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Action And Change Quotes


"Change comes from a degree of discomfort that allows for and spurs thought and action." - William Blum

"The problem of life is to change worry into thinking and anxiety into creative action." - Harold Bridgwood Walker

"We have only to change the point of view and the greatest action looks mean." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"Unless we take action on climate change, future generations will be roasted, toasted, fried and grilled." - Christine Lagarde

"Change only takes place through action, not through meditation and prayer." - Dalai Lama

"Words don't change children's lives. Real action by the government and equality would." - Cindy Blackstock

"I believe that through positive thoughts, speech, action and attitudes, we change things for the better." - Michael Franti

"Every change begins with a vision and a decision to take action." - David Bornstein

"So if you don't like your life, change it. How would you change it? You decide. There's no action without first decision. Decision is the mother or the father of action, and action is what changes your life." - Tony Robbins

"Vision with action can change the world." - J. A. Baker

"Everything begins with the resolve to take the first step. From that action, wisdom arises and change begins. Without action, nothing changes." - Daisaku Ikeda

"The world can't have a global solution to climate change with U.S. action alone; and the world can't have a global solution without U.S. action." - Michael Franti

"In order to have real prayer and action to change things, we must have conviction as to the need of prayer and action. In order to have conviction as to the need of prayer and action, we must have knowledge." - John Mott

"For at no time are any events predestined. There should be no such word in your vocabulary, for with every moment you change, and every heartbeat is an action, and every action changes every other action." - Seth

"When people made up their minds that they wanted to be free and took action, then there was a change." - Rosa Parks

"Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It's the impetus for creating change." - Max Carver

"Learning is defined as a change in behavior. You haven't learned a thing until you take action and use it." - Ken Blanchard

"We really don't have a policy [on climate change]. There's a lot of rhetoric and not a lot of action." - Mark Udall

"Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It's the impetus for creating change." - Max Carver

"Climate change is such a huge issue that it requires strong, concerted, consistent and enduring action by governments." - Peter Garrett

"Empathy is the starting point for creating a community and taking action. It's the impetus for creating change." - Max Carver

"To make a change, you must be: willing to commit, willing to change, willing to have an open mind, and willing to take action!" - Tae Yun Kim

"A remorseful change of mind renders even a noble action base, whereas the determination which is grounded on knowledge and reason cannot change even if its actions fail." - Plutarch

"Action and contemplation are..." - Bernard Of Clairvaux

"Logic won't change an emotion but action will." - Zig Ziglar

"The sequence is suffering, insight, will, action, change." - Allen Wheelis

"Logic will not change an emotion, but action will." - Anonymous

"Words are a form of action, capable of influencing change." - Ingrid Bengis

"Words may inspire but only action creates change." - Simon Sinek

"Change is an action not just an epiphany!" - Garrison Wynn

"an individual action, multiplied by millions, creates global change." - Jack Johnson

"When you change your thinking, you change actions, when you change your action you change your future." - Zig Ziglar

"If Margaret Thatcher took climate change seriously and believed that we should take action to reduce global greenhouse emissions, then taking action and supporting and accepting the science can hardly be the mark of incipient Bolshevism." - Malcolm Turnbull

"Success will be measured by change in the appallingly high levels of violence directed at women online and in the physical world, and change in the low levels of women's participation in public life.That change will require collective action, just as the changes so far have taken collective action." - Tara Moss

"Reconciliation requires changes of heart and spirit, as well as social and economic change. It requires symbolic as well as practical action." - Malcolm Fraser

"Once you change your philosophy, you change your thought pattern. Once you change your thought pattern, you change your - your attitude. Once you change your attitude, it changes your behavior pattern and then you go on into some action. As long as you gotta sit-down philosophy, you'll have a sit-down thought pattern, and as long as you think that old sit-down thought you'll be in some kind of sit-down action." - Malcolm X

"Once you change your philosophy, you change your thought pattern. Once you change your thought pattern, you change your - your attitude. Once you change your attitude, it changes your behavior pattern and then you go on into some action. As long as you gotta sit-down philosophy, you"ll have a sit-down thought pattern, and as long as you think that old sit-down thought you"ll be in some kind of sit-down action." - Malcolm X

"To make positive change requires lasting commitment, lasting commitment requires measurable targets, measurable targets requires detailed action plans, detailed action plans requires a goal you desire, desire requires a positive attitude to change your life, and the option to change your life requires WORK. Byron Pulsifer, from Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained If you deny yourself commitment, what can you do with your life?" - Harvey Fierstein

"I believe that if something is troubling you, simply start from where you are and take the action necessary to change it." - Susan Jeffers

"The new leader is one who commits people to action, who converts followers into leaders, and who may convert leaders into agents of change." - Warren G. Bennis

"American Action Network should be spending their money to try and get those Democrats to change the votes, not beating up on Republicans in the House." - Mick Mulvaney

"There is no humiliation worse than the consciousness of a wasted life. It stains the spirit, forestalls hope, and destroys any motive for action or change." - Peter Ackroyd

"Climate change: I say the debate is over. We know the science, we see the threat and we know that the time for action is now" - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"I feel everything more deeply. Every action I take, I think of her first. That's a big change for me. That - and no sleep!" - Jenna Dewan

"I love raising awareness and encouraging people to take action for World Environment Day, because it demonstrates how individual voices can become a global chorus for change." - Li Bingbing

"I like to change characters and then, slowly I believe the audience treat me as, like an actor who can fight. It's not like an action star." - Jackie Chan

"The coming together of like-minded individuals through action is what's needed to see wide spread change for us, our planet and its creatures." - Ian Somerhalder

"What we see changes what we know. What we know changes what we see. Perception, belief, action, and change are codependent." - John Paul Caponigro

"Prayer does not change the purpose of God. But prayer does change the action of God." - Chuck Smith

"To wish for change will change nothing; To make the decision to take action right now will change everything." - Nick Vujicic

"Complaining will not change things in your life; only action will. Make a list of all you need to do to change what doesn't work in your life and, little by little, begin making those changes." - Susan Jeffers

"Action and becoming are one." - Meister Eckhart

"Action and adaptability create opportunity." - Garrison Wynn

"Action and flexibility create opportunity" - Garrison Wynn

"This nation asks for action, and action now." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"In the battle between planning and action, action wins." - Chris Guillebeau

"Drama is action, sir, action and not confounded philosophy." - Luigi Pirandello

"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." - Joel A Barker

"I have supported affirmative action, I do support affirmative action and I will support affirmative action." - Joe Lieberman

"The time which passes over our heads so imperceptibly makes the same gradual change in habits, manners and character, as in personal appearance. At the revolution of every five years we find ourselves another and yet the same;-there is a change of views, and no less of the light in which we regard them; a change of motives as well as of action." - Walter Scott

"Most of us are reflecting life and not affecting it. Your inner speech mirrors your mind, and your mind mirrors God. If you do not change your thoughts, you haven't changed their activity. And if you do not change their activity, the conditions of your life cannot change, for they are only bearing witness to the inner action of your mind." - Neville Goddard

"As more and more women, men and young people raise their voices and become active in local government, and more local leaders take action for the safety of women and girls, change happens." - Michelle Bachelet

"Do not wait for a change of environment before you act; get a change of environment by action." - Wallace D. Wattles

"In order to change our mode of action, we must change the image of ourselves that we carry within us." - Moshe Feldenkrais

"Action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living. Out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. And out of hope, progress." - Bruce Barton

"A good Judoka never anticipates his action in a match, but his mind is as clever as a polished mirror which enables him to foresee precisely anything to happen and he displays freedom of his physique to cope with any change. Such mental state and physical action are called sei or tranquility and do or action, sometimes they are called ju and go or tenderness and sturdiness, in and yo or negative and positive, etc." - Kyuzo Mifune

"I think all actors want to change. When you do something many times, over and over, you want to do something fresh. But movie is still my business. A lot of action actors want change, but no studio wants to spend money on something that is not guaranteed; not proven. I think it is very difficult. It is hard to change." - Jet Li

"I'm not a big believer in long-term planning and far-off goals. In fact, I generally set 3-month and 6-month dreamlines. The variables change too much and in-the-future distance becomes an excuse for postponing action." - Tim Ferriss

"So we have to be ready, willing, and able to really transform ourselves, and each other in the world, not just say it and affirm it, "Oh, I want to change". Intention is important, but so is action." - Surya Das

"I believe in the power of intention to change the landscape of our society - and it is my intention to live an authentic life of compassion and integrity and action. Jamey Rodemeyer's life changed mine." - Zachary Quinto

"It is remarkable how a seemingly insignificant action or event can change entire lives." - William P Young

"We do agree that our country must take action to address climate change." - Newt Gingrich

"When you truly desire change, your conscious mind chooses the positive, new action." - Marshall Sylver

"Change quotes were meant to move us from inaction to action." - Jon Jones

"In a time of rapid change, standing still is the most dangerous course of action." - Brian Tracy

"The path to big, systemic change is collective action. That takes Sister Courage." - Gloria Feldt

"[Tom] Steyer is specifically spending money on candidates who will take action against climate change." - Jane Mayer

"For me, words are a form of action, capable of influencing change." - Ingrid Bengis

"I cannot take back one word or action; the past does not change for anyone." - Charles Van Doren

"If you change the belief first, changing the action is easier." - Peter Mcwilliams

"Apologies are great, but they don't really change anything. You know what does? Action." - Stella Young

"Galvanised into action by the second trial, I was determined to change Britain's archaic sex laws." - Cynthia Payne

"Love is nothing without action. Trust is nothing without proof. Regret is nothing without change." - Unknown

"When people align around shared political, social, economic or environmental values, and take collective action, thinking and behaviour that compromises the lives of millions of people around the world can truly change." - Simon Mainwaring

"Pessimists see problems as stemming from stable and universal causes, thus making them less susceptible to corrective action. Optimists, in contrast, view problems as temporary and resulting from specific factors that will either change or be changed." - Rosabeth Moss Kanter

"Love is created and preserved by intellectual analysis, for we love only that which is unique, and it belongs to contemplation, not to action, for we would not change that which we love." - William Butler Yeats

"If someone can prove me wrong and show me my mistake in any thought or action, I shall gladly change. I seek the truth, which never harmed anyone: the harm is to persist in one's own self-deception and ignorance." - Marcus Aurelius

"No one holds a permanent speed advantage in the market due to the limits of human intelligence and vision. Your advantage comes from your ability to feel the change faster and take decisive action faster." - Guo Guangchang

"When people align around shared political, social, economic or environmental values, and take collective action, thinking and behavior that compromises the lives of millions of people around the world can truly change." - Simon Mainwaring

"You are, I am sure, aware that genuine popular support in the United States is required to carry out any Government policy, foreign or domestic. The American people make up their own minds and no governmental action can change it." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"As you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life. It means fear is no longer a dominant factor in what you do and no longer prevents you from taking action to initiate change." - Eckhart Tolle

"The barrier to change is not too little caring; it is too much complexity. To turn caring into action, we need to see a problem, see a solution, and see the impact. But complexity blocks all three steps." - Bill Gates

"We accept the verdict of the past until the need for change cries out loudly enough to force upon us a choice between the comforts of inertia and the irksomeness of action." - Learned Hand

"All the means of action - the shapeless masses - the materials - lie everywhere about us. What we need is the celestial fire to change the flint into the transparent crystal, bright and clear. That fire is genius." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"The greater the man, the more he is soaked in the atmosphere of his time; only thus can he get a wide enough grasp of it to be able to change substantially the pattern of knowledge and action." - John Desmond Bernal

"Ordinary people have an extremely important role to play in fighting climate change. Not only can you make your home more energy efficient, drive less, and eat more local food - you can also tell your leaders to take climate action." - Frances Beinecke

"We accept the verdict of the past until the need for change cries out loudly enough to force upon us a choice between the comforts of further inertia and the irksomeness of action." - Learned Hand

"We're talking really huge global-scale change, and I did not feel that I had the prescription for that kind of action, so I'm going to leave it to the reader." - Elizabeth Kolbert

"Churchgoers in America are notorious for jumping into movements, even ideas that are hard to listen to. But when they actually have to change their lifestyle and do something about it, it rarely translates into action." - Francis Chan

"He has such a clear vision of exactly what he wanted out of each character, out of each set, out of each wardrobe change, out of each emotional beat, and action." - Ryan Reynolds

"Action and reaction are equal and opposite." - Gertrude Stein

"It seems pretentious to assume that we are not creatures of action. I think often it takes a situation of extreme absurdity, extreme action, to push us to the limits of what our character is, and to change us as people." - Eleanor Catton

"And change isn't destruction. It's just change." - Rachel Caine

"Times change, and we change with them." - William Harrison

"Times change, and we change with them." - William Henry Harrison

"Change and everything will change for you." - Jim Rohn

"Matters change and morals change; men remain." - John Galsworthy

"Philanthropy requires thought, action, and passion." - Robert L. Payton

"Action will delineate and define you." - Thomas Jefferson

"Thought and action must never part company." - Hannah Arendt

"Talk and action are two different things." - Rudy Giuliani

"Sex, action, special effects, and violence sell." - Pam Grier

"Thunderous action and nail-biting suspense" - Peter Travers

"Writing crystallizes thought and thought produces action." - Paul J Meyer

"You are not bound. You have got free will. You cannot change the experiences, the results of Prarabdha but you can change your future by right thinking and right action and thus make your will pure and irresistible. You can attain Self-realisatio n with the help of a dynamic will." - Sivananda

"We are building a special capability at Schering-Plough to respond to these and other challenges with innovation, speed and flexibility. We aspire to continue being the company delivering the most positive change of any in our peer group, as we work to deliver our Turnaround and advance our six- to eight-year Action Agenda for transformational change." - Fred Hassan

"Despite our differences, we are all in this together. No act of kindness or compassion goes unnoticed. To change the world, take compassionate action within your immediate sphere of influence. To change yourself, start by being still and making time just to listen." - Edmund Bourne

"Change the story and you change perception; change perception and you change the world." - Jean Houston

"Action and feeling go together, and by regulating the action... we can directly regulate the feeling." - William James

"The practice of violence, like all action, changes the world, but the most probable change is a more violent world." - Hannah Arendt

"The most positive action we can take about the past is to change our perception of it." - Deepak Chopra

"There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we take strong action now." - Nicholas Stern

"Global climate change needs global action now. The alarm bells ought to be ringing in every capital of the world." - John Gummer

"I believe that a small action or a subtle gesture in life can change many, many things." - Gabriel Orozco

"Books ARE a form of political action. Books are knowledge. Books are reflection. Books change your mind." - Toni Morrison

"For me words are a form of action, capable of influencing change. Their articulation represents a complete, live experience." - Ingrid Bengis

"No real social change has ever been brought about without a revolution... revolution is but thought carried into action." - Emma Goldman

"Action without thought is mindlessness, and thought without action is hypocritical." - Ayn Rand

"Love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant." - Deepak Chopra

"Harm can come about without will or action. But will and action can avert harm." - A S Byatt

"In Judaism social action is religiousness, and religiousness implies social action." - Leo Baeck

"Creative and action are synonymous. You can't be creative. Without taking action." - Steve Fisher

"Action is happiness here; and without action there can be no heaven." - Johann Heinrich Voss

"Every book is a great action and every great action is a book!" - Martin Luther

"There can be no learning without action, and no action without learning" - Reg Revans

"Knowledge without action is wastefulness and action without knowledge is foolishness." - Al-Ghazali

"Every great book is an action, and every great action is a book." - Martin Luther

"Reaction and non-action both create karma, but conscious action transcends karma." - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile." - Abu Bakr

"I've always wanted to do action and action movies. I grew up on that." - Tania Raymonde

"There is not first understanding and then action. When you understand, that very understanding is action." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"I just want to get into the action. And voice-over work is all action." - Bridgit Mendler

"Every action is either strong or weak, and when every action is strong we are successful." - Rita Mae Brown

"I do have more directorial control over animation, because it's like trial and error: If something doesn't work, you can always go back and change certain things. Whereas in live action, every day is a challenge, and you have to make decisions on an hourly basis. So in live action I have more freedom as a director, but in animation, I have more control over the final product." - Mamoru Oshii

"We're now moving into a stage where the green economy isn't just going to be the place for people to spend money. It's going to become a place where a lot more people can earn money, and also save more money. These kind of solutions require collective action and government action. So as an advocate for government change, even somebody like me gets to have a role." - Van Jones

"Both renunciation of action and the performance of action lead to Nirvana (Liberation); but these performance of action is superior to renunciation of action. The action of today becomes the destiny of tomorrow." - Chinmayananda Saraswati

"Non-violence is very weak in the theoretical sense; it cannot defend itself. But it is most powerful in the action situation where people are using non-violence because they want desperately to bring about some change. Non-violence in action is a very potent force and it can't be stopped. The people who are struggling have the complete say-so. No man-made law, no human ruler, no army can destroy this. There is no way it can be destroyed... And so, if we have the capacity to endure, if we have the patience, things will change." - Cesar Chavez

"Action and reaction are equal and opposite, and are expressed simultaneously. Sequentially they are repeated in reverse, the reaction becoming the action and the action the reaction." - Walter Russell

"As we come to know, accept, and explore our feelings, they will become sanctuaries and fortresses and spawning grounds for the most radical and daring of ideas-the house of difference so necessary to change and the conceptualization of any meaningful action." - Audre Lorde

"In the case of climate change, the threat is long-term and diffuse and requires broad international action for the benefit of people decades in the future. And in politics, the urgent always trumps the important, and that is what makes it a very difficult and challenging issue." - Martin Rees



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