accompany every action: One should act without selfishness, cultivate compassion for all living things, and develop respect for others." - Dalai Lama

"One of the most tragic things I know about human nature is that all of us tend to put off living." - Dale Carnegie

"The future of mankind lies waiting for those who will come to understand their lives and take up their responsibilities to all living things." - Vine Deloria Jr

"For the time being I have seen enough of living things, of dogs, of men, of all flabby masses which move spontaneously." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"To feel the affection that comes from those whom we do not know ... widens out the boundaries of our being, and unites all living things." - Pablo Neruda

"All created things are living in the Hand of God. The senses see only the action of the creatures; but faith sees in everything the action of God." - Jean-Pierre de Caussade

"Never neglect to see the exquisite beauty in all living things. Stay focused on your purpose. The Universe will take care of everything else." - Robin S. Sharma

"All living things are afraid to die. No, you're exactly wrong, the only truly alive beings are those unafraid to die." - David Zindell

"An appreciation of animals is good for a human, it can lead to a better understanding and respect for all living things." - Henry Rollins

"My mother taught me a lot about respect for all living things - for plants and animals. I am a vegetarian. I was brought up that way." - David Lachapelle

"It is part of the fundamental impulse in all living things to reach for light, part of the indomitable will to see." - Henry Grunwald

"At the deepest level, all living things that have ever been looked at have the same DNA code. And many of the same genes." - Richard Dawkins

"My role is to embody the Black Opium woman - I suppose you have to be the living embodiment of all the intangible things the brand stands for." - Edie Campbell

"If you do not see yourselves and all things as living, moving, and having their being in God, you see nothing, whatever you may think you see." - Richard Baxter

"Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things have reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and how all things are the cooperating causes of all things which exist; observe too the continuous spinning of the thread and the contexture of the web." - Marcus Aurelius

"We don't beat the Grim Reaper by living longer, we beat the Reaper by living well and living fully, for the Reaper will come for all of us. The question is what do we do between the time we are born and the time he shows up. It's too late to do all the things that you're gonna kinda get around to." - Randy Pausch

"Acting means living, it's all I do..." - Morgan Freeman

"The house appointed for all the living." - Bible

"Jesus Christ represented God as the principle of all good, the source of all happiness, the wise and benevolent Creator and Preserver of all living things. But the interpreters of his doctrines have confounded the good and the evil principle." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"No, I mean we'd all definitely involved in the music business someway or another, because we're all living with it, and in it, and also we've got all sorts of things we would like to do." - John Deacon

"Live life like its the last breath you take for that breath is the whole essence of living, the little things in life are what connects us to all the big things we live for" - Robert Frost

"We all want things to stay the same. Settle for living in misery because we are afraid of change, of things crumbling to ruins. Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"It's overwhelming. I feel as if I am living in an illusion a dream where all things are possible. Amazing things do happen I know but always to someone else always in some far off place and time." - Christopher Paolini

"All acts of living become bad by ten things, and by avoiding the ten things they become good. There are three evils of the body, four evils of the tongue, and three evils of the mind." - Gautama Buddha

"Only living things bring living joy to the soul and must elevate it." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Things die. All things die." - Kurt Vonnegut

"Living things have no inertia, and tend to no equilibrium." - Thomas Huxley

"It is my belief that books are living things." - Holly Black

"Variety is the pledge that matter makes to living things." - Diane Ackerman

"War is not healthy for children and other living things." - Lorraine Schneider

"Are you living for the things you are praying for?" - Austin Phelps

""Humanism" is to be human, to think, to analyze, and to probe. To respond and to be stimulated by all living things - beasts, fowl, and fishes. To respond through touch, sight, smell, and sound to all things in nature - both organic and inorganic-to colors, shapes, and textures - to not only look at a blade of grass but to really see a blade of grass. These things, to me, are what life and living are all about. I would call it "Humanism."" - Jacob Lawrence

"Feel the love of God; then in every person you will see the face of the Father, the light of love which is in all. You will find a magic, living relationship uniting the trees, the sky, the stars, all people, and all living things; and you will feel a oneness with them. This is the code of divine love." - Paramahansa Yogananda

"Why does it have to be like this?' I asked bitterly. 'Why does life have to be so short, with all the good things passing quickly. Is it worth living at all?" - Joseph Delaney

"England will still be England, an everlasting animal, stretching into the future and the past and like all living things having the power to change out of all recognition and yet remain the same." - George Orwell

"A margin of life is developed by Nature for all living things - including man. All life forms obey Nature's demands - except man, who has found ways of ignoring them." - Eugene M. Poirot

"You were the living image of the entire Platonic shadow show, an illusion that could fill my emptiness with marvellous, imaginary things as long as, just as long as, the movie lasted, and then all would all vanish." - Angela Carter

"Patience, he thought. So much of this was patience - waiting, and thinking and doing things right. So much of all this, so much of all living was patience and thinking." - Gary Paulsen

"In these gaudy times, we think we will shortly reach the point where everything is known, but the fact is we are ignoring the essential, which is love of all living things, of all beauty both visible and hidden." - Georges Rouault

"The A-B-C's of Living Life's Purpose: A=Accept all things you can't change. B=Be Grateful for all that you have. C=Constantly create progress towards to your goals & dreams." - Hal Elrod

"It is not accidental that all phenomena of human life are dominated by the search for daily bread - the oldest link connecting all living things, man included, with the surrounding nature." - Ivan Pavlov

"True religion is real living; living with all one's soul, with all one's goodness and righteousness." - Albert Einstein

"Living with kids is like living with a bunch of drunks. You know you really have to be on your toes all the time. Things are falling over and breaking and spilling. If you live on the second story, you really have to keep the windows shut all the time." - Tom Waits

"But would you kindly ponder this question: What would your good do if evil didn't exist, and what would the earth look like if all the shadows disappeared? After all, shadows are cast by things and people. Here is the shadow of my sword. But shadows also come from trees and living beings. Do you want to strip the earth of all trees and living things just because of your fantasy of enjoying naked light? You're stupid." - Mikhail Bulgakov

"All things are in all." - Giordano Bruno

"Living with bipolar, schizophrenia or any other mental condition takes a recognition that one has a chronic condition that needs managing. The management can be through pharmaceutical intervention, talk therapy, mindfulness programmes, diet and exercise changes, all kinds of things." - Stephen Fry

"In a living society every day is a day of judgment; and its recognition as such is not the end of all things but the beginning ofa real civilization." - George Bernard Shaw

"There are moments when the heart is generous, and then it knows that for better or worse our lives are woven together here, one with one another and with the place and all the living things." - Wendell Berry

"This is one of the goals of the Jewish way of living: to experience commonplace deeds as spiritual adventures, to feel the hidden love and wisdom in all things." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Problems come about when we try to direct the flow of the universe rather than allow it to reveal its own design. Inherent in that design is a love for all living things." - Marianne Williamson

"I had an incredible experience living in New York, playing for the Yankees, to go through all of the things I did, including the no-hitter. It was a very memorable time." - Jim Abbott

"We can't just stop. We're not rocks-progress, migration, motion is... modernity. It's ANIMATE, it's what living things do. We desire. Even if all we desire is stillness, it's still desire for..." - Tony Kushner

"Death-some form of termination-is the universal ending of all living things; but only man, by virtue of his verbally reportable introspective life, can conceptualize his own cessation." - Edwin S. Shneidman

"I must fight with all my strength so that the little positive things that my health allows me to do might be pointed toward helping the revolution. The only real reason for living." - Frida Kahlo

"Its the most breathtakingly ironic things about living: the fact that we are all-identical twins included-alone. Singular. And yet what we seek-what saves us-is our connection to others." - Wally Lamb

"We shall never understand peace, justice and the living of life until we recognize that all people are human and that humans are the most precious things on earth." - Wally Hickel

"Each one of us matters, has a role to play, and makes a difference. Each one of us must take responsibility for our own lives, and above all, show respect and love for living things around us, especially each other." - Jane Goodall

"God spare me sclerosis of the curiosity, for the curiosity which craves to keep us informed about the small things no less than the large is the mainspring, the dynamo, the jet propulsion of all complete living." - John Mason Brown

"Each book is a mind alive, a life revealed, a world awaiting exploration, but living people are all those things, as well-and more, because their stories haven't yet been completely told." - Dean Koontz

"you shall above all things be glad and young For if you're young,whatever life you wear it will become you;and if you are glad whatever's living will yourself become." - E E Cummings

"All these things He must be in me, abiding, living, speaking in me; that I may be the righteousness of God in Him (2 Cor. v. 21); not in love, nor in gifts and graces which follow; but in Him." - Martin Luther

"Kindness and compassion towards all living things is a mark of a civilized society. Conversely, cruelty, whether it is directed against human beings or against animals, is not the exclusive province of any one culture or community of people." - Cesar Chavez

"Christian love comes from the understanding that there is a unity of divine origins in oneself and in other people, and not only in people, but in all living things." - Leo Tolstoy

"Water is everywhere and in all living things; we cannot be seperated from water. No water, no life. Period. Water comes in many forms - liquid, vapor, ice, snow, fog, rain, hail. But no matter the form, it's still water." - Robert Fulghum

"Certainlie these things agree, The Priest, the Lawyer, & Death all three: Death takes both the weak and the strong. The lawyer takes from both right and wrong, And the priest from living and dead has his Fee." - Benjamin Franklin

"If only we would learn every day of our lives to overcome those things in our character which are negative, to let go and let God take them over, we would all know what it was to experience harmonious living." - Albert E Cliffe

"The reason why all of us naturally began to live in France is because France has scientific methods, machines and electricity, but does not really believe that these things have anything to do with the real business of living." - Gertrude Stein

"Life itself is but the shadow of death, and souls departed but the shadows of the living: All things fall under this name. The Sun itself is but the dark simulacrum, and the light but the shadow of God." - Thomas Browne

"All things happen in their proper time. Everything in life happens in the time allocated for it. Don't waste energy worrying about end results. Worrying only distracts you from living day to day and enjoying life!" - James Van Praagh

"Hugs are part of everybody life for me. Hug all sorts of people - I don't worry about it looking unmanly or whatever. I think physical human contact is one of the things that makes living worthwhile." - A J Mclean

"Everything has changed and we're all living in one city now. What happens somewhere affects things everywhere, so I have to be careful and whatever stories I work on, I want them to have redeeming moral values." - Stan Lee

"We need a boundless ethic, one which will include the animals, too. Until we extend the circle of his compassions to all living things, we will not find peace." - Albert Schweitzer

"Certainlie these things agree, The Priest, the Lawyer, and Death all three: Death takes both the weak and the strong, The Lawyer takes from both right and wrong, And the Priest from living and dead has his Fee." - Benjamin Franklin

"Vader was seduced by the dark side of the Force.... The Force is what gives the Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, it permeates us, it binds the galaxy together." - George Lucas

"To become solitary and simple in utter aloneness - living wholly unconcerned about the multitude of worldly affairs, and abandoning and disentangling yourself from all things - is to die. We are born alone; we die alone." - Ippen

"Because obstacles will always present themselves, the hardest obstacle of all is developing a way of living, a way of practicing your approach to life that allows you to keep a healthy perspective on things." - Adam Rodriguez

"Each book is a mind alive, a life revealed, a world awaiting exploration, but living people are all those things, as well-and more, because their stories have' yet been completely told." - Dean Koontz

"All living things contain a measure of madness that moves them in strange, sometimes inexplicable ways. This madness can be saving; it is part and parcel of the ability to adapt. Without it, no species would survive." - Yann Martel

"These things have a life of there own and never existed when I was growing up certainly worrying when one would get made. It's kind of amazing how that one movie kept living through all these years." - Stockard Channing

"Cohabitation seems a greater leap in cities because it's all the harder to extract oneself if things turn sour. It's what keeps otherwise functional adults living with their mothers." - Sloane Crosley

"I just want to be able to have fun, make a living, feed my family and create something that I'm proud of, and I'm all those things. It's great." - Eddie Mcclintock

"To enter by reason means to realize the essence through instruction and to believe that all living things share the same true nature, which isn't apparent because it's shrouded by sensation and delusion." - Bodhidharma

"I want people to understand that I intend to continue living and doing all the things that I love to do up until the end. And the end is by no means rushing up on me." - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"Nourishing spirituality means cultivating the inward space, the basis of which all things can be brought together. It means overwhelming deadness and stagnation and living reality in terms of values, inspiration, and symbols of higher meaning." - Leonardo Boff

"Life is a miracle, and we need to not fear trying to achieve our potential and reveal the remarkable creation we and all living things are and that our Creator has built into us the ability to induce self-healing." - Bernie Siegel

"I want people to understand that I intend to continue living and doing all the things that I love to do up until the end. And the end is by no means rushing up on me." - Kareem Abduljabbar

"He helped make Living Things even more crazy than I wanted it to be. He added old-fashioned piano and classical folk music - that weird otherworldly vibe - all these elements got onto the record." - Matthew Sweet

"Twilight - a time of pause when nature changes her guard. All living things would fade and die from too much light or too much dark, if twilight were not." - Howard Thurman

"All the things that are part of your heritage make you British - that makes this country what it is. It's part of your history. And here, unlike America, it's still living history." - Bill Bryson

"Acting for me is finding those things that, finding the strings of humanity that tie us all together. And you only find that by living life and loving and breaking up." - Julian Morris

"People are always going to identify with what it's like living in society and have people judge you in certain ways, and how you can be strong enough to be your own person and all those good things." - Alessandro Nivola

"Longing performs all things" - Mary Renault

"All things must pass." - George Harrison

"All things human change." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"All things are photographable." - Garry Winogrand

"All things are symbols." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow



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