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Absurdist Fiction Quotes


"There are so many stories to tell in the worlds of science fiction, the worlds of fantasy and horror that to confine yourself to even doing historical revisionist fiction, whatever you want to call it - mash-ups, gimmick lit, absurdist fiction - I don't know if I want to do that anymore." - Seth Grahame-Smith

"There are so many stories to tell in the worlds of science fiction, the worlds of fantasy and horror that to confine yourself to even doing historical revisionist fiction, whatever you want to call it - mash-ups, gimmick lit, absurdist fiction - I don't know if I want to do that anymore." - Seth Grahamesmith

"I think absurdist humor is funny..." - Aziz Ansari

"On to the Next Dream is so outlandish. I call it absurdist fiction, because the story is utter hyperbole. The story builds to such an exaggerated and ridiculous pitch that there's no way it can be true - and yet, because it's based on the current cultural climate, it feels as if it is." - Paul Madonna

"Fiction isn't memoir and memoir isn't fiction." - Arthur Phillips

"Hackle may be the best absurdist story writer working today." - Bradley Sands

"All autobiography is fiction." - Sandra Tsing Loh

"Fiction is empathy technology." - Steven Pinker

"All memory is fiction." - Kwame Dawes

"Fiction creating reality." - Paul Auster

"Fiction is socially meaningful." - David Guterson

"I hate science fiction." - James Dyson

"I love science fiction." - Pam Grier

"I love science fiction." - Moon Bloodgood

"Science fiction is anything published as science fiction." - Norman Spinrad

"I'm a huge historical fiction and non-fiction fan," - Gale Anne Hurd

"Children's fiction is the most important fiction of all." - Neil Gaiman

"Writing fiction, like reading fiction, is a practice in empathy." - Jennifer Haigh

"Truth maybe stranger than fiction, but fiction is truer." - Frederic Raphael

"I'm fond of science fiction. But not all science fiction." - Richard Dawkins

"Truth is stranger than fiction; fiction has to make sense." - Leo Rosten

"Basically, fiction is people. You can't write fiction about ideas." - Theodore Sturgeon

"I was writing fiction, but not finishing fiction." - Elizabeth Moon

"I'm a huge historical fiction and non-fiction fan." - Gale Anne Hurd

"All fiction is autobiographical fantasy." - James Joyce

"I don't do flash fiction." - Charles Stross

"My fan fiction is canon." - Dwayne McDuffie

"Victory is a political fiction." - Anonymous

"Humanity lives in its fiction." - Blaise Cendrars

"Fact is stranger than fiction." - Thomas Chandler Haliburton

"Youth is stranger than fiction." - Rupert Brooke

"I prefer fact to fiction." - Richard Attenborough

"Fiction novels, that's my game." - David Benioff

"I quite enjoy science fiction." - Lexa Doig

"I just love historical fiction." - Jennifer Donnelly

"I like writing historical fiction." - Philippa Gregory

"I don't read Science Fiction." - Brent Spiner

"Science fiction is not formulaic." - Octavia E Butler

"Questions are fiction, and answers are anything from more fiction to science-fiction." - Saul Steinberg

"I love the absurd - kind of absurdist comedy, absurd things in life." - Rose Mcgowan

"The absurdist stuff wasn't terribly popular at the time I was doing it." - Robert Sheckley

"Fiction is about stuff that's screwed up." - Nancy Kress

"Fiction writing feels more honest to me." - David James Duncan

"Sometimes strange fiction, becomes grim reality." - Wayne Gerard Trotman

"People read fiction for emotion-not information" - Sinclair Lewis

"Science Fiction: fairy tales for nerds." - Richard Bayan

"There is nothing in religion but fiction." - George Bernard Shaw

"Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction." - Anonymous

"Happy endings are a luxury of fiction" - Trudi Canavan

"And truth severe, by fairy fiction drest." - Thomas Gray

"Science Fiction is the jazz of literature." - David Brin

"Every fiction has its base in fact." - Gayle Forman

"Fiction is an improvement on life" - Charles Bukowski

"Fact and fiction are different truths." - Patricia Maclachlan

"Fiction is the microscope of truth." - Alphonse De Lamartine

"Wondrous strong are the spells of fiction." - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

"Anything processed by memory is fiction." - David Shields

"Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction" - Carol Alt

"Fiction is a branch of neurology" - J G Ballard

"Truth is always duller than fiction." - Piers Paul Read

"What we remember is probably fiction anyway." - Beryl Bainbridge

"[Statistics] Fiction in its most uninteresting form." - Evan Esar

"So much emotion goes into writing fiction." - Stephen L. Carter

"Fiction or fable allures to instruction." - Benjamin Franklin

"History is an agreed-upon fiction." - Diane Ackerman

"Truth is not always injured by fiction." - Charlotte Lennox

"The thing is, all memory is fiction," - Robert Goolrick

"Theology, like fiction, is largely autobiographical." - Frederick Buechner

"I've always been interested in science fiction" - Martin Landau

"My mom introduced me to science-fiction." - Logan Marshall-Green

"Today's science fiction is tomorrow's science fact." - Isaac Asimov

"Fiction is not photography, it's oil painting." - Robertson Davies

"Writing fiction is fundamentally an irrational act." - Dale Peck

"Nonfiction is easy and fiction is hard." - Ann Patchett

"Fiction is always really a labor." - Ann Patchett

"My portal to another world was fiction." - Ransom Riggs

"I just love fiction. I love it." - Regina Spektor

"A public is a necessary fiction." - Rowan D. Williams

" it's best fiction is medicine." - Dean Koontz

"Good fiction creates its own reality." - Nora Roberts

"Fiction is the truth inside the lie." - Stephen King

"I think it's Jerry's masterful fiction writing." - Tim Lahaye

"I've always been interested in science fiction." - Martin Landau

"Palaeontologists use fiction all the time." - Norman Macleod

"Science Fiction has rivets, fantasy has trees." - Orson Scott Card

"Science fiction still is an idea genre." - Sheri S Tepper

"Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction." - Carol Alt

"So much emotion goes into writing fiction." - Stephen Carter

"I'm a huge science fiction fan." - Emma Caulfield

"Most books aren't pure nonfiction or fiction." - James Frey

"I'm the Jerry Lewis of crime fiction." - Harlan Coben

"You learn a lot, writing fiction." - Penelope Lively

"I rather like getting away from fiction." - Penelope Lively

"My mom introduced me to science-fiction." - Logan Marshallgreen

"I think truth is weirder than fiction." - James Marsters

"I'm a science fiction and fantasy geek." - China Mieville

"Real life is crazier than fiction." - Lauren Bowles

"I'd always been a science fiction enthusiast." - Ivan Reitman

"I know how to write fiction well." - Akhil Sharma

"I've always been drawn to historical fiction." - Karin Slaughter

"I love science fiction - always have." - Simon Sinek

"With science fiction there's endless possibilities." - Anna Torv

"Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures." - Jessamyn West

"A public is a necessary fiction." - Rowan Williams

"Science fiction is an extension of science." - Len Wiseman

"Fiction reveals truth that reality obscures." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I do enjoy reading some science fiction." - Colin Farrell

"I don't read fiction at all." - Brent Spiner

"Life is a means of extracting fiction." - Robert Stone

"I like going back and writing fiction." - Julia Sweeney

"Truth is always strange, stranger than fiction." - Lord Byron

"Most fiction comes from your experience." - Susan Minot

"I tend to read non-fiction." - Gary Oldman

"The reason why Absurdist plays take place in No Man's Land with only two characters is primarily financial." - Arthur Adamov

"The problem with fiction, it has to be plausible. That's not true with non-fiction." - Tom Wolfe

"The difference between fiction and nonfiction is that fiction must be absolutely believable." - Mark Twain

"Those who say truth is stranger than fiction have wasted their time on poorly written fiction." - Mark Twain

"Science fiction is not necessarily either fiction or anything to do with science." - Judith Merril

"Literature and fiction are two entirely different things. Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"A play is fiction and fiction is fact distilled into truth." - Edward Albee

"Starring in a science fiction film doesn't mean you have to act science fiction." - Harrison Ford

"Science fiction is what I point at when I say science fiction." - Damon Knight

"Science fiction does not remain fiction for long. And certainly not on the Internet." - Vinton Cerf

"Memory is like fiction; or else it's fiction that's like memory." - Haruki Murakami

"Reality and Fiction are different in that fiction has to make sense." - Ray Bradbury

"The best readers come to fiction to be free of ... all that isn't fiction." - Philip Roth

"Science always interested me, and science, real science, was more science fiction than science fiction." - Lynn Hershman Leeson

"You write fiction, you're writing memoir, and when you're writing memoir, you're writing fiction." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"[I like to read] spiritual books, non-fiction, fiction, I have my moods." - MC Lyte

"Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, but usually fiction is just better." - Jon Weisman

"All fiction may be autobiography, but all autobiography is of course fiction." - Shirley Abbott

"I like to read fiction best and I like to write fiction, too." - Judy Blume

"It's no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense." - Mark Twain

"Why shouldn't truth be stranger than fiction? Fiction, after all, has to make sense." - Mark Twain

"Beyond the fiction of reality, there is the reality of the fiction." - Slavoj Zizek

"The only difference between reality and fiction is that fiction needs to be credible." - Mark Twain

"All fiction is largely autobiographical and much autobiography is, of course, fiction." - P D James

"But Roy Rockwood, it was science fiction for the sake of science fiction." - Jack Vance

"A play is fiction - and fiction is fact distilled into truth." - Edward Albee

"Fiction is experimentation; when it ceases to be that, it ceases to be fiction." - John Cheever

"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense." - Tom Clancy

"His theory was that non-fiction could be as artful as fiction." - Gerald Clarke

"And I grew up on a steady diet of science fiction, especially apocalyptic and postapocalyptic fiction." - Justin Cronin

"Fiction came quite a while later. I began with short stories and fiction for children." - Helen Dunmore

"Where radio is different than fiction is that even mediocre fiction needs purpose, a driving question." - Ira Glass

"Don't get me wrong, I love literary fiction. It's faux literary fiction I can't stand." - Dennis Lehane

"In really, really good science fiction, the line between the science and the fiction is blurry." - Damon Lindelof

"The best Science Fiction is as good as the best fiction in any field." - Theodore Sturgeon

"Don't make a big distinction between fiction and non-fiction. These are arbitrary distinctions..." - Farley Mowat

"Crime fiction is the fiction of social history. Societies get the crimes they deserve." - Denise Mina



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