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Academic Quotes


"Academic theology is false." - Alexander Schmemann

"Programming is legitimate and necessary academic endeavour." - Donald Knuth

"I have no academic qualifications whatsoever." - David Irving

"Academic success depends on research and publications." - Philip Zimbardo

"I'm an academic. It's publish or perish." - Daniel J Bernstein

"War is not an academic exercise." - Scott Ritter

"I'm a commercial person, not an academic." - Alan Sugar

"I'm instinctively cautious because I'm an academic." - James Heckman

"I support high academic standards. Period." - Jeb Bush

"Merit should count more than academic background." - Lee Myungbak

"To overcome the academic prose you have first to overcome the academic pose," - C Wright Mills

"If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic!" - William Bernbach

"Success in life does not necessarily originate with academic success." - Robert Sternberg

"Life without music is meaningless, music without life is academic." - Leonard Bernstein

"A theology without spirituality would be a sterile academic exercise." - John Macquarrie

"I'm not a clown but I'm not an academic either." - Tom Verlaine

"I'm an academic. I'm hardwired for a good debate." - Brene Brown

"I don't believe in firing professors. They have academic freedom." - Alan Dershowitz

"If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic." - William Bernbach

"I tried to oppose the academic to the marketplace." - Ad Reinhardt

"I have not had any serious non-academic job." - Amartya Sen

"I'm an artist, I'm not an academic folklorist." - Terri Windling

"I was always more of an academic than a jock." - Edwin Moses

"I had no intention of becoming an academic. How could a person who was having trouble reading become an academic?" - Frances Fox Piven

"Such boycotts threaten academic speech and exchange, which is our solemn duty as academic institutions to protect." - Molly Corbett Broad

"Freedom of speech is not an academic value. Accuracy of speech is an academic value; completeness of speech is an academic value; relevance of speech is an academic value. Each of these is directly related to the goal of academic inquiry: getting a matter of fact right." - Stanley Fish

"To the extent that tenure supports academic freedom, I support tenure. I want no person or system to have any power, real or apparent, to chill academic freedom." - James E. Rogers, Jr.

"Postmodernism is an academic theory, originating in academia with an academic elite, not in the world of women and men, where feminist theory is rooted." - Catharine Mackinnon

"An arts education helps build academic skills and increase academic performance, while also providing alternative opportunities to reward the skills of children who learn differently." - Gavin Newsom

"Academics act like they are important, but when something is academic it is meaningless. People say, 'It's academic, now let's get work done." - Evan Sayet

"To the extent that tenure supports academic freedom, I support tenure. I want no person or system to have any power, real or apparent, to chill academic freedom." - James E Rogers

"Academics act like they are important, but when something is academic it is meaningless. People say, 'It's academic, now let's get work done.'" - Evan Sayet

"We think of feminism as an academic subject, but it's not. If you think feminism is academic, you think there's a right or wrong." - Caitlin Moran

"My parents were neither wealthy nor academic, but we lived comfortably and they were always extremely supportive of my academic efforts and aspirations, both at school and university." - Paul Nurse

"Jazz is neither specific repertoire, nor academic exercise... but a way of life." - Lester Bowie

"Podcasting might be thought of as a form of academic gift" - Les Back

"The resources of a university, of a college, should not be wasted in merely academic pursuits." - Howard Zinn

"I'm trying to make music a sensual expression, not an academic experiment." - Andrew Hill

"MIT is governed by a second, even higher rule: the inalienable right of academic freedom." - Nicholas Negroponte

"If you think your child's academic studies are more important than the arts, think again." - Plato

"Academic staff rather enjoy coming to conclusions, but they don't like coming to decisions at all." - Noel Annan, Baron Annan

"Self-discipline has a bigger effect on academic performance than does intellectual talent." - Charles Duhigg

"There's some pretty good academic research that suggest that what Americans don't like is losing." - Peter Bergen

"Most academic economists know nothing of economy. In fact, they know little of anything." - Edward Abbey

"I don't have the notion that everybody has to write in some single academic style" - Clifford Geertz

"Numerous are the academic professors, but rare are wise and noble teachers." - Albert Einstein

"And in most highly academic environments in the United States, no one fails anything." - Paul Tough

"Some of my academic friends think Ive fallen from a very special grace." - A Bartlett Giamatti

"The trailblazers in human, academic, scientific and religious freedom have always been nonconformists." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Sociologists are those academic accountants who think that truth can be shaken from an abacus." - Peter S. Prescott

"The academic life is wonderful. That's why people love to do research." - Michael Marmot

"Sociological prose is generally written without images in an exact form for an academic audience." - Robert Bly

"The reason academic disputes are so vicious is that so little is at stake." - Noam Chomsky

"I didn't have a normal academic career. I never studied cinema. I learned from life." - Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

"Mine is studying script and being very academic and trying to be important." - Christoph Waltz

"Perceived self-inefficacy predicts avoidance of academic activities whereas anxiety does not" - Albert Bandura

"It is essential to practice spiritual disciplines along with academic studies." - Sai Baba

"In recent times, Surrealist painters have used descriptive illusionistic academic methods." - Hans Arp

"If I had been a member of the academic establishment, I could have done other experiments." - Albert Ellis

"I was interested in implements of mass destruction - from an academic point of view." - Dan Farmer

"I say I'm an academic: a professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins. And I write." - Kay Redfield Jamison

"The academic world was marching toward ever more specialized knowledge, expressed in ever more dense jargon." - Michael Crichton

"Nothing infuriates an academic more than a talented and successful colleague." - William McKeen

"I'm an academic. I teach at the university, and that's where I will go back to." - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"I'm not an academic, but I've always loved poetry since I've been small." - Naveen Andrews

"I am joining the government not from the academic position but from St. Petersburg city council." - Anatoly Chubais

"My academic schedule is lighter this year because it's an Olympic year." - Sasha Cohen

"I love art, but I'm not an academic; I just like what I like." - Lenora Crichlow

"Some of my academic friends think I've fallen from a very special grace." - A Bartlett Giamatti

"Academia is a rarified culture, especially an Ivy League academic background." - Paul Giamatti

"I come from an academic background. I wasn't raised to be into promoting myself." - Michael Heizer

"I became an academic so that I could share my knowledge and experience with students." - Vivek Wadhwa

"Though I have friends aplenty in academia, I don't operate within the academic system myself." - Eliezer Yudkowsky

"Great research universities must insist on independence from government and on the exercise of academic freedom." - Alan Dershowitz

"I wasn't an academic. I hated maths and science at school. I couldn't concentrate." - Michelle Dockery

"I don't have the notion that everybody has to write in some single academic style." - Clifford Geertz

"I don't think academic writing ever was wonderful. However, science used to be much less specialized." - Stephen Jay Gould

"My father was an academic, an eccentric. He was a lecturer." - Elizabeth Mcgovern

"I just wasn't academic. I wanted to be in the real world." - John Caudwell

"I had to make a choice - recede into the academic world, or wade into politics." - Elizabeth Warren

"I graduated with an English degree and worked for awhile in academic publishing." - Mallory Ortberg

"I am not built for academic writings. Action is my domain." - Mahatma Gandhi

"My whole academic career was totally out of Jewish anxiety, and issues surrounding achievement and adequacy." - Ram Dass

"Love of learning led to monasteries, which became the cradle of academic guilds." - John Ortberg

"I haven't been the kind of writer about whom book-length academic studies have been written." - Manuel Puig

"I've always been more inclined to go out to work than carry on with academic studies." - Michael Fassbender

"I instantly chucked my academic ambitions and began writing fiction full-time." - Peter Straub

"I didn't have a normal academic career. I never studied cinema. I learned from life." - Alejandro Gonzalez Inarri

"The information you get from social media is not a substitute for academic discipline at all." - Bill Nye

"A literary academic can no more pass a bookstore than an alcoholic can pass a bar." - Carolyn Heilbrun

"I want to prove you don't need to have academic syntax to be intelligent." - Eddie Huang

"I want parents to teach that academic intelligence is essential, but so is financial intelligence." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Well, that was in 1995 when I resigned from my last academic job." - Azar Nafisi

"There's actually a wonderful quote from Stanley Fish, who is sometimes very polemical and with whom I don't always agree. He writes, "Freedom of speech is not an academic value. Accuracy of speech is an academic value; completeness of speech is an academic value; relevance of speech is an academic value. Each of these is directly related to the goal of academic inquiry: getting a matter of fact right."" - Joan Wallach Scott

"It was the usual sort of academic battle: footnotes at ten paces, bolstered by snide articles in academic journals and lots of sniping about methodology, a thrust and parry of source and countersource. My sources had to be better." - Lauren Willig

"It's an academic book, and it's discussed under academic criteria. German historians cultivate so-called objectivity. They persuade themselves that they can switch off the subjective and therefore the unsettling." - Gotz Aly

"I'm not sure that I've ever been drawn to the academic life as such. Theology has been a matter of survival for me. If I have a carapace of academic presentability, it is thanks to the wonderful teachers I had." - James Alison

"Things may move slow in the academic world, but I continue to move at a pace relative to the urgency of the moment, looking forward to the time when the academic world can catch up..." - Joseph Curiale

"In the mid-1960s, as hard to believe as it may be now, choosing to go into academic philosophy was not an imprudent career choice. There were lots of academic jobs in philosophy then." - Allen W. Wood

"There is an increasing gap between academic research and business application. Sometimes the incentives for success in the academic world are not consistent with what it takes to run a company." - Dave Ulrich

"I've often heard academics disparage non-academic writing in terms that suggest it could be a negative in the tenure process, irrespective of the quality of academic work under review." - Daniel Drezner

"I went to a very academic school that actually - when I got to the point of wanting to pursue acting, they just had no idea how to do that, because all of their contacts were very academic." - Freema Agyeman

"To become an academic expert takes years of studying. Academic experts are experts in how and what others have done. They use case studies and observation to understand a subject." - Simon Sinek

"There was little in my early life to indicate that an interest in biology would become the passion of my academic career. In fact, there was little to suggest I would have an academic career." - Eric Kandel

"Human intelligence is richer and more dynamic than we have been led to believe by formal academic education." - Ken Robinson

"Those of us forged in the crucibles of difference know that survival is not an academic skill." - Audre Lorde

"If you let social activities take precedence over your academic activities, then you will soon lose your basketball activities." - John Wooden

"One of the best indicators of student achievement is the academic success of the mother in the home." - Tony Danza

"The academic mind reflects infinity, and is full of light by the simple process of being shallow and standing still." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Knowledge without know-how is sterile. We use the word academic in a pejorative sense to identify this limitation." - Myron Tribus

"The realization that you can't predict the future - and mold it - could only come as a shock to an academic." - David Harsanyi

"If you're going to equalize the academic playing field, you've got to get the kids in early childhood programs." - Paul Vallas

"The imagination of the genius vastly surpasses his intellect; the intellect of the academic vastly surpasses his imagination" - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"I don't consider myself attractive. I'm an academic, and in academia, people will write you off if you look younger." - Alissa Nutting

"I am very interested in people trying to write because I don't have a big academic background at all." - Grace Paley

"First fulfill your academic obligations and then you will have the right to call yourself a leader of the left." - Salvador Allende

"In Britain the power of authority was weakened. There was much more individual freedom and there was great academic freedom." - Michael Craig-Martin

"Academic writing you have to get right. Fiction you have to get plausible. And there's a world of difference." - Elliott Colla

"The arts are statistically proven to increase independent thinking, creativity, discipline, balance, and academic improvement in children." - Mya

"Academic politics is the most vicious and bitter form of politics, because the stakes are so low." - Wallace S. Sayre

"Academic questions are interlopers in a world where so few of the real ones have been answered." - Henry S Haskins

"I think people are surprised when I string two sentences together. But I had a fiercely academic upbringing." - Charlie Day

"Don't ask the barber whether you need a haircut, and don't ask an academic if what he does is relevant." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"What is today a matter of academic speculation begins tomorrow to move armies and pull down empires." - John Gresham Machen

"Academic Marxism is a fantasy world, and unctuous compassion-sweepstakes, into which real workers or peasants never penetrate." - Camille Paglia

"To be a writer you have to write - and no academic degree is going to do the writing for you." - Michelle Richmond

"Academic Marxists, with their elitist sense of superiority to popular taste, are the biggest snobs in America." - Camille Paglia

"All too often, academic departments defend their territory with the passion of cornered animals, though with far less justification." - Bruce Jackson

"I was born to a Nigerian dad and a Kenyan mom, and coming to the States was really academic." - Dayo Okeniyi

"The academic community has in it the biggest concentration of alarmists, cranks and extremists this side of the giggle house." - William F Buckley Jr

"I look at Google and think they have a strong academic culture. Elegant solutions to complex problems." - Mark Zuckerberg

"My parents are wonderful, practical, sensible people, and the expectation was that I would study something academic." - Gemma Chan

"As an academic, this was not the lifestyle I had planned for myself. Now I see myself everywhere." - Ahmet Davutoglu

"My academic identity is that of a folklorist, and for many years I have taught only folklore courses." - Alan Dundes

"I would not be able to pen an academic and dry diatribe. I have too much talent for that." - Theo Van Gogh

"I came from an anxious, overly intense East Coast academic family. That was the way of our tribe." - Lev Grossman

"In common with many others in the varied branches of our profession, my academic education is subnormal." - Loretta Young

"An academic dialect is perfected when its terms are hard to understand and refer only to one another." - Mason Cooley

"The armoury of having any academic education does not necessarily set you up for being a good or better actor." - Benedict Cumberbatch

"I am a story-teller, and I look to academic research... for ways of augmenting story-telling." - Malcolm Gladwell

"Nobody wants to be a lawyer - it's hard work. But it was kind of my academic route." - Vinny Guadagnino

"The job in Wisconsin was the first genuine offer of an academic job in a university which I received." - Stephen Cole Kleene

"Some people stay in the academic world just to avoid becoming self-aware. You can quote me on that." - Michael Mckean

"I really didn't like the academic structure of science, but I realized I loved science and missed science." - Eric Betzig

"I'm a vague, conjunctured personality, more made up of opinions and academic prepossessions than of human traits and red corpuscles." - Woodrow Wilson

"There's only so much academic disruption that a young child can deal with before he just can't catch up." - Irwin Redlener

"Becoming a model was very counter-culture for my background, which is hyper-liberal, academic and feminist." - Cameron Russell

"Rand Paul comes off like an academic stiff who wants to give us a lecture on American civics." - Mark Mckinnon

"Simplicity, for reasons that are a little bit obscure, is almost not pursued, at least in the academic world." - George M Whitesides

"I ended up being a businessman unwittingly. I wanted to be an academic; I wanted to be like Einstein." - Mo Ibrahim



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