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Abusing Children Quotes


"[ Alfred Kinsey] was sexually abusing those children and had sex abusers working for him to stimulate the babies." - Peter Breggin

"I would never take a case that had to do with abusing children. They're the true innocents." - Lynne Stewart

"If some are prosecuted for abusing children, others deserve to be prosecuted for maltreating the face of nature committed to their care." - Henry David Thoreau

"Our children are humans and deserve to be treated respectfully. Discipline does' include raging, screaming, abusing, neglecting, humiliating, or shaming our kids. God never treats us like that. That sort of discipline never "produces a harvest of righteousness and peace." - Jen Hatmaker

"How strange it is that we of the present day are constantly praising that past age which our fathers abused, and as constantly abusing that present age, which our children will praise." - Charles Caleb Colton

"Our children are humans and deserve to be treated respectfully. Discipline doesn't include raging, screaming, abusing, neglecting, humiliating, or shaming our kids. God never treats us like that. That sort of discipline never "produces a harvest of righteousness and peace." - Jen Hatmaker

"Love yourself instead of abusing yourself." - Karolina Kurkova

"All children are my children." - Nana Mouskouri

"Only an abuser can make the decision to stop abusing." - Ted Nugent

"Stop abusing my verses, or publish some of your own." - Marcus Valerius Martial

"People abusing their power makes me see red." - Neil Jackson

"A lot of the people who are supposed to be enforcing the crime, enforcing the law, are also criminals. They've suppressed something in their childhood and they don't want to think they themselves were sexually abused as children or they are abusing their own children and they're sitting on a bench and they either can't admit it, won't admit it, depending on how deeply buried it is." - Gloria Steinem

"Never have children, only grand children." - Gore Vidal

"Little children, headache; big children, heartache." - Proverbs

"I love children. I've always loved children." - Georgina Chapman

"Children are gleeful barbarians." - Joe Morgenstern

"Children love me, dammit!" - Kurt Angle

"All Children are Artists" - Pablo Picasso

"Children are geniuses." - Kristin Cashore

"We're all God's children." - Dolly Parton

"Children... constitute man's eternity." - Isaac Leib Peretz

"Women and children first." - Saying

"All children are manipulators." - Orson Scott Card

"Adults are obsolete children." - Dr. Seuss

"I like children - fried." - W C Fields

"Children are so precious." - Shayne Ward

"Children enhance you." - Melanie Griffith

"Children are all foreigners." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I love children." - Taraji P Henson

"I have six children." - Ann Marie Buerkle

"I have fabulous children." - Victoria Osteen

"If the world knew how to use freedom without abusing it, tyranny would not exist." - Tehyi Hsieh

"Whatever it takes to stop someone from abusing animals is certainly morally acceptable" - Jerry Vlasak

"Here will be an old abusing of God's patience and the king's English." - William Shakespeare

"Since we cannot match it let us take our revenge by abusing it." - Michel De Montaigne

"Refusing to teach a passage of Scripture is just as wrong as abusing it" - Francis Chan

"Whenever the press quits abusing me, I know I'm in the wrong pew." - Harry S Truman

"There is no point in developing anything at the cost of exploiting and abusing animals." - Kat Von D

"The highest proof of virtue is to possess boundless power without abusing it." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"The highest proof of virtue is to possess boundless power without abusing it." - Thomas Babington Macaulay

"Abortion is a worse moral scandal than priests sexually abusing young people." - George Pell

"The American people do not begrudge anyone his or her power until they start abusing it." - Chris Bell

"I wasn't out drinking and abusing my body. I simply loved to go out and dance." - Willie Stargell

"Forgive a wife-slammer if you can. But you don't have to live with him. Forgive a husband who is abusing your children if you can. But only after you kick him out of the house. And if you can't get him out, get help. It's available. In the meantime, don't let him near the kids, and don't let anyone tell you that if you forgive him it means you have to stay with him. [There's an important difference between forgiving a person and tolerating their bad behavior.]" - Lewis B Smedes

"I would never take a case that had to do with abusing children. They're the true innocents. All of the rest of us, we have smears and stains, but they're helpless. I couldn't add my talent, which is prodigious, to a defense of someone even accused of hurting a child. I would never defend a cop - though I did on a few private cases, when cops were acting not as cops but as private citizens. Other than that, I represented everybody who came by." - Lynne Stewart

"Adults are just children sometimes. But evil, hurt children." - Juliette Lewis

"Children in backseats cause accidents. Accidents in backseats cause children." - Stephen Hawking

"Our children are not going to be just "our children"" - Mary Calderone

"After all, children are children no matter their background." - Julie Andrews

"The state doesn't own your children. Parents own the children." - Rand Paul

"The state does' own your children. Parents own the children." - Rand Paul

"Little children, little sorrows; big children, big sorrows." - John Ray

"Small children disturb your sleep, big children your life." - Proverbs

"I would just like to have children. Lots of children." - Frederik Crown Prince Of

"I don't have children, and I don't want children." - Laverne Cox

"Children are not children. They are just younger people." - Marianne Williamson

"The state doesn't own your children. Parents own the children." - Rand Paul

"Children Learn What They Live" - Dorothy Nolte

"Noble fathers have noble children." - Euripides

"Children and fools speak true." - John Lyly

"Happy, calm children learn best" - Daniel Goleman

"Euclid for children is barbarous." - Oliver Heaviside

"All children are essentially criminal." - Denis Diderot

"I cannot live without children." - Shinichi Suzuki

"All Children Have Brain Damage!" - Bill Cosby

"The crisis of children having children has been eclipsed by the greater crisis of children killing children." - Marian Wright Edelman

"Philosophy has forgotten about children" - Bernhard Schlink

"Disneyland is Vegas for children." - Tom Waits

"Men from children nothing differ." - William Shakespeare

"Children are unaccountable little creatures." - Katherine Mansfield

"Adults are only obsolete children." - Dr. Seuss

"Children live what they learn." - Diane Greene

"Lawless schools produce lawless children." - William Whitelaw, 1st Viscount Whitelaw

"Children can change the world." - Jane Goodall

"Children and fools cannot lie." - John Heywood

"I love my children unconditionally." - Gary Kemp

"Little children are all writers." - Alice Mattison

"Hello, children of the Nazis!" - Peter Steele

"Children are poor men's riches." - Proverbs

"Children and fooles speake true." - John Lyly

"Adults are just outdated children." - Dr. Seuss

"Familiarity breeds contempt - and children." - Mark Twain

"Children make your life important." - Erma Bombeck

"My children don't look Hispanic." - Brian Sandoval

"All children have creative power." - Brenda Ueland

"Never have children, only grandchildren." - Gore Vidal

"Children learn what they live." - Ron Finley

"I'm obsessed with my children." - Travis Barker

"Mom worked with autistic children." - Isabel Lucas

"I myself lost five children." - Queen Fabiola Of Belgium

"Repentance is for little children." - Adolf Eichmann

"Actors are frightened little children." - Alan Rosenberg

"We children learned responsibility automatically." - James Earl Jones

"Children are not a burden." - Ziggy Marley

"Keep eternity before the children." - Dallas Willard

"Tell the children the truth." - Bob Marley

"I love working with children." - Liam Neeson

"Let the children use it, let the children lose it, let all the children boogie." - David Bowie

"Children can find other children to be pals. Children need fathers to be fathers." - Garrison Keillor

"The children whom nobody leads by the hand are the children who know they are children." - Antonio Porchia

"I do disapprove very strongly of labelling children, especially young children, as something like 'Catholic children' or 'Protestant children' or 'Islamic children.'" - Richard Dawkins

"Yes, you know enough of my frankness to believe me capable of that. After abusing you so abominably to your face, I could have no scruple in abusing you to all your relations." -Elizabeth Bennet" - Jane Austen

"Neither a state nor a bank ever have had unrestricted power of issuing paper money without abusing that power." - David Ricardo

"Donald Trump's big goal is to become the richest man in the world, abusing the powers of the presidency." - David Frum

"It is only grown-ups who want children to be children; children themselves always want to be real people ..." - Jill Paton Walsh

"I love producing children. It's fun! I don't like taking care of children, but I love producing children." - Donald Trump

"I've got a pretty good idea what children are, and we're not children. Children can lose sometimes, and nobody cares." - Orson Scott Card

"Don't be too dismissive of children. While it's true that few children are artists, all artists are children." - Ned Rorem

"My children have never brought any shame upon their father. They have been independent children, my children." - Halldór Laxness

"Kindness to children, love for children, goodness to children- these are the only investments that never fail." - Henry David Thoreau

"America is a nation fundamentally ambivalent about its children, often afraid of its children, and frequently punitive toward its children." - Letty Cottin Pogrebin

"When people ask, Do you like children? I always say, I like some children, yes. Some children I don't like." - Isaac Mizrahi

"Wu-Tang is for the children." - Ol' Dirty Bastard

"What is a home without children? Quiet." - Henny Youngman

"Gay adoption is discrimination against children" - Pope Francis

"Praise your children openly, reprove them secretly." - William Cecil, 1st Baron Burghley

"I am curious about grownups, not children." - Jerzy Kosinski

"Duty grows everywhere-like children, like grass." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Shee spins well that breedes her children." - George Herbert

"The children of childish parents age quickly." - Mason Cooley

"For children, play is exceedingly seriously & important" - Fred Rogers

"Love is for children and dimwads." - Ellen Hopkins

"Only children believe they're capable of everything." - Paulo Coelho

"I believe that children are our future" - Whitney Houston

"Fathers should speak with their children." - Pope Francis

"Children are to be welcomed, cherished, protected." - Pope Francis

"Let's teach our children to be thinkers." - Jacque Fresco

"Every war is a war against children." - Eglantyne Jebb

"Wisdom is justified of her children." - Matthew Mcconaughey

"A modest woman has good children." - Nachman of Breslov

"Some children are wiser than adults." - Thubten Yeshe

"Never work with children, puppies or bulimics." - Augusten Burroughs

"My biggest achievement is my children." - Tracy Repchuk

"Most parents don't know really their children." - Otto Frank

"Your children get only one childhood." - Regina Brett

"Let all children come unto me." - Marian Wright Edelman

"Those were my children being slaughtered." - Don Burr

"Dreams are the children of idled minds." - William Shakespeare

"Wisdom is vindicated by all her children." - Luke the Evangelist

"We are all children searching for love." - Leonard Nimoy

"With children Love is spelled TIME." - Zig Ziglar

"I believe the children are our future" - Whitney Houston

"Train our children to love God." - Daniel Harvey Hill

"Children: a torment and nothing more." - Leo Tolstoy

"Children and fools always speak the truth" - Mark Twain

"Children need encouragement like plants need water" - Rudolf Dreikurs

"We're children. We're supposed to be childish." - George R R Martin

"We are all the children of God" - Alice Bailey

"Perfection is terrible, it cannot have children." - Sylvia Plath

"We, her children, are heroic, dersperate." - Marguerite Duras



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