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Admire You Quotes


"I admire the hell out of her. You can't have sex with someone you admire." - Jerry Seinfeld

"On the Earth, you admire the Moon; on the Moon, you admire the Earth!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Admire as much as you can. Most people do not admire enough." - Vincent Van Gogh

"You always admire what you really don't understand. - Eleanor Roosevelt" - Eleanor Roosevelt

"You always admire what you really don't understand." - Blaise Pascal

"People don't admire you for what you hate, they admire you for what you do about it, and your slacks." - Greg Behrendt

"Enjoy your work and work for whom you admire." - Warren Buffett

"It's easier to be terrified by an enemy you admire." - Frank Herbert

"I admire you, but in the end everybody talks." - Klaus Barbie

"You must regulate your life by the standards you admire when you are at your best." - John M. Thomas

"You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you. -Mr. Darcy" - Jane Austen

"You need somebody you respect and admire to back you always." - Carolina Herrera

"When you admire someone's work, you are amazed by who you think they are." - Nicolas Roeg

"When you admire others, you become one with them and the world loves you." - Frederick Lenz

"When you get praise from someone that you really admire it's really surreal." - Jeremy Renner

"Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you, but not in one ahead." - Bill Mcglashen

"Close your eyes, and think of someone you physically admire, and let me kiss you." - Steven Morrissey

"If you admire greatness in another human being, it is your own greatness you are seeing." - Debbie Ford

"You cannot have fun with anything that you don't love or admire or respect." - Mel Brooks

"Patience is something you admire in the driver behind you and scorn in the one ahead." - Mac McCleary

"You can't ever be really free if you admire somebody too much." - Tove Jansson

"When a man has written a role for you that you admire, the expectations are higher." - Luke Goss

"Everyone will admire you when you do well. What a horrible thing to do to someone." - Frederick Lenz

"I don't admire how much a person has, I admire what a person does with what they have and I think that defines you most." - Aeriel Miranda

"You've got to admire Sir Richard Branson. He is a completely different style of businessman to me, but you have got to admire what he has achieved." - Alan Sugar

"The way we learn to write is the way we learn to talk: We listen to others and start mimicking speech, and that's how we come to become speakers. Writers you admire, you admire the way they plot, you admire the way they create a character, you admire the way they put a sentence together, those are the writers you should be reading." - Rick Yancey

"That love motivates you to cooperate, respect, appreciate, cherish, and admire that person." - John Gray

"There's nothing makes you admire people like seeing yourself in them." - Jean Plaidy

"O my mind,Make your speech egoless.Then everyoneWill appreciate, admire and adore you." - Sri Chinmoy

"Every day, tell at least one person something you like, admire, or appreciate about them." - Richard Carlson

"And you, my Critics! in the chequer'd shade, Admire new light thro' holes yourselves have made." - Alexander Pope

"Even so, I must admire your skill. You are so gracefully insane." - Anne Sexton

"And you, my Critics! in the chequer'd shade, Admire new light thro' holes yourselves have made." - Alexander Pope

"Transform jealousy to admiration, and what you admire will become part of your life." - Yoko Ono

"Don't ask your readers to admire your words when you want them to believe your story." - Ben Bova

"Show me what a people admire, and I will tell you everything about them that matters." - Jack Mcdevitt

"Avoid working directly under somebody you don't admire and don't want to be like." - Charlie Munger

"Have you heard about the women who stabbed her husband 37 times? I admire her restraint." - Roseanne Barr

"Even so, I must admire your skill. You are so gracefully insane." - Anne Sexton

"It's great to admire other people's fashion choices, but I don't think you should idolise anyone." - Cat Deeley

"Whenever you respect and admire a spiritual quality, it starts to grow in yourself." - Frederick Lenz

"I want men to admire me, but that's a trick you learn at school-a movement of the eyes, a tone of voice, a touch of the hand on the shoulder or the head. If they think you admire them, they will admire you because of your good taste, and when they admire you, you have an illusion for a moment that there's something to admire." - Graham Greene

"Americans admire success. Englishmen admire heroic failure" - Anne Fadiman

"Anytime you get to join a group of people you admire and respect, you want to keep those doors open." - James Wolk

"Confound you handsome young fellows! You think of having it all your own way in the world. You don't understand women. They don't admire you half so much as you admire yourselves." - George Eliot

"Envy someone an' it pulls you down. Admire them and it builds you up. Which makes more sense?" - Elvis Presley

"It's disappointing when you finally get to meet someone you admire and he conducts himself as a jerk." - David Letterman

"You can love a woman. To admire her is hard. You are not dealing with something important." - Henri Michaux

"The person you admire was true to himself. You can only truly honour him by being true to yourself." - Michael Craig-Martin

"Love, Fear and Hate and Childish Toys Are here discreetly blent; Admire, you ladies, read, you boys, My Country Sentiment." - Robert Graves

"Each time you admire the facade of the New York Public Library, you are paying homage to Western civilization." - Ibn Warraq

"I don't think you should meet the people you most admire. I don't want reality to interfere with my image." - Ayumi Hamasaki

"The heavenly light you admire is fossil-light, it's the unfathomably distant past you gaze into, stars long extinct" - Joyce Carol Oates

"I adore wearing gems, but not because they are mine. You can't possess radiance, you can only admire it." - Elizabeth Taylor

"When you read a piece of writing that you admire, send a note of thanks to the author." - Sherman Alexie

"Whatever you do for the sole purpose of having others admire you, your efforts will most likely be in vain." - Dave Pelzer

"I admire American ideas." - Mikheil Saakashvili

"I admire American ideas." - Mikhail Saakashvili

"I admire Rihanna." - Rita Ora

"Many admire, few know." - Hippocrates

"Harry looked at Bellman. He could not help but admire him. The way you admire a cockroach you flush down the toilet and it comes creeping back again and again and in the end it inherits the world." - Jo Nesbo

"If you ask footballers to pick out the player they most admire, so many of them will pick Paul Scholes." - Alan Shearer

"You could love your crazy people, even admire them, instead of resenting that they're not self-sufficient." - Barbara Kingsolver

"Knowing what you admire in others is a wonderful mirror into your deepest, as yet unborn, self." - Gretchen Rubin

"You may admire a girl's curves on the first introduction, but the second meeting shows up new angles." - Mae West

"When people you greatly admire appear to be thinking deep thoughts, they probably are thinking about lunch." - Douglas Adams

"I admire the actors that truly can impersonate someone - become someone, inhabit someone. It's amazing when you see it done." - Jason Schwartzman

"When someone you greatly admire and respect appears to be thinking deep thoughts, they are probably thinking about lunch." - Anonymous

"It's a scary thing, when a person you admire is suddenly revealed to be absolutely, truly human." - Kate Jacobs

"His ignorance was an Empire State Building of ignorance. You had to admire it for its size." - Dorothy Parker

"You I admire as being more, - much more - a man, and more believer too, than half the canting orthodox." - Morris West

"Now be sincere; did you admire me for my impertinence?" "For the liveliness of your mind, I did." - Jane Austen

"Instead of worrying about what people say of you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they will admire." - Dale Carnegie

"I cannot help thinking that there is something to admire in everyone, even if you do not approve of them." - E M Forster

"I like movies where you can come back and re-watch them and admire the cinematography 25 years later." - Rob Zombie

"I really think that aside from admiring my talent you really admire me as a person and as a woman." - Katherine Dunham

"It is only the young and callow and ignorant that admire rashness. Think before you speak. Know your subject." - Cass Gilbert

"The best way to learn about writing is to study the work of other writers you admire." - Jeffery Deaver

"It`s always fun when somebody who you admire and respect is the voice - is your voice, as a viewer." - Lizz Winstead

"If there's one thing for which I admire you, it's your original discovery of the Ten Commandments." - Thomas Reed

"I know what it's like to meet someone you admire and have them be a complete jerk." - Nicolas Cage

"Having talent is like having blue eyes. You don't admire a man for the colour of his eyes. I admire a man for what he does with his talent." - Anthony Quinn

"It's impossible to feel good about yourself if you are doing things that you aren't proud of. . . . It's essential that you . . . [do] things you can respect and admire." - Ellen Bass

"You can be totally involved, you could admire just the shape of or you could be totally emotionally mushed up into the dance." - Mikhail Baryshnikov

"Do what you love and work for whom you admire the most, and you've given yourself the best chance in life you can" - Warren Buffett

"Success is the ability to live your life, the way you want to live it, doing what you enjoy most, surrounded by people you admire and respect." - Brian Tracy

"You are not your poetry. Your self-esteem shouldn't depend on whether you publish, or whether some editor or writer you admire thinks you're any good." - Dorianne Laux

"When you work with people whom you like and you admire because they're so good at what they do, it doesn't feel like work. It's like you're playing." - Stan Lee

"Choose as a guide one whom you will admire more when you see him act than when you hear him speak." - Seneca the Younger

"The cool part about New York is that you can do that. You can talk to all the people you admire." - Ryan Mcginley

"On the whole, I think you should write biographies of those you admire and respect, and novels about human beings who you think are sadly mistaken." - Penelope Fitzgerald

"Until you have cultivated the habit of saying some kind word of those whom you do not admire, you will be neither successful nor happy." - Napoleon Hill

"We admire the castles, because we admire the security!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Life is beauty admire it!" - Mother Teresa

"I admire my father greatly." - Kojo Annan

"I admire natural, untouched beauty." - Theophilus London

"Not all civil servants admire strong political leadership. But if you want to change things for the better you need strong political leadership." - Harriet Harman

"Think of and look at your work as though it were done by your enemy. If you look at it to admire it you are lost." - Samuel Butler (novelist)

"He is the very Janus of poets; he wears almost everywhere two faces; and you have scarce begun to admire the one, ere you despise the other." - John Dryden

"If you want my views of history, there's something you should know. The three men I admire the most are Curly, Larry, and Mo." - Meat Loaf

"I would not admire hitting against Ryne Duren, because if he ever hit you in the head you might be in the past tense." - Casey Stengel

"If you admire somebody, you should go ahead and tell them. People never get the flowers while they can still smell them." - Kanye West

"Venice is beautiful, but like a Bergman movie is beautiful; you can admire it, but you don't really want to live in it." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"Have you ever felt the longing for someone you could admire? For something, not to look down at, but up to?" - Ayn Rand

"Seek out a person whom you admire and respect for the support you need - that we all need from time to time." - Quentin Bryce

"You're...writing for other writers to an extent-the dead writers whose work you admire, as well as the living writers you like to read." - Raymond Carver

"I really admire visual storytelling that shows you what's happening, instead of tells you what's happening. I think it really forces the filmmaking to be very clear." - John Kahrs

"Free speech is not just free speech for people you admire. It's also for people who you think of as reprehensible." - Salman Rushdie

"That's actually a rare thing to be on a set full of people that you admire and make you laugh all the time." - Ed Helms

"I'm always shy when I meet people I admire so I wouldn't be able to say anything rather than, 'How do you do? Love you! Bye!" - Jackie Weaver

"Admire the world for never ending on you - as you would an opponent, without taking your eyes away from him, or walking away." - Annie Dillard

"Never trust anyone, Daniel, especially the people you admire. Those are the ones who will make you suffer the worst blows." - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"You find with the really great actors, the ones you really admire and look up to, very often they're very giving, generous, warm people." - Kit Harington

"We live in a funny time. If you don't go corporate, you can't compete. You're relegated as irrelevant. People used to admire that." - Ethan Hawke

"Developing a relationship with someone you admire, who can encourage you to reach your full potential, is something that everyone can benefit from." - Mandy Moore

"I can tell you the actor who I admire the most. Billy Crudup. Do you know who he is? He's awesome." - Jonathan Tucker

"I'm always shy when I meet people I admire so I wouldn't be able to say anything rather than, 'How do you do? Love you! Bye!'" - Jacki Weaver

"Think of and look at your work as though it were done by your enemy. I you look at it to admire it, you are lost." - Samuel Butler

"Oscar night is a ridiculous night where you go to these parties and you see everyone that you've ever wanted to work with and admire." - Jordana Brewster

"The six people you must find today... Someone to love. Someone to thank. Someone to be grateful for. Someone to forgive Someone to forget Someone to admire." - James Altucher

"How can you admire a human who consciously embraces the bland, the mediocre, and the safe rather than risk the suffering that disappointment can bring?" - Tom Robbins

"But understanding will always require some effort. You probably wouldn't admire a friend who was good at everything if it cost her no effort." - Jostein Gaarder

"I can't bear art that you can walk round and admire. A book should be either a bandit or a rebel or a man in the crowd." - David Herbert Lawrence

"I cant write about something I dont admire. It goes back to the old concept of the celebration: you celebrate the hero, an idea." - Frank O'Connor

"It was a sort of ferocious, quiet beauty, the sort that wouldn't let you admire it. The sort of beauty that always hurt." - Maggie Stiefvater

"I admire actresses who are good to women. I don't like the ones who just don't like women. You can feel it. They're degrading themselves." - Sandra Bullock

"When you admire the light, remember to give the darkness its due as well, because without it, the beauty of the light will disappear!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"A portrait has one advantage over its original: it is unconscious; and you may therefore admire without insulting it. I have seen portraits which have more." - Augustus Hare

"Whenever you argue with another wiser than yourself in order that others may admire your wisdom, they will discover your ignorance." - Saadi

"It can become an exercise in trying to get the reader to like and admire you instead of an exercise in creative art." - David Foster Wallace

"Some people enjoy celebrity. I admire those who do, because if you're going to go through it, you might as well enjoy it." - Julie Christie

"I really admire Werner Herzog and Spike Lee. They're amazing documentarians. If you took away all the narratives, they'd just be amazing documentarians." - Ava Duvernay

"I get to my feet when Chelsea fans sing 'Stand up if you hate Man U'. But though I hate them, I have to admire them too." - Ken Bates

"I can't bear art that you can walk round and admire. A book should be either a bandit or a rebel or a man in the crowd." - D H Lawrence

"The people I really most admire are Robert Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt. If you know someone, it is very hard to revere them." - Ken Livingstone

"I can only admire people who I have never met and are dead - because you know so much about anyone who is alive." - Ken Livingstone

"When you recognize God as Creator, you will admire Him. When you recognize His wisdom, you will learn from Him. When you discover His strength, you will rely on Him. But only when He saves you will you worship Him." - Max Lucado

"Better to work for yourself alone. You do as you like and follow your own ideas, you admire yourself and please yourself: is' that the main thing? And then the public is so stupid. Besides, who reads? And what do they read? And what do they admire?" - Gustave Flaubert

"Better to work for yourself alone. You do as you like and follow your own ideas, you admire yourself and please yourself: isn't that the main thing? And then the public is so stupid. Besides, who reads? And what do they read? And what do they admire?" - Gustave Flaubert

"Success isn't winning every time. A lot of different factors go into every race, and you can't control all of them. Success means doing as excellent a job as you can on that particular day. The people I admire most aren't necessarily the most wonderful athletes. I admire the ones who keep coming back and doing it, time after time." - Aimee Mullins

"You always have to remember that bullies want to bring you down because you have something that they admire. Also, when you get made fun of-when people point out your weaknesses, it's an opportunity for you to rise above." - Zac Efron

"By your choice dwell you now in the world which you have created. What you hold in your heart shall be true, and what you most admire, that shall you become." - Richard Bach

"As a writer, you always read in two minds: You read as a reader and you enjoy it [a book], and you look at it as a writer, and you just admire the architecture and the construction [of a story]." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"When you go to the mountains, you see them and you admire them. In a sense, they give you a challenge, and you try to express that challenge by climbing them." - Edmund Hillary

"What bothers me, I guess, is when I get these messages from girls on Twitter, and they're like, 'God, you're my idol, I really admire you.' It's like, 'Admire me for what? What have I done?' It's not that being in a Burberry campaign, or walking in a Chanel show is nothing. It's just... I know I can do more." - Cara Delevingne

"Picture in your mind the able, earnest, useful person you desire to be, and the thought you hold is hourly transforming you into that particular individual you so admire" - Elbert Hubbard

"If you look at any designer you admire, whose work inspires you, and whose approach somehow resonates with you, I promise you'll find a person who does not think of what they do as just their job" - Alexander Isley

"If you agree with a critic, you admire him or her. If you disagree, you despise them. We all feel a great need to be confirmed in our opinions." - Ben Brantley

"Sometimes you need to put your own characteristics into the actor, and you take different things from the character that you admire - sometimes you can't see the boundaries anymore." - Bonnie Wright

"I admire 'Adventure Time' for being a piece of art in the way that I think art should be. If you want to see it is poetry, you can, and if you don't, you can watch a fun cartoon." - Rebecca Sugar



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