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Abstract Quotes


"Abstract painting is abstract. It confronts you...." - Jackson Pollock

"I paint abstract expressions." - Billy Zane

"Human intellect is incurably abstract." - C S Lewis

"Funerals are all abstract ceremony." - Chuck Palahniuk

"All good art is abstract." - John Newman

"The abstract has no emotional content... the abstract is more powerful the more abstract it is." - Cecil Balmond

"Money is human happiness in the abstract." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"Nothing is more abstract than reality." - Giorgio Morandi

"Abstract truth is the eye of reason." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"Even abstract shapes must have a likeness" - Willem De Kooning

"Time, that most abstract of humanity's homes." - W G Sebald

"I do not see scales as abstract." - James Galway

"The abstract kills, the concrete saves." - Sylvia Plath

"An abstract painting need in 50 years by no means look "abstract" any longer." - Marcel Duchamp

"I can never fathom it when people say things like "I can't understand abstract art!" Or: "Abstract art is junk!" Or: "Abstract art isn't as valid as realism!"" - Derek R. Audette

"The freer the soul, the more abstract painting becomes." - Marc Chagall

"All men in the abstract are just and good." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Oh, I hate the cheap severity of abstract ethics!" - Oscar Wilde

"All representations of a thing are inherently abstract." - John Green

"Remember-boredom is the enemy, not some abstract "failure." - Tim Ferriss

"Art is only abstract when you look the other way." - Karen Elizabeth Gordon

"All good art is abstract in its structure." - Paul Strand

"My art is not abstract, it lives and breathes" - Mark Rothko

"Abstract Expressionism was invented by New York drunks." - Joni Mitchell

"Detailed descriptions, abstract ambitions, relevant observations, your's and mine." - Ellen Hopkins

"I try to make concrete that which is abstract." - Juan Gris

"Even an abstract form has to have a likeness." - Willem De Kooning

"Abstract knowledge is always useful, sooner or later." - Robert A Heinlein

"I like it when I can get really abstract." - Richard McGuire

"Abstract propositions should never be discussed by a legislative body." - James Buchanan

"This paper was one of my digressions into abstract economics." - William Vickrey

"Film is abstract, not definite. It is a dream." - Jacques Audiard

"I like the fact that music is more abstract." - Bryan Ferry

"In every respect, fantasy is like doing abstract paintings." - Lance Henriksen

"Tenderness can be just as abstract as insanity." - David

"Of all the arts, music is really the most abstract." - Leo Ornstein

"I think, basically, I'm an abstract artist. I just think that that's not even an issue. I think everything's abstract." - Julian Schnabel

"I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery." - Eric Cantona

"I was an abstract expressionist before I had seen any abstract expressionist paintings. I started when I was a kid and continued just doing abstract stuff all through high school." - Dennis Hopper

"There is no such thing as abstract art, or else all art is abstract, which amounts tot the same thing. Abstract art no more exists than does curved art yellow art or green art." - Jean Dubuffet

"'Abstract' literally means to draw from or separate. In this sense every artist is abstract... a realistic or nonobjective approach makes no difference. The result is what counts." - Richard Diebenkorn

"To abstract is to draw out the essence of a matter. To abstract in art is to separate certain fundamentals from irrelevant material which surrounds them." - Ben Shahn

"Abstraction is itself an abstract word and has no single meaning ... Every word in our language is abstract, because it represents something else." - Eric Maisel

"How many people make themselves abstract to appear profound. The most useful part of abstract terms are the shadows they create to hide a vacuum." - Joseph Joubert

"I'm not an abstract artist; I leave that to others. To me, abstract art ended with Kazimir Malevich's 'Black Square.' To continue it is senseless." - Jonas Mekas

"... scientific research is compounded of ... empirical procedures, general speculative ideas, and mathematical or abstract reasoning." - James Bryant Conant

"Sisterly love is, of all sentiments, the most abstract. Nature does not grant it any functions." - Ugo Betti

"You know I dislike slavery; and you fully admit the abstract wrong of it." - Abraham Lincoln

"The more abstract is form, the more clear and direct its appeal." - Wassily Kandinsky

"I think everybody deserves freedom. Freedom is such an abstract word, but it's all we need." - Ai Weiwei

"Abstract art: a construction site for high fashion, for advertising, for furniture." - Adrienne Monnier

"All paintings are abstract ideas, not representations of a true reality." - Mike Svob

"... I shall go on making sublime and philosophical discoveries, and employing myself in deep, abstract studies." - Lady Hester Stanhope

"I always say that modernization is not an abstract thing; its a very specific task." - Dmitry Medvedev

"Every concrete object has abstract value, is timeless in the dream parallel." - Hilda Doolittle

"I feel it's just some sort of game if it's just abstract." - Jeffrey Smart

"How many people become abstract as a way of appearing profound." - Joseph Joubert

"With a metric you can really go to town, otherwise it is just abstract nonsense." - Jennifer Tour Chayes

"abstract art is not the creation of another reality but the true vision of reality." - Piet Mondrian

"We value apology in the abstract, but turn our backs on it in practice." - John Kador

"... my whole existence is governed by abstract ideas.... the ideal must be preserved regardless of fact." - Mary Corinna Putnam Jacobi

"Relativity is inherently convergent, though convergent toward a plurality of centers of abstract truths." - R Buckminster Fuller

"The idea of abstract power only exists for academics, not in real life." - Henry A Kissinger

"In every landscape should reside jewels of abstract art waiting to be discovered." - Melissa Brown

"The longer mathematics lives the more abstract - and therefore, possibly also the more practical - it becomes." - Eric Temple Bell

"The physical world is entirely abstract and without actuality apart from its linkage to consciousness." - Arthur Eddington

"Mathematics expresses values that reflect the cosmos, including orderliness, balance, harmony, logic, and abstract beauty." - Deepak Chopra

"I'm an abstract painter not just for myself, but because I really believe in abstraction." - Brice Marden

"The abstract artist has given material existence to many unseen worlds and tempi." - Mark Rothko

"Mathematics is the abstract key which turns the lock of the physical universe." - John Polkinghorne

"We find our own skin more fascinating than any abstract painting." - Michael Lipsey

"O for less of an abstract, controversial Christianity, and more of a living, loving, personal Christ." - Richard Fuller

"In abstract love of humanity one almost always only loves oneself." - Fyodor Dostoevsky

"Our impartiality is kept for abstract merit and demerit, which none of us ever saw." - George Eliot

"Abstract liberty, like other mere abstractions, is not to be found." - Edmund Burke

"I wear my pants on my upper torso to be abstract and different." - Thom Yorke

"Whatever is most abstract may perhaps be the summit of reality." - Pablo Picasso

"If the abstract paintings show my reality, then the landscapes and still-lifes show my yearning." - Gerhard Richter

"Abstract ideas are the patterns two or more memories have in common." - Rudolf Flesch

"No cause, no God, no abstract idea can justify the mass slaughter of innocents." - Edward Said

"The power to love what is purely abstract is given to few." - Margot Asquith

"fashion seems to exist for an abstract person who is not you or me." - Elizabeth Bowen

"Food became, for dinner parties in the sixties, what abstract expressionism had been in the fifties." - Nora Ephron

"The mind is inherently embodied. Thought is mostly unconscious. Abstract concepts are largely metaphorical." - George Lakoff

"All art is abstract, because art is an abstraction of the truth." - Milford Zornes

"Oh abstractions are just abstract until they have an ache in them." - Stephen Dunn

"One of the most striking of abstract art's appearances is her nakedness, an art stripped bare." - Robert Motherwell

"Abstract art has helped us to experience the emotional power inherent in pure form." - Anton Ehrenzweig

"Abstract art is a fundamental distrust of the theory of reality concocted by the eyes." - Robert Breault

"The only way to say what abstract is, is to say what it is not." - Ad Reinhardt

"The works of 'abstract' art are subtle creations of order out of simple contrasting elements." - Jan Tschichold

"A picture is not a abstract refers to no reality but its own." - Jean Cocteau

"Abstract painting is dead. That's why it has become so interesting again." - Chris Martin

"To abstract is to draw out the essence of a matter." - Ben Shahn

"There is more fine abstract design in Navajo rugs than in all these modern paintings." - Theodore Roosevelt

"Objective painting is not good painting unless it is good in the abstract sense." - Georgia O'Keeffe

"The truths of the Bible are never just abstract concepts; they're always related to real people." - Joni Eareckson Tada

"Even with painting, even abstract paintings, you need the incoming of, light on the canvas." - Jean-Luc Godard

"Cinema is not a series of abstract ideas, but rather the phrasing of moments." - Jean-Luc Godard

"The crime, said the Jacynth softly, is abstract and fundamental: the innate depravity of extinguishing life." - Jack Vance

"It looked like lively abstract art. Symbols in search of context." - Jeff Vandermeer

"General and abstract ideas are the source of the greatest errors of mankind." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"Wisdom and good governance require more than the consistent application of abstract principles." - Anthony Daniels (psychiatrist)

"Our ideas must agree with realities, be such realities concrete or abstract" - William James

"There is plenty of courage among us for the abstract but not for the concrete." - Helen Keller

"I firmly believe that a representational painting is only as strong as its abstract components." - Robert Reynolds

"Americans have no capacity for abstract thought, and make bad coffee." - Georges Clemenceau

"None of the abstract concepts comes closer to fulfilled utopia than that of eternal peace." - Theodor Adorno

"Climate change is a really abstract thing in most of the world." - James Balog

"Abstract art: a product of the untalented sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered." - Al Capp

"Abstract painters: redefine your perspectives. Think in terms of the whole, not simply its parts." - Joshua L. Goldberg

"Voting is like alchemy - taking an abstract value and breathing life into it." - Sharon Salzberg

"Theater is far superior to film in poetry, in abstract poetry." - Julie Taymor

"Judaism lives not in an abstract creed, but in its institutions." - Berthold Auerbach

"The longer mathematics lives the more abstract - and therefore, possibly also the more practical - it becomes." - E T Bell

"A trilogy is a pretty abstract notion. You can apply it to almost any three things." - Jonathan Demme

"All abstract sciences are nothing but the study of relations between signs." - Denis Diderot

"I'm not a natural leader. I'm too intellectual; I'm too abstract; I think too much." - Newt Gingrich

"Think of an abstract painting as very, very low relief - a thing, not a picture." - Jerry Saltz

"The more horrifying this world becomes, the more art becomes abstract." - Ellen Key

"As I say, I as an abstract artist was active politically." - Lee Krasner

"I always say that modernization is not an abstract thing; it's a very specific task." - Dmitry Medvedev

"Wikipedians believe (and I do, too) that bits, being abstract, will outlast paper." - James Gleick

"Writing laws based on an abstract theory, rather than reality, is a dangerous undertaking." - Elizabeth Warren

"Wisdom is the abstract of the past, but beauty is the promise of the future." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"I love the abstract, delicate, profound, vague, voluptuously wordless sensation of living ecstatically." - Anais Nin

"There is plenty of courage among us for the abstract, but not for the concrete." - Helen Keller

"I wanted to make abstract films that are emotional, and I still do." - George Lucas

"Abstract expressionism was the first American art that was filled with anger as well as beauty." - Robert Motherwell

"I never had the... common anxiety as to whether abstract painting had a given 'meaning." - Robert Motherwell

"Evil is the product of the ability of humans to make abstract that which is concrete." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"Abstract paintings must be as real as those created by the 16th century Italians." - Frank Stella

"Whoever thought the immediate alternates with the immediate action is not an abstract painter." - Pierre Alechinsky

"I got very interested in people who had discovered something more significant than ... intellectual, abstract understanding." - Steve Jobs

"I guess my experience with some stuff is kind of abstract." - Joaquin Phoenix

"It is easier to take a position in the abstract than when it hits home." - Dennis Prager

"Evil is the product of the ability of humans to make abstract that which is concrete." - Jeanpaul Sartre

"I'm not satisfied sitting in just the world of abstract work." - Twyla Tharp

"My own physicality, not an abstract idea, makes me a choreographer." - Twyla Tharp

"In the abstract conception of universal wrong, all concrete responsibility vanishes." - Theodor Adorno

"To those who have exhausted politics, nothing remains but abstract thought." - Honore De Balzac

"I was not an Abstract Expressionist. Nor was I an Irascible." - Hedda Sterne

"Sometimes I have these abstract ideas and then lose track of myself." - Julia Stiles

"It is often my nature to be abstract, hidden in plain sight, or nowhere at all." - Gerard Way

"Wisdom is the abstract of the past, but beauty is the promise of the future." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr

"Music, uniquely among the arts, is both completely abstract and profoundly emotional." - Oliver Sacks

"Wrong dressed out in pride, pomp, and circumstance has more attraction than abstract right." - William Hazlitt

"I am dominated by one thing, an irresistible, burning attraction towards the abstract." - Gustave Moreau

"Color is for me the purest form of expression, the purest abstract reality." - Jim Hodges

"I wanted to be an abstract painter, but I was rotten at it." - Jenny Holzer



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