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Abusive Father Quotes


"My mother was physically and emotionally abusive. My father was an extremely cold man." - S E Hinton

"My Struggles is a record close to me. It's about what I went through at home living with an abusive father." - Missy Elliot

"My Struggles is a record close to me. It's about what I went through at home living with an abusive father." - Missy Elliott

"I can't imagine laying a finger on my kids. I go the other way and probably because my father was so abusive." - Billy Bob Thornton

"I grew up with an extremely abusive father. As a mother, I wanted to protect my own children from exposure to violence. When I found out one of my daughters was in an abusive relationship, it broke my heart. Finally, she left him ?- but only after his abuse started spreading to the children." - Ginny Brown-Waite

"The Milkoviches are a much more extreme, much darker version of what the Gallaghers could be. The Gallaghers don't have a violent, sexually abusive, bigoted gangster for a father." - Noel Fisher

"All human beings are inherently good, so when someone goes off the rails, there must be some mitigating factor - he was bullied, was a loner, had an abusive father, or a domineering mother, etc." - Ray Comfort

"I grew up in an abusive home and was told on a daily basis by my father that I would never amount to anything and that I looked like a boy." - Janice Dickinson

"I adored my father." - Nancy Wake

"I grew up in a really bad situation; my father left when I was young - you know, an abusive situation. So the minute I put my fingers on a guitar and closed my eyes and just played, it literally was like a drug. It took me into a totally different world, and I just pulled from emotions and experiences that I was going through." - DJ Ashba

"I want to say that nobody accuses their parents of abusing them without justification to do that. I didn't just make it up. A lot of things were true and abusive and horrible things that happened to me that my father did." - Roseanne Barr

"After my father died when I was seven and my mother entered into an abusive relationship, I shuffled between houses - staying with friends, families from church, and relying on the kindness of teachers and people throughout my community to help me grow up essentially without parents." - Ronnie Musgrove

"Somewhere, sometime I'd stopped expecting my father to father." - Andre Dubus

"Somewhere, sometime I'd stopped expecting my father to father." - Andre Dubus Iii

"My father was an agnostic." - Jerry Falwell

"My father did advertising photography." - Andreas Gursky

"My father taught only math." - John Updike

"My father was a lawyer." - Pat Robertson

"I took after my father." - Patrick Swayze

"I have a temper, but I wouldn't call me abusive." - Tatum O'Neal

"Men, when they're out of work, tend to become abusive." - Harry Reid

"I have a temper, but I wouldn't call me abusive." - Tatum Oneal

"There is no humiliation more abusive than hunger." - Pranab Mukherjee

"The people who know God well - the mystics, the hermits, those who risk everything to find God - always meet a lover, not a dictator. God is never found to be an abusive father or a tyrannical mother, but always a lover who is more than we dared hope for. How different than the "account manager" that most people seem to worship. God is a lover who receives and forgives everything." - Richard Rohr

"The child is the father of man." - William Wordsworth

"My best training came from my father." - Woodrow Wilson

"Father: 'Anything but journalism.' I rebelled." - Malcolm Gladwell

"Hate is the father of all evil." - David Gemmell

"Work is often the father of pleasure." - Voltaire

"Could a father not marry his son?" - Jeremy Irons

"Father Lucifer, you never looked so sane." - Tori Amos

"Father-Mother is the name for Deity ..." - Mary Baker Eddy

"War is the father of all things." - Heraclitus

"My father said, 'When in doubt, castle.'" - Kurt Vonnegut

"Pure energy is the father of creation." - Dan Brown

"Father said conflict develops the character" - Zelda Fitzgerald

"Ignorance is the father of all fear." - Herman Melville

"My father said, "When in doubt, castle."" - Kurt Vonnegut

"I would like to understand my father." - Michael Jackson

"My father was a saint, I'm not." - Indira Gandhi

"My father was a great actor." - Stephen Humphrey Bogart

"My father got along with everyone." - Stephen Humphrey Bogart

"[My father] was not a musical man." - George Michael

"Lawrence, of virtuous father virtuous son" - John Milton

"My father said When in doubt, castle." - Kurt Vonnegut

"Thy wish was father... to that thought." - William Shakespeare

"Our Father-Mother God, all-harmonious." - Mary Baker Eddy

"He ain't heavy, Father, he's m' brother." - Jim Edwards

"That's another story, replied my father." - Laurence Sterne

"My mother never forgave my father" - Stanley Kunitz

"Father! Can I box him? Please!" - C S Lewis

"My father was not a political animal." - Mickey Kaus

"You wanted to kill your father in order to be your father yourself. Now you are your father, but a dead father." - Sigmund Freud

"I and the Father are not-two!" - Frederick Franck

"right now,I am my father" - Natasha Friend

"No mother, no father, no Sight." - Garth Nix

"There will always be a father." - Gary Gilmore

"My father was absolutely no good." - Charles B Rangel

"My father is an amazing man." - Sherman Alexie

"I have become my own father." - Michael Lindsayhogg

"My father was very outwardly religious." - John Mcgahern

"Doubt is the father of invention." - Ambrose Bierce

"My father had very little formal education." - Daniel Berrigan

"I resemble the father I once hated." - Niki De St Phalle

"My father said, 'When in doubt, castle.'" - Kurt Vonnegut

"I have become my own father." - Michael Lindsay-Hogg

"A father is a thousand schoolmasters." - Louis Nizer

"I loved my mother and father." - Roger Moore

"My father was an extraordinary man." - Nicolas Roeg

"My father was a successful entrepreneur." - Charlie Trotter

"My father was a beautiful man." - Shania Twain

"I'm the father of four daughters." - Harvey Weinstein

"The child is father of the man." - William Wordsworth

"I wish my father could be around." - Franz Wright

"My father was a manual worker." - Diane Abbott

"My father was a very difficult man." - Sade Adu

"My father had gone to Vietnam." - Elizabeth Edwards

"Moses is our true founding father." - Bruce Feiler

"My father loved people, children and pets." - Tony Visconti

"My father was a very contradictory man." - John Malkovich

"My father has always been my hero." - Gregory Hines

"My father told me, never have partners." - Howard Hughes

"A lot of people who are involved in self-discovery lose energy to abusive teachers, to abusive friends and to entities, non-physical beings." - Frederick Lenz

"If you chose to be with an abusive man, a powerful, abusive man, it reflects something about who you are and what you want for yourself." - Moran Atias

"Not every successful man is a good father. But every good father is a successful man." - Robert Duvall

"Warfare is the father of all good things, it is also the father of good prose!" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Becoming a father isn't difficult, but it's very difficult to be a father." - Wilhelm Busch

"There is no good father who would want to resemble our Heavenly Father" - Denis Diderot

"Repetition is the father of learning, I repeat, repetition is the father of learning." - Lil Wayne

"I had a glorious father, I had no father at all." - Rebecca West

"Necessity is not merely the father of invention; it is the father of courage." - Michael Josephson

"I certainly knew my father. He just didn't happen to be my biological father." - Jack Nicholson

"Fear was my father, Father Fear. His look drained the stones." - Theodore Roethke

"Sheep hurt my father, and through my father, sheep have also hurt me." - Haruki Murakami

"There is no good father who would want to resemble our Heavenly Father." - Denis Diderot

"To every little girl, her father is a hero. My father actually is one." - Alexandra Kerry

"I can't say I had an ideal father, and I'm not a father myself." - Steven Saylor

"My father was an accountant and his father was a typographer." - Umberto Eco

"My father rebelled ferociously against his conservative upbringing where his father physically abused him." - Anthony Kiedis

"When I talk about unrequited love, most of you probably think about romantic love, but there are many other kinds of love that are not adequately returned, if they are returned at all. An angry adolescent may not love her mother back as her mother loves her; an abusive father doesn't return the innocent open love of his young child. But grief is the ultimate unrequieted love. However hard and however long we love someone who has died, they can never love us back. At least that is how it feels..." - Rosamund Lupton

"I truly believe the American consumer doesn't want to buy products made under abusive conditions." - Phil Knight

"The language of pornography is abusive, that of romance adoring. Both are addressed to a fetish." - Mason Cooley

"An abusive relationship is worse than being in prison. I mean literally, not figuratively." - Joe Biden

"I truly believe the American consumer does' want to buy products made under abusive conditions." - Phil Knight

"The squirrels on campus were beyond domestic; they were practically domestically abusive." - Rainbow Rowell

"As a result of the feminist revolution, feminine becomes an abusive epithet." - Wyndham Lewis

"Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic." - Martin Luther

"Many television weather-women were one abusive parent away from prostitution." - Dov Davidoff

"I only feel better because people aren't being so abusive to me about my weight." - Sinead Oconnor

"I like kindness. Who doesn't? Life is definitely too short for self-centered, abusive people." - Ellen Greene

"The thing I love about off-road racing is the pride in how abusive it is." - Jimmie Johnson

"As a result of the feminist revolution, 'feminine' becomes an abusive epithet." - Wyndham Lewis

"Of all the sicknesses, there is probably none more abusive than homophobia." - Tracy Morgan

"I only feel better because people aren't being so abusive to me about my weight." - Sinead O'Connor

"My hair stands on end at the cost and charges of these boys. Why was I ever a father! Why was my father ever a father!" - Charles Dickens

"I lost my father was I 10 years old, and I always looked for a father. I missed my father very much." - Anthony Quinn

"James Brown became my father. He would talk to me the way a father talked to a son. He became the father I never had." - Al Sharpton

"My father was afraid of his father, I was afraid of my father, and I don't see why my children shouldn't be afraid of me." - Lord Mountbatten

"At bottom God is nothing more than an exalted father." - Sigmund Freud

"A father is a man who fails every day." - Michael Chabon

"When I win awards, I think of my father." - Cristiano Ronaldo

"Father! - to God himself we cannot give a holier name." - William Wordsworth

"When I was 3, my father stopped coming home." - Dennis Rodman

"All my father saw was what he wanted to see." - Jerzy Kosinski

"Cost is the father and compensation the mother of progress." - J. G. Holland

"You are doing exactly what your father would have done." - Frances Bean Cobain

"Almighty Father, please stop making jerks. Amen...Break!" - Tim Dorsey

"The child shall become father to the man." - William Wordsworth

"Let your first 'good morning' be to your Heavenly Father." - Karl G Maeser

"My father would argue two side of a mobius strip." - Dan Brown

"It was my father who taught me to value myself..." - Dawn French

"A family needs a father to anchor it." - L. Tom Perry

"Magnify the father, why bother with something lesser?" - LeCrae

"Don't worry, Even Jesus never saw his real father" - J Cole

"Which means she to deceive, father or mother?" - William Shakespeare

"You're the father of the person who is my life." - Melina Marchetta

"The figure of my father looms large in my imagination." - Jonathan Franzen

"The past is the father of the present." - Agatha Christie

"Boys are like drugs,' her father said, 'just say no." - Jill Shalvis

"Whoever is king, is also the father of his country." - William Congreve

"My father was a small claims court jester." - Steven Wright

"Galileo - the father of modern physics - indeed of modern science." - Albert Einstein

"You're living in a delusion based on your legendary father." - Sergio Martinez

"Like father like son, like mother like daughter!" - Jamaica Kincaid

"I like my father being the boss in my life" - Shreya Ghoshal

"My father was the best person i've ever known." - Warren Buffett

"I saw my father march with Martin Luther King." - Mitt Romney

"What the father kept silent the son speaks out." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Farewell, my children, forever. I go to your Father." - Marie Antoinette

"To he who avenges a father, nothing is impossible" - Pierre Corneille



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