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After Success Quotes


"Ones best success comes after their greatest disappointments." - Henry Ward Beecher

"Success comes after you conquer your biggest obstacles and hurdles." - Stephen Curry

"Your best success comes after your greatest disapponitment" - A R Rahman

"The biggest challenge after success is shutting up about it." - Criss Jami

"After the 2006 World Cup, I knew that you don't always need success, success, success on the pitch." - Oliver Kahn

"It's hard to find happiness after success if the goalposts of success keep changing." - Shawn Achor

"Success is not achieved by winning all the time. Real success comes when we rise after we fall." - Muhammad Ali

"Success and happiness spring from facing failure after failure with enthusiasm." - Winston Churchill

"Pursue success, long after any sane person would have given up." - Heidi Klum

"The first thing to look out for after your first big success are drugs and screenplays." - Richard Price

"But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success." - Isoroku Yamamoto

"It isn't success after all, is it, if it isn't an expression of your deepest energies?" - Marilyn French

"Eventually, after a couple of years, Stripe strated to become an overnight success." - Patrick Collison

"Success, after all, loves a witness, but failure can't exist without one." - Junot Diaz

"Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go." - William Feather

"And after four years, I thoroughly enjoy Hawaii and the success of the show." - James Macarthur

"Success is the person who year after year reaches the highest limits in his field." - Sparky Anderson

"After my spectacular failures, I could not be satisfied with an ordinary success." - Mason Cooley

"When you taste super-success after tasting super-failure, there is huge relief." - Akshay Kumar

"You can't explain success in retrospect. The moment you leap into the void, that moment is impossible to negate, after success." - Guillermo Del Toro

"To me there's a difference between success and satisfaction. A lot of people have success and no satisfaction. I'm after satisfaction. I" - David Caruso

"Almost all enduring success comes to people after they are forty. For seldom does mature judgment arrive before then." - Henry Ford

"In Hollywood, after you get a little success, the next thing you usually get is a divorce." - Dan Dailey

"A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success." - Anonymous

"The First 40 hours of work per week are for survival. Everything after that is for success." - Thomas A Edison

"We are always chasing after things that other companies won't touch. That is a big secret to our success." - Norio Ohga

"The subsequent success levels, all the other stuff [after Trainspotting], it comes at a much higher level." - Irvine Welsh

"Even after I got some recognition and success, I still had to work hard and prove myself." - Shakira

"After 2001, everyone in the Soulquarians blew up, which wasn't expected. We all got the success, and then everybody froze." - Questlove

"No one can question the talent of India's youth after the success of the Mars Mission. Everything indigenous!" - Narendra Modi

"Success isn't determined by how many times you win, but by how you play the week after you lose." - Pele

"Raising children is an uncertain thing; success is reached only after a life of battle and worry." - Democritus

"Kennedy is remembered as a success mainly because of what came after: Johnson and Vietnam. Nixon and Watergate." - Robert Dallek

"I like people who are able to keep pushing themselves and challenging themselves even after great success." - John C Reilly

"Success lasts only three seconds. After that, you're the same as you were before you had it." - Robert Shaw

"It is after creation, in the elation of success, or the gloom of failure, that love becomes essential." - Cyril Connolly

"Success breeds success." - Mia Hamm

"In the old days it was important, but not as important as it is today, to keep making success after success after success. It's terrifying today. You can maybe have one so-so movie but you've got to come back with another that's huge, if possible, and that must be very, very difficult for young talent." - Julie Andrews

"There is no success without sacrifice. If you succeed without sacrifice it is because someone has suffered before you. If you sacrifice without success it is because someone will succeed after." - Adoniram Judson

"It's just an inspiring journey in itself to stop drinking this late in my career after abusing alcohol and to have this kind of success so late when usually people give you like this window of success time." - Ryan Montgomery

"My father left Nazi Germany a year after Dr. Kissinger, and so in my household he was very much an icon. He was a kind of immigrant success story, a refugee success story." - Eugene Jarecki

"I think that the entertainment industry itself has a history of chasing success. Any time a hit product comes out, all the other companies start chasing after that success and trying to recreate it by putting out similar products." - Shigeru Miyamoto

"Success is living up to your potential. That's all. Wake up with a smile and go after life... Live it, enjoy it, taste it, smell it, feel it." - Joe Kapp

"Failure is in a sense the highway to success, as each discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly after what is true." - John Keats

"Your success in your career will be in direct proportion to what you do after you've done what you are expected to do." - Brian Tracy

"Unless one is taught what to do with success after getting it, achievement of it must inevitably leave him prey to boredom." - Bertrand Russell

"And of poetry, the success is not attained when it lulls and satisfies, but when it astonishes and fires us with new endeavours after the unattainable." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"If you ? fail , learn. If you succeed, relish your ? success . You can only know the sweet taste of ? victory after many bitter struggles." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Most people, after one success, are so cringingly afraid of doing less well that they rub all the edge off their subsequent work." - Beatrix Potter

"Many companies forget what it means to make great products. After initial success, sales and marketing people take over and the product people eventually make their way out." - Steve Jobs

"The best athletes in any sport take stretching very seriously before and after matches. Stretching is instrumental in any athlete's physical success." - Jozy Altidore

"The determination in your heroic effort Will permeate your mind and heart Even after your success or failure Is long forgotten." - Sri Chinmoy

"Sir Alex, one of the best managers of all time. After 26 years of success in the game, we all owe him a tribute." - Vincent Kompany

"After a lifetime of swimming upstream, I am convinced that one of the real secrets to Wal-mart's phenomenal success has been that very tendency." - Sam Walton

"My therapist says I'm afraid of success. I guess I could understand that, because after all, fulfilling my potential would REALLY cut into my sitting-around time" - Maria Bamford

"A great many people go after success simply for the shiny prizes it brings...And nowhere is it pursued more ardently than in the city of New York." - Stephen Birmingham

"After the modest success of my first film, I found it very daunting to have to live with that kind of burden of expectations." - Christian Bale

"If you fail , learn. If you succeed, relish your success . You can only know the sweet taste of victory after many bitter struggles." - Robert Kiyosaki

"The vehemence with which his insolence was abused by one after another of those who spoke later from the other side was ample evidence of its success." - Anthony Trollope

"[Coded phone message to James B. Conant after the success of the world's first nuclear reactor:] The Italian navigator [Enrico Fermi] has landed in the New World." - Arthur H Compton

"Unless a man has been taught what to do with success after getting it, the achievement of it must inevitably leave him a prey to boredom." - Bertrand Russell

"My recipe for success is chance, basically. Just luck. It's a miracle that people still hire me after some of the stuff I've gotten away with. Honestly!" - Johnny Depp

"Obstacles are necessary for success because in selling, as in all careers of importance, victory comes only after many struggles and countless defeats." - Og Mandino

"Success is an absurd, erratic thing. She arrives when one least expects her and after she has come may depart again almost because of a whim." - Alice Foote Macdougall

"A tragic irony of life is that we so often achieve success or financial independence after the chief reason for which we sought it has passed away." - Ellen Glasgow

"After a lifetime of working, raising families, and contributing to the success of this nation in countless other ways, senior citizens deserve to retire with dignity." - Charlie Gonzalez

"I have a lot of success and make a good living, but after while, you start going 'Why? Why are you doing all this?'" - Tyra Banks

"It is not the possession of truth, but the success which attends the seeking after it, that enriches the seeker and brings happiness to him." - Max Planck

"After that initial success, every chance we got we'd hire that remote recording truck and just record stuff at the Whisky because it was so inexpensive." - Johnny Rivers

"King Louis Philippe once said to me that he attributed the great success of the British nation in political life to their talking politics after dinner." - Benjamin Disraeli

"For very long, I wasn't able to find a place for myself in movies. After my initial success, I didn't know how to capitalise on it." - Randeep Hooda

"When I was in my 20s, I wanted to go after dramatic roles, and I didn't have a tremendous amount of success with that." - Will Arnett

"In life, success begets success." - Tim Kaine

"Her success is my success." - Nick Lachey

"Now, success is not the result of making money; making money is the result of success - and success is in direct proportion to our service. Most people have this law backwards. They believe that you're successful if you earn a lot of money. The truth is that you can only earn money after you're successful." - Earl Nightingale

"Isn't success ridiculously easy, once it begins to succeed? ... after the strain and sweat and pushing until the very groins of your being shrieked protest, something like momentum happened. It took your wits and your concentration and your continued willing sweat, of course, to keep it going, but the success of success had ball bearings." - Fannie Hurst

"I like the image of The Old Man and the Sea, of striving and succeeding but finding that the success was ghost success. In other words, in the long run, after a certain age, the motives for success, pride or oppressing people or getting power." - Allen Ginsberg

"Whatever your passion is, keep doing it. Don't waste time chasing after success or comparing yourself to others. Every flower blooms at a different pace. Excel at doing what your passion is and only focus on perfecting it. Eventually people will see what you are great at doing, and if you are truly great, success will come chasing after you." - Suzy Kassem

"And even when success comes, as I am sure it will, bear in mind that there are more quiet and enviable joys than to be among the most sought after women at a ball..." - Blanche Wiesen Cook

"Missing a train is only painful if you run after it! Likewise, not matching the idea of success others expect from you is only painful if that's what you are seeking." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"Success and suffering are vitally and organically linked. If you succeed without suffering, it is because someone suffered for you; if you suffer without succeeding, it is in order that someone else may succeed after you." - Edward Judson

"When I was 15, I had lucky underwear. When that failed, I had a lucky hairdo, then a lucky race number, even lucky race days. After 15 years, I've found the secret to success is hard work." - Margaret Groos

"Every great improvement has come after repeated failures. Virtually nothing comes out right the first time. Failures, repeated failures, are finger posts on the road to achievement. One fails forward toward success." - Charles Kettering

"I believe that a lot of our striving after the symbols and levers of success is due to a basic insecurity, a need to prove ourselves. That done, grown up at last, we are free to stop pretending." - Charles Handy

"If failure has the strength to turn your life into bitterness itself, then patience has the strength to turn your life into the sweetest joy. Do not surrender to fate after a single failure. Failure, at most, precedes success." - Sri Chinmoy

"It is better to have crooked legs than a crooked spirit. We can only do the best we can with what we have. That, after all, is the measure of success: what we do with what we have." - Marguerite de Angeli

"Success is a function of persistence and doggedness and the willingness to work hard for twenty-two minutes to make sense of something that most people would give up on after thirty seconds." - Malcolm Gladwell

"Missing a train is only painful if you run after it! Likewise, not matching the idea of success others expect from you is only painful if that's what you are seeking." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"After all those years of automatic success, you don't get nervous any more. It's really necessary to be nervous and be a little bit frightened. It pumps the adrenalin into you and you really get down there and try." - Paul Simon

"Every day is a work day, and I have to work my ass off just as much as any other guy, doing whatever job they're doing. I believe in commitment and hard work, and hopefully, after that, success comes." - Aneurin Barnard

"After one of his [Hubert Humphrey] long-winded harangues I suggested he had probably been vaccinated with a phonograph needle. He responded by saying that I would have been a great success in the movies working for Eighteenth Century-Fox." - Barry Goldwater

"Success and social promotion are not some right that anybody can claim after queuing at some [government office]. It is better: it is a right, a right that one can merit because of one's sweat." - Nicolas Sarkozy

"I decided that after returning to the US to pursue an academic career I would eventually study the life of Ho Chi Minh to find the secret of his success." - William J. Duiker

"I went from being an underpaid ad man to quite a successful photographer in a very short time. Success breeds confidence and as soon as I got properly confident, I developed my own style. After that I never looked back." - Derek Ridgers

"When I started out in the profession, it was definitely about proving that I was worthy, but after achieving a certain amount of success, I realized I didn't have to prove anything to anybody." - Naomie Harris

"After the success of Buddenbrooks, he married and fathered six children. Yet the surviving diaries tell us of recurrent sexual problems - and of Katia Mann's extremely sympathetic response to them" - Philip Kitcher

"When you see something that is technically sweet, you go ahead and do it and argue about what to do about it only after you've had your technical success. That is the way it was with the atomic bomb." - Robert Oppenheimer

"He becomes strenuous, energetic, and perhaps eager for what must after all be regarded as success, and at last he fights for a verdict rather than for the truth." - Anthony Trollope

"The success of conversation consists less in being witty than in bringing out wit in others; the man who leaves after talking with you, pleased with himself and his own wit, is perfectly pleased with you." - Jean De La Bruyere

"Blessings often give rise to injury, so be careful when things are going your way. Success may be achieved after failure, so don't just give up when you've been disappointed." - Zicheng Hong

"Nonviolent action on behalf of justice is no automatic forumla with promise of success: but neither is war. After all, at least half of the people who go to war for some cause deemed worthy of it are defeated." - John Howard

"Art isn't held with the same high regard as it is after success. In any country, in any language, you're a loser if you're making music until you prove otherwise." - Knaan

"Even after 'Gangster' being a success, I was considered a B-grade actress and was a sidekick, even though I was good at what I did, and was jobless for two years." - Kangna Ranaut

"It was only after Pather Panchali had some success at home that I decided to do a second part. But I didn't want to do the same kind of film again, so I made a musical." - Satyajit Ray

"In the first six to twelve months of a war with the United States and Great Britain I will run wild and win victory upon victory. But then, if the war continues after that, I have no expectation of success." - Isoroku Yamamoto

"It's what everyone is after, I mean they want success and when they get it it's an incredible pressure but what you have to do is try to keep the big picture in view." - Gerry Beckley

"Those who have always had faith in its final success can do no less than rejoice as if it was our own triumph after five years of daily struggle to impose Cuban music on the European continent." - Alejo Carpentier

"I'm not after fame and success and fortune and power. It's mostly that I want to have a good job and have good friends; that's the good stuff in life." - Drew Barrymore

"My history in show business spans over a quarter of a century, and I have seen many people in the industry struggle with coming out, only to find much more success after they finally did." - Margaret Cho

"Remember you will not always win. Some days, the most resourceful individual will taste defeat. But there is, in this case, always tomorrow - after you have done your best to achieve success today." - Maxwell Maltz

"I make a personal commitment to the direction and success of all the programs in which I invest. I make all major philanthropic decisions myself after taking account of a range of expert opinion." - Mohammed Hussein Al Amoud

"Iraq and Afghanistan will, over time, become stable. But the War on Terror will continue long after Iraq and Afghanistan have had success in standing up their own governments." - Peter Pace

"The artist who is after success lets himself be influenced by the public. Generally such an artist contributes nothing new, for the public acclaims only what it already knows, what it recognizes." - Andre Gide

"Instant success are seldom instant and if you talk to the people behind these successes, you'll find out that they came after months of fear, uncertainty and confusion along with a flagrant lack of adoption." - Guy Kawasaki

"Success is a very scary thing especially after you choose something and everything starts coming at you. It's absolutely frightening because the mind does things. It says, 'You've got to hold on to this or get away from this." - Nick Nolte

"Life and business are rather simple after all-to make a success of either, you've got to hang on to the knack of putting yourself into the other person's place." - William Wrigley, Jr.

"I've found even after nearly 30 years of doing this, there are all kinds of new surprises that rear their heads at various times and I truly believe that 51% of the images, success takes place in the darkroom." - John Sexton

"Whereas China has set about systematically striving for Olympic success since it re-entered global competition after years of isolation, India has remained complacent about its lack of sporting prowess." - Shashi Tharoor

"My success was due to good luck, hard work, and support and advice from friends and mentors. But most importantly, it depended on me to keep trying after I had failed." - Mark Warner

"The British were indeed very far superior to the Americans in every respect necessary to military operations, except the revivified courage and resolution, the result of sudden success after despair." - Mercy Otis Warren

"I used to think that losing made you more hungry and determined but after my success at the Olympics and the U.S. Open I realise that winning is the biggest motivation." - Andy Murray

"To me, the act of writing itself is infinitely more important than any success I have achieved through it. Not that I'm knocking success, but after all, I'm the person locked in front of my TRS 80 anywhere from eight to twelve hours a day." - Jacqueline Briskin

"Luck plays no role in art world success. It's your own responsibility to create your success, which is a result of making thousands of constant decisions - focused, professional tenacity - day after day of keeping commitments to yourself and to those you make promises to. If you fail, it's all your fault. If you succeed, you deserve all the credit." - Mark Kostabi

"Success isn't winning every time. A lot of different factors go into every race, and you can't control all of them. Success means doing as excellent a job as you can on that particular day. The people I admire most aren't necessarily the most wonderful athletes. I admire the ones who keep coming back and doing it, time after time." - Aimee Mullins

"This business can be very frustrating but there is success story after success story of people who take the bull by the horns. Actors who are frustrated ... [should] do your own project. Find a writer, shoot a movie. It can be done," - Tony Shalhoub

"Success is not achieved by winning all the time. Real success comes when we rise after we fall. Some mountains are higher than others. Some roads steeper than the next. There are hardships and setbacks but you cannot let them stop you. Even on the steepest road you must not turn back." - Muhammad Ali

"After the enormous success of All About my Mother, all the awards and everything, I wanted to start a movie in exactly the same place that I used to be before. I wanted to show that all of the success had not changed my perception." - Pedro Almodovar

"As well as many subspecies, the main blocks are fear of failure after previous success, fear of success due to a sense of unworthiness, lack of potential venue, jaded attitude, crisis of confidence, evidence of persistent poor quality, lackadaisical motivation, and common everyday shortage of ideas." - Robert Genn

"After 'Born to Run,' I had a reaction to my good fortune. With success, it felt like a lot of people who'd come before me lost some essential part of themselves. My greatest fear was that success was going to change or diminish that part of myself." - Bruce Springsteen

"For the first ten years after I got out of graduate school, I studied success. I read every book I could get my hands on and took every training I could find, and that allowed me to become an expert in this area. I learned how to create high self-esteem and success in my own life and in the lives of others." - Jack Canfield

"After I tasted success with erotic thrillers, a time came when I was being offered only films belonging to that genre. The industry loves repeating a success formula, and the audience had formed a certain image of mine in their minds." - Emraan Hashmi

"Winning doesn't satisfy us - we need to do it again, and again. The taste of success seems merely to whet the appetite for more. When we lose, the compulsion to seek future success is overpowering; the need to get out on the course the following weekend is irresistible. We cannot quit when we are ahead, after we've won, and we certainly cannot quit when we're behind, after we've lost. We are addicted." - Stuart Walker

"Success is not success without a successor." - T D Jakes

"Success makes success, like money makes money." - Nicolas Chamfort

"Success is never final." - Winston Churchill

"Practice structure determines success." - Bobby Knight

"Genuine effort is success." - Vernon Howard

"Success breeds confidence." - Beryl Markham

"Pursue excellence; ignore success." - Deepak Chopra

"Success rarely brings satisfaction." - Baltasar Gracian

"success is 99% failure" - Henry Ford

"Character + Chance = Success" - N. R. Narayana Murthy

"Success is overrated." - Keith Olbermann

"Success has many fathers." - John F Kennedy

"Success doesn't suck." - Darius Rucker

"Success supposes endeavour." - Jane Austen

"Success is never accidental." - Jack Dorsey

"Success is man's god." - Aeschylus

"Impatience never commanded success." - Edwin Hubbel Chapin

"In success be moderate." - Benjamin Franklin



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