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Abroad Quotes


"Foul whisp'rings are abroad." - William Shakespeare

"There's villainous news abroad." - William Shakespeare

"Foul whisperings are abroad" - William Shakespeare

"Homesick, adj. Dead broke abroad." - Ambrose Bierce

"Self-sufficiency at home, self-assertion abroad." - Evelyn Waugh

"Abroad, that large home of ruined reputations." - George Eliot

""Abroad," that large home of ruined reputations." - George Eliot

"The great white cold walks abroad!" - Richard Hovey

"A word, once sent abroad, flies irrevocably." - Horace

"Civilization originates in conquest abroad and repression at home." - Jared Diamond

"The benefits of studying abroad are almost endless." - Michelle Obama

"The thought of going abroad makes my heart leap." - Charles Sumner

"In going abroad we change the climate not our dispositions." - Horace

"Look abroad through Nature's range, Nature's mighty law is change." - Robert Burns

"The country's honor must be upheld at home and abroad." - Theodore Roosevelt

"Dry bread at home is better then rost meate abroad." - George Herbert

"Suicide terrorism stops when we stop intervening abroad." - Ron Paul

"A saint abroad, and a devil at home." - John Bunyan

"For a batsman, scoring runs abroad is always a challenge." - Suresh Raina

"Revolution should be Syrian, cannot be revolution imported from abroad." - Bashar al-Assad

"Various Horsemen are abroad, doing their various Apocalyptic things." - George Alec Effinger

"A smile abroad is often a scowl at home." - Alfred Tennyson

"Dry bread at home is better than rost meate abroad." - George Herbert

"Yes, the young people go abroad, but they come back." - Ali Khamenei

"Africa for the Africans... at home and abroad!" - Marcus Garvey

"I support any Muslims, whether here or abroad." - Osama Bin Laden

"A smile abroad is often a scowl at home." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"My two elder sisters married Englishmen and went abroad." - Bill Forsyth

"I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad." - George Bernard Shaw

"Rendition is just sending people abroad to be tortured." - Noam Chomsky

"I don't know what 'home' or 'abroad' is any more." - Robin Gibb

"America needs to be secure at home and abroad." - Rick Larsen

"On wings of wind came flying all abroad." - Alexander Pope

"We are getting more and more imports from abroad." - George W Bush

"Death is only a larger kind of going abroad." - Samuel Butler

"We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home." - Edward R Murrow

"Abroad is unutterably bloody and foreigners are fiends." - Bill Vaughan

"Unless I am sure I am doing more at home to send the gospel abroad than I can do abroad, I am bound to go." - A. B. Simpson

"At war with savages and idiots. To be a Frenchman abroad is to be miserable; to be an American abroad is to make others miserable." - Ambrose Bierce

"My parents explained: "You can either have a big Christmas and birthday present or we'll go abroad." We'd say: "Let's go abroad!" We had a lovely childhood." - Nicki Chapman

"Abroad, they have covered pretty much all subjects, explored every possibility, every twist. So similarities between ideas you have and those filmed abroad are quite possible." - Ajay Devgan

"People put 'study abroad' on their resume. I actually like when they don't study abroad because that means they aren't entitled." - Millard Drexler

"As far as oligarchs who acquire sports team abroad, and invest money abroad, I wouldn't treat this phenomenon as something bad." - Vladimir Putin

"Good authors mature over time: it does take awhile. Travel abroad and learn to live in other cultures. That's one of the things about teaching abroad." - Richard K Morgan

"We shall be judged more by what we do at home than what we preach abroad." - John F Kennedy

"Seek not abroad, for in the inner man dwells the truth." - Saint Augustine

"Weather abroad and weather in the heart alike come on Regardless of prediction." - Adrienne Rich

"Do you think it's so snobbish, to want to see something besides one's fellow citizens abroad?" - Sinclair Lewis

"Catholic extremism should be resisted as fiercely at home as we oppose the Taliban abroad." - Jacob M. Appel

"How can tyrants safely govern home, Unless abroad they purchase great alliance." - William Shakespeare

"Ambassadors are honest men sent abroad to lie for their countries." - Henry Wotton

"I have never wanted to go abroad before but you can never say never in football." - Alan Shearer

"We need to help companies find profit opportunities abroad, not photo opportunities." - Rajiv Shah

"What we find exotic abroad may be what we hunger for in vain at home." - Alain De Botton

"Makeup can give you the confidence to...change your job, move abroad, get a pay raise." - Charlotte Tilbury

"And I rose In rainy autumn And walked abroad in a shower of all my days..." - Dylan Thomas

"An ambassador is an honest person sent to lie abroad for their country." - Henry Wotton

"Many take pleasure in spreading abroad the weakness of an exalted character." - Richard Steele

"The marigold abroad her leaves doth spread, Because the sun's and her power is the same." - Henry Constable

"An army abroad is of little use unless there are prudent counsels at home." - Cicero

"Words are the soul's ambassadors, who go Abroad upon her errands to and fro." - James Howell

"It is ironic that many Filipinos learn to love the Philippines while abroad, not at home." - Ambeth R. Ocampo

"Travel sharpens the senses. Abroad one feels, sees and hears things in an abnormal way." - Paul Fussell

"EXILE, n. One who serves his country by residing abroad, yet is not an ambassador." - Ambrose Bierce

"Scatter abroad what you have already amassed rather than pile up new wealth." - Muhammad Ali

"Malicious tongues spread their poison abroad and nothing here below is proof against them." - Moliere

"The practical effect of Christianity is happiness, therefore let it be spread abroad everywhere!" - Charles Spurgeon

"An ambassador is an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country." - Henry Wotton

"Words are the soul's ambassadors, who go / Abroad upon her errands to and fro." - James Howell

"It is the bold man who every time does best, at home or abroad." - Homer

"The great and recurrent question about Abroad is, is it worth the trouble of getting there?" - Rose Macaulay

"One never feels such distaste for one's countrymen and countrywomen as when one meets them abroad." - Rose Macaulay

"Genius is of no country; her pure ray Spreads all abroad, as general as the day." - Charles Churchill

"Brands are the rock stars of commerce, and create many fans, both at home and abroad." - Simon Anholt

"Ronald Reagan was an excellent leader of our nation during challenging times at home and abroad." - Gerald R Ford

"My parents were in short street, so they had to go abroad to economize." - Mary of Teck

"We don't need any troops abroad-they don't help our defense." - Ron Paul

"Armed forces abroad are of little value unless there is prudent counsel at home" - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Building democracy as an imposition from abroad is a form of imperialism." - Lech Walesa

"Usually speaking, the worst bred person in company is a young traveler just returned from abroad." - Jonathan Swift

"The notion that love is abroad in the world has shaped my life." - Tim Winton

"Hillary Clinton is going to make sure that Americans are safe at home and abroad." - Joaquin Castro

"To be honest I inherited a mess. It's a mess. At home and abroad, a mess." - Donald Trump

"I think Donald Trump knows the kind of leadership that Americans need at home and abroad." - Mike Pence

"I love India, Russia and touring has made me many friends abroad." - William

"As his country crumbled around him, Fidel Castro's stature diminished abroad and at home." - Tom Gjelten

"Declarations of war have never been a constitutional requirement for military action abroad." - John Yoo

"An ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the commonwealth." - Henry Wotton

"I struck the board, and cry'd, No more. I will abroad." - George Herbert

"And I rose In rainy autumn And walked abroad in a shower of all my days." - Dylan Thomas

"An ambassador is an honest man sent to lie abroad for the good of his country." - Henry Wotton

"The people may eat grass: hasty words, which fly abroad irrevocable-and will send back tidings." - Thomas Carlyle

"T was for the good of my country that I should be abroad." - George Farquhar

"The quality and spirit of our own society must justify and support our efforts abroad." - John F Kennedy

"I am an Indian. In fact, I feel like a foreigner when I go abroad." - Sonia Gandhi

"It's not nothing when you're abroad and you don't have a washing machine." - Darryl Pinckney

"The great and recurrent question about abroad is, is it worth getting there?" - Rose Macaulay

"On land, on sea, at home abroad, I smoke my pipe and worship God." - Johann Sebastian Bach

"A youth, when at home, should be filial, and, abroad, respectful to his elders." - Confucius

"Spreading Christianity abroad is sometimes an excuse for not having it at home." - Henry Ward Beecher

"A man should know something of his own country too, before he goes abroad." - Laurence Sterne

"Injustice allowed at home is not likely to be corrected abroad." - Washington Allston

"America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy." - John Quincy Adams

"Cheney is a terrorist. He terrorizes our enemies abroad and innocent citizens here at home indiscriminately." - Alec Baldwin

"There seems to be more abiding interest in unearthing old memos abroad than there is here." - Gwen Ifill

"I wanted to learn a few foreign languages, and therefore I had to go abroad." - Ella Maillart

"I was born in Santa Monica but brought up abroad so I don't use English much." - Geraldine Chaplin

"I do read many of the photography magazines from the U.K. and abroad." - Martin Parr

"We can not play innocents abroad in a world that is not innocent." - Ronald Reagan

"I'm appreciated more abroad. In America, Japan... and in the United Kingdom." - Dario Argento

"Nearly all of the advances in structural and aesthetic innovation is coming from abroad." - Arthur Erickson

"Of all Iraq's rocket scientists, none drew warier scrutiny abroad than Modher Sadeq-Saba Tamimi." - Barton Gellman

"My parents were in short street, so they had to go abroad to economize." - Queen Mary

"The best way to travel abroad is to live with the locals." - Zach Braff

"The English sent all their bores abroad, and acquired the Empire as a punishment." - Edward Bond

"Even when people abroad see me, I'm often asked about a 'Zone of the Enders' sequel." - Hideo Kojima

"Mussolini never killed anyone, he just sent dissenters abroad for vacation." - Silvio Berlusconi

"America cannot have an empire abroad and a Republic at home." - Mark Twain

"Usually speaking, the worst-bred person in company is a young traveller just returned from abroad." - Jonathan Swift

"I haven't been abroad in so long that I almost speak English without an accent now." - Robert Benchley

"A color stands abroad on solitary hills that silence cannot overtake, but human nature feels." - Emily Dickinson

"Berlin is like being abroad in Germany. It's German, but not provincial." - Claudia Schiffer

"When you've been on a programme called 'An Idiot Abroad' job offers aren't exactly flying in." - Karl Pilkington

"My heart does sometimes bleed for those who are hurting in my own country and abroad." - George Mcgovern

"We must take proactive steps to promote democracy and human rights abroad." - Sam Brownback

"The British tourist is always happy abroad as long as the natives are waiters." - Robert Morley

"Besides commercial benefits to the oil companies, equity oil abroad also provides national energy security." - Dinsha Patel

"A woman should be good for everything at home, but abroad good for nothing." - Euripides

"It is in vain that he seeks dominion abroad, who is not kingly at home." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"I don't hold with abroad and think that foreigners speak English when our backs are turned." - Quentin Crisp

"A people's wrath voiced abroad bringeth grave Danger, no less than public curse pronounced." - Aeschylus

"The advantage my looks gave me was that I wasn't limited to just playing Indian roles when I was abroad, and I've been abroad for almost twenty-five years." - Kabir Bedi

"The vast majority of $100 bills are abroad, not in the United States. So yes, of course there's a use here but nowhere near as much as there's a use for $100 bills abroad." - Michael Hudson

"My favorite subject was English, and I wanted to study English abroad when I was young, when I was a kid, but my mom said 'No, it's too dangerous to go abroad by yourself.' So I gave up." - Doona Bae

"Our theme is, 'Respected abroad, strong at home.' What do we mean by that? Basically that we want a strong emphasis on affordable health care and education, safer at home, positive themes. And respected abroad - a foreign policy with alliances." - Bill Richardson

"I have found the game to be, in all factualness, a universal language wherever I traveled at home or abroad." - Ben Hogan

"There is only one course of action against terrorists: to defeat them abroad before they attack us at home." - George W Bush

"Geopolitics is all about leverage. We cannot make ourselves safer abroad unless we change our behavior at home." - Thomas Friedman

"It's my mission to tell the Australians from abroad in my work that Australia is a wonderful place." - Clive James

"Thoughts are to the Desires as Scouts and Spies, to range abroad, and find the way to the things Desired." - Thomas Hobbes

"President Lech Kaczynski is not at all active in Poland and his image abroad leaves a lot to be desired." - Lech Walesa

"The immense popularity of American movies abroad demonstrates that Europe is the unfinished negative of which America is the proof" - Mary Mccarthy

"The schoolmaster is abroad, and I trust to him, armed with his primer, against the soldier in full military array." - Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux

"Every Englishman abroad, until it is proved to the contrary, likes to consider himself a traveller and not a tourist." - Evelyn Waugh

"The Indo-Canadian community has been a microcosm of the people of Indian origin living abroad besides reflecting Indias diversity." - Preneet Kaur

"The rose Propt at the cottage door with careful hands, Bursts its green bud, and looks abroad for May." - Thomas Buchanan Read

"Of all the evil spirits abroad at his hour in the world, insincerity is the most dangerous." - James Anthony Froude

"You have heard of the news abroad - I mean the whispered ones, for they are yet but ear-kissing arguments?" - William Shakespeare

"The gentle reader will never, never know what a consummate ass he can become until he goes abroad." - Mark Twain

"The taxpayers are sending congressmen on expensive trips abroad. It might be worth it except they keep coming back" - Will Rogers



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