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Abraham Isaac Quotes


"The story of Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac are nowhere in any other tradition." - Elie Wiesel

"No country has ever fallen while it was truly honoring the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob." - Louie Gohmert

"Great was the name of Abraham, but all his Sons were not accepted; only Isaac was in the Covenant." - John Pearson

"As for me, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are now only the subtlest imaginable essences, which would not stain the morning sky." - Henry David Thoreau

"For me [Patriarchs] exist. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob exist today. They are people that you see with white beards. I have no doubt of their existence." - Elie Wiesel

"Fire. God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob, not of the philosophers and the scholars. I will not forget thy word. Amen." - Blaise Pascal

"American foreign policy and military might have opened an opportunity for the Gospel in the land of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob." - Charles Stanley

"One shot. That was all you got. - Isaac" - J.R. Ward

"I have existed before Abraham was born." - James Moffatt

"The name of Abraham Lincoln is imperishable." - Matthew Simpson

"Yes, polygamy is one of the relics of Adam, of Enoch, of Noah, of Abraham, of Isaac, of Jacob, of Moses, David, Solomon, the Prophets, of Jesus, and his apostles." - Brigham Young

"If you make a determination that [story of Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac] is not historical, do you throw it away? I don't think we can say whether it's precisely, scientifically historical." - Elie Wiesel

"Everyone knows the beautiful story of Abraham and the sacrifice of Isaac. How this noble father led his child to the slaughter; how Isaac meekly submitted; how the farce went on till the lad was bound and laid on the altar, and how God then stopped the murder, and blessed the intending murderer for his willingness to commit the crime." - Annie Besant

"It was not to save a nation that Abraham went to sacrifice Isaac, nor to appease angry gods... Then why does Abraham do it? For God's sake... He does it for the sake of God because God demands proof of his faith... He was not justified by being virtuous, but by being an individual submitted to God in faith." - Soren Kierkegaard

"Take a picture of this so Isaac can see it when they invent robot eyes." - John Green

"The other one I did was "I, Robot." I take apart Isaac Asimov's Robots world." - Cory Doctorow

"Isaac Asimov is, in reality, based on something I had invented a few years previously." - Arthur C Clarke

"I enjoyed reading all the classic authors like Isaac Asimov and Bradbury." - William Shatner

"Isaac Singer was born in Poland and doesn't write in English. Still, he's an American." - Irwin Shaw

"All who have lived according to God still live unto God, though they have departed this life. For this reason, God is called the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, since He is the God, not of the dead, but of the living" - Gregory of Nazianzus

"The Lord's Supper is the central act of Christian worship. It is a prophecy, pledge, and prelude to that supper table of the Lamb, when we shall sit down with Abraham and Isaac and Jacob in the kingdom of our Father." - Gerard Benjamin Fleet Hallock

"More often than not, we want him to have fairy wings and spread fairy dust and shine like a precious little star, dispensing nothing but good times on everyone, like some kind of hybrid of Tinker Bell and Aladdin's Genie. But the God of the Bible, this God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, is a pillar of fire and a column of smoke." - Matt Chandler

"More often than not, we want him to have fairy wings and spread fairy dust and shine like a precious little star, dispensing nothing but good times on everyone, like some kind of hybrid of Tinker Bell and Aladdin's Genie. But the God of the Bible, this God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, is a pillar of fire and a column of smoke." - Matt Chandler

"We believe in God, and in that which has been sent down on us and sent down on Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, and Jacob, and the Tribes, and that which was given to Moses and Jesus and the Prophets, of their Lord; we make no division between any of them, and to Him we surrender." - The Koran

"Yes, Isaac Taylor, who has just published 'The World of Mind,' is the Isaac Taylor, author of the 'Natural History of Enthusiasm.' I dare say by this time there is a want of fatty particles in his brain." - George Eliot

"The Church no more gave us the New Testament canon than Isaac Newton gave us the force of gravity." - J I Packer

"Alfred Hitchcock, Isaac Newton, Elvis Presley, Captain Bligh, they're heroic or pathetic depending on which book you buy." - Bob Seger

"I'm a big fan of the Russians: Isaac Babel is just an exquisite line-to-line stylist." - George Saunders

"Whenever someone wonders how I could have written 57 books, I remind them that Isaac Asimov wrote 500 books." - Philip Kotler

"When I was a student at Trinity College, Cambridge, in the 1950s, Sir Isaac Newton's presence was still almost palpable." - John Moffat

"Isaac and I are going to Israel to ride for peace enviromental justice and a safer world for us all." - Mandy Patinkin

"Abraham Lincoln, in order to maintain the unity of the United Statesresorted to the use of, I think Abraham Lincoln, president, is a model, is an example." - Zhu Rongji

"We were not fathers also to convey the promise, as Abraham was; nor although the promise, as collectively taken, had belonged to us, as to Abraham it did." - Thomas Goodwin

"I think we have reason to thank God for Abraham Lincoln." - Lydia M Child

"Was not Abraham Lincoln an extremist? - "This nation cannot survive half slave and half free."" - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"It isn't. The Book of Abraham is not central to the restored gospel of Christ." - John Gee

"Moses, Aaron, Abraham, they're all a waste of time. It's your ass that's on the line." - Frank Zappa

"Moses made mistakes, Abraham made mistakes, David made mistakes, Elijah made mistakes..." - Herbert W. Armstrong

"Abraham Lincoln got shot and died, Freed the slaves so they put him on the five." - Too $hort

"My freind is the man who gives me a book I aint read."Abraham Linclion" - John Flanagan

"And always remember, Abraham Lincoln only served one term in Congress, too." - Allen West

"Abraham Lincoln, who said, A house divided... is a condominium. Never got a dinner!" - Red Buttons

"Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill rode to glory on the back of the strong declarative sentence." - William Zinsser

"Even the written history [of Abraham Lincoln's times] is poorly understood by most people." - George Saunders

"I have read where Abraham Lincoln said he wasn't interested in freeing the slaves." - Malcolm X

"[Of Abraham Lincoln after his assassination:] Now he belongs to the ages." - Edwin M Stanton

"Abram, Abraham became By will divine Let pickled Brian's name Be changed to Brine!" - Thomas Henry Huxley

"Abraham Lincoln was the father of a nation and had enormous beliefs that stood well." - Henry Kaufman

"I teethed on books of heroes such as Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln and King David." - Luke Ford

"It didn't occur to me that it was possible to breathe life into Abraham Lincoln." - Daniel Day-Lewis

"Although a madman, Norton wrote letters to Abraham Lincoln and Queen Victoria which they took seriously." - Kerry Thornley

"Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, Robert Lincoln bought a nice ski lodge." - Sarah Vowell

"If I have to be typecast, I'd like it to be as Abraham Lincoln." - Sam Waterston

"Somebody wrote a script around us, but Dustin Abraham came with the best one." - Method Man

"If I have erred, I err in company with Abraham Lincoln." - Theodore Roosevelt

"It didn't occur to me that it was possible to breathe life into Abraham Lincoln." - Daniel Daylewis

"The submissive will make it through to that final scene, for the word of God will lead the man and woman of Christ "in a straight and narrow course across that everlasting gulf of misery . . . and land their souls . . . at the right hand of God in the kingdom, to sit down with Abraham, and Isaac, and with Jacob, and with all our holy fathers" (Helaman 3:30) "who have been ever since the world began . . . to go no more out."" - Neal A Maxwell

"Why does anyone do anything? Belief. A belief that they are right and just in their actions. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son, Isaac, because he believed that God had commanded it. To kill your son is unthinkable. A crime. But if you are acting in the belief that your God, your supreme deity whom you must obey, has demanded it of you, is it still a crime?" - Libba Bray

"For I choose to follow not men or men's doctrines, but God and the doctrines [delivered] by Him. For if you have fallen in with some who are called Christians, but who do not admit this [truth], and venture to blaspheme the God of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob; who say there is no resurrection of the dead, and that their souls, when they die, are taken to heaven; do not imagine that they are Christians" - Justin Martyr

"Along with William Shakespeare and Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin is Britain's greatest gift to the world. He was our greatest thinker." - Richard Dawkins

"A friend of ours, who is an admirer of Isaac Walton, was struck, just as we were, with the likeness of the old angler's face to a fish." - Leigh Hunt

"So great a contribution to physics was Two New Sciences that scholars have long maintained that the book anticipated Isaac Newton's laws of motion." - Stephen Hawking

"The Place of No Shadows, in Isaac Asimovs Science Fiction Magazine (1990) In our Universe, matter is arranged in a hierarchy of structures by successive integrations." - Francois Jacob

"...He palmed up the life Alert. Death Alert was more like it: Help, I haven't fallen and I'm standing up-can you come and rectify this problem? - Isaac" - J.R. Ward

"I've written five books, a book every three years. I'm fairly lazy and it doesn't take that much...people who are not lazy are Isaac Asimov ..." - Ethan Canin

"On this day long ago, a child was born who, by age 30, would transform the world. Happy Birthday Isaac Newton b. Dec 25, 1642" - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"Sir Isaac Newton was asked how he discovered the law of gravity. He replied, "By thinking about it all the time." - Isaac Newton

"An actor is supposed to be a sensitive instrument. Isaac Stern takes good care of his violin. What if everybody jumped on his violin?" - Marilyn Monroe

"Abraham teaches us the right way of conversing with God : "And Abraham fell on his face, and God talked with him." When we plead with Him, our faces should be in the dust." - Richard Cecil

"Abraham Lincoln, in order to maintain the unity of the United States...resorted to the use of, I think Abraham Lincoln, president, is a model, is an example." - Zhu Rongji

"The Civil Rights movement should thank God for Bull Connor. He's helped it as much as Abraham Lincoln." - John F Kennedy

"Abraham," he said. "I'm pleased to see you alive, old friend." "And I to see you dead." - Seth Grahame-Smith

"- But Abraham, you mean I'm supposed to make stuff up !?!? - You are creators, you make stuff up all the time!" - Esther Hicks

"Mr. Dallstrom is a bald, scarecrow of a man with a poochy stomache. Think of a pregnant Abraham Lincoln." - Richard Paul Evans

"Easy way to make someone sound less powerful, just put DJ in front of their name... ..DJ Abraham Lincoln" - Demetri Martin

"If the only tool you have is a hammer, all your problems begin to look like nails. - Abraham Maslow" - Laurell K Hamilton

"I think Abraham Lincoln said believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see." - Mike Pence

"There's no one who I believe has ever captured the soul of America more profoundly than Abraham Lincoln has." - Barack Obama

"Honest Abe never lied. That's the good thing. That's the big difference between Abraham Lincoln and Hillary Clinton." - Donald Trump

"Abraham Lincoln is the guy who could never be elected today, but whom we desperately wish we could elect." - Bill Oberst Jr.

"Abraham Lincoln was a melancholy man, so he had a dark side that appeals to horror fans." - Bill Oberst Jr.

"I think that Abraham Lincoln probably did more to trick negroes than any other man in history." - Malcolm X

"I think there were two great gay Americans obviously, and that was Abraham Lincoln and Walt Whitman." - Andrew Sullivan

"Abraham ibn Ezra, that restless, versatile Spaniard who wrote on almost every subject which could interest the medieval mind" - Cecil Roth

"I think John Coltrane is one of the great American heroes, like Abraham Lincoln and Emily Dickinson." - Simon Van Booy

"I have always compared our traditions of liberty, like those of Abraham Lincoln and Ho Chi Minh." - Hanoi Hannah

"Abraham Lincoln went through 12 generals before he got Ulysses S. Grant. He had never done a Civil War before." - Marianne Williamson

"Very exceeding wonderful is the history concerning Abraham, for the kingdom of Christ is therein wholly represented." - Jakob Bohme

"You cannot build a little guy up by tearing a big guy down - Abraham Lincoln said it." - John Kasich

"I was born on 22 March 1931 in New York, the elder child of Abraham and Fanny Richter." - Burton Richter

"There were so many odd, strange things about Abraham Lincoln that I think nobody knew how to pigeonhole him." - Steven Spielberg

"My grandma would quote Abraham Lincoln all the time: "Whatever you do in life, be a good one."" - Donald Cerrone

"We all remember Abraham Lincoln as the leader who saved our Union. Founder of the Republican Party." - Barack Obama

"We want more men and women who walk with God and before God, like Enoch and Abraham." - J C Ryle

"Physicist Isador Isaac Rabi, who won a Nobel Prize for inventing a technique that permitted scientists to probe the structure of atoms and molecules in the 1930s, attributed his success to the way his mother used to greet him when he came home from school each day. "Did you ask any good questions today, Isaac?" she would say." - Richard Saul Wurman

"Christians call it the "Sacrifice of Isaac," and Jews call it the "Binding of Isaac."" - Elie Wiesel

"And we're also remembering the guiding light of our Judeo-Christian tradition. All of us here today are descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, sons and daughters of the same God. I believe we are bound by faith in our God, by our love for family and neighborhood, by our deep desire for a more peaceful world, and by our commitment to protect the freedom which is our legacy as Americans. These values have given a renewed sense of worth to our lives. They are infusing America with confidence and optimism that many thought we had lost..." - Ronald Reagan

"I think enormous harm is done by religion - not just in the name of religion, but actually by religion. ... Many people do simply awful things out of sincere religious belief, not using religion as a cover the way that Saddam Hussein may have done, but really because they believe that this is what God wants them to do, going all the way back to Abraham being willing to sacrifice Isaac because God told him to do that. Putting God ahead of humanity is a terrible thing." - Steven Weinberg

"Faith precedes the miracle. It has ever been so and shall ever be. It was not raining when Noah was commanded to build an ark. There was no visible ram in the thicket when Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac. Two heavenly personages were not yet seen when Joseph knelt and prayed. First came the test of faith-and then the miracle. Remember that faith and doubt cannot exist in the same mind at the same time, for one will dispel the other. Cast out doubt. Cultivate faith." - Thomas S Monson

"The office of reformer of the superstitions of a nation, is ever more dangerous. Jesus had to work on the perilous confines of reason and religion; and a step to the right or left might place him within the grasp of the priests of the superstition, a bloodthirsty race, as cruel and remorseless as the being whom they represented as the family God of Abraham, of Isaac and of Jacob, and the local God of Israel. That Jesus did not mean to impose himself on mankind as the son of God, physically speaking, I have been convinced by the writings of men more learned than myself in that lore." - Thomas Jefferson

"Words have power," Isaac answered. Words begin and end wars. They create and destroy families. They break hearts. They heal them. If you have the right words, there's nothin on earth you can't do." - Crave the Moon" - Lori Handeland

"Some day the laws of glamour must be discovered, because they are so important that the world would be wiser now if Sir Isaac Newton had been hit on the head, not by an apple, but by a young lady." - Booth Tarkington

"I looked up towards the immensity of the labyrinth. "How does one choose a single book among so many?" Isaac shrugged his shoulders. 'Some like to believe it's the book that chooses the person...destiny, in other words." - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"Edward Isaac Bickert in never one to blow his own horn - figuratively - he is one of the most modest and unassuming men in Jazz. But literally - he blows up a storm ." - Frank Rutter

"Newtonian physics runs into problems at the subatomic level. Down there-in the land of hadrons, quarks, and Schrodinger's cat-things gent freaky. The cool rationality of Isaac Newton gives way to the bizarre unpredictability of Lewis Carroll." - Daniel H Pink

"Isaac out of surgery. It went well. He's officially NEC. NEC meant "no evidence of cancer." A second text came a few seconds later. I mean, he's blind. So that's unfortunate." - John Green

"Let us return back to the peace process for our children and for their children. The peace of the brave which I have signed is my debt, part in our love for [Isaac] Rabin." - Yasser Arafat

"I've read everything that Isaac Asimov ever wrote, for a start. I'm massively into my fantasy genre, anything by R.A. Salvatore or David Gemmell. I've read every single book those writers have written." - Robert Kazinsky

"I really had a great time working with 'Modest Mouse,' just because of the people. I loved writing songs with Isaac Brock, and Jeremiah Green is probably my favorite musician that I've worked with." - Johnny Marr

"Could we have entered into the mind of Sir Isaac Newton, and have traced all the steps by which he produced his great works, we might see nothing very extraordinary in the process." - Joseph Priestley

"In his enigmatic and cunning story 'The Crown of Feathers,' Isaac Bashevis Singer refuses to produce uncontradictory evidence of God's will but rather mixes all signals, jams the evidence, stalls every conclusion." - Edmund White

"There's always a host of voices you're inspired by. I love Don DeLillo, and I love Isaac Bashevis Singer, and I love Beckett, and I love Pinter. He's one of the funniest voices in English literature since Dickens." - Dylan Moran

"Long ago, Sir Isaac Newton gave us three laws of motion, which were the work of genius. But Sir Isaac's talents didn't extend to investing: He lost a bundle in the South Sea Bubble, explaining later, I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the madness of men. If he had not been traumatized by this loss, Sir Isaac might well have gone on to discover the Fourth Law of Motion: For investors as a whole, returns decrease as motion increases." - Warren Buffett

"Always bear in mind that our own resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing." - Abraham Lincoln6/26"One must have strategies to execute dreams." - Azim Premji

"Abraham Lincoln suggested never presume to know what God's will is, and I would never presume to know God's will or to speak God's words." - Sarah Palin

"A large stone presented by the archangel Gabriel to the patriarch Abraham, and preserved at Mecca. The patriarch had perhaps asked the archangel for bread." - Ambrose Bierce

"The convention is the voice, the bone and the sinews of a political party-and sometimes it even nominates an Abraham Lincoln." - Fletcher Knebel

"How many honest men do you know? Take the sinners away from the saints, you're lucky to end up with Abraham Lincoln." - Paul Newman

"The first time I heard Ron Whitehead read I felt what I imagine those who heard Abraham Lincoln deliver The Gettysburg Address felt." - David Amram

""Angelophany" is the visible or otherwise tangible manifestation of angels to human beings. Abraham Lincoln frequently mentioned that he was visited by angels at the White House...." - James R. Lewis

"In our resolve to build a better world... we seek to summon what Abraham Lincoln called the better angels of our nature." - James Earl Jones

"I don't want to claim that God is on our side. As Abraham Lincoln told us, I want to pray humbly that we are on God's side." - John F Kerry

"Islam undoubtedly deserves respect. It has some things in common with Christianity, such as Abraham as a common progenitor, and the belief in only one God." - Walter Kasper

"With whom there is no place of toil, no burning heat, no piercing cold, nor any briars there... this place we call the Bosom of Abraham." - Flavius Josephus

"If I could be any famous person, I'd be John Wilkes Booth, because I'd love to shoot Abraham Lincoln in the face" - Thom Yorke

"In this temple As in the hearts of the people For whom he saved the Union The memory of Abraham Lincoln Is enshrined forever" - Royal Cortissoz

"If you think Abraham Lincoln became famous for inventing the town car, it is time to spend a few hours on history." - Robert Foster Bennett

"Take advice, but not orders. Only give yourself orders. Abraham Lincoln once said, 'Since I will be no one's slave, I will be no one's master.'" - Jim Rohn

"You don't know who to believe. Like Abraham Lincoln. He said all men were created equal. He never went to a nude beach." - Rodney Dangerfield

"To become great, you have to be born great. If you are born again then you are the seed of Abraham. That means you have greatness in you!" - Chris Oyakhilome

"If you have been given a word from God, you must continue in that direction until it comes to pass (even twenty five years like Abraham)." - Henry Blackaby

"The fact that Abraham Lincoln ever, ever became President is either a freak accident of history... or destiny; God's providence to America." - Bill Oberst Jr.

"Steven Spielberg is going to release a biopic about Abraham Lincoln next year. Right, that's a good way to honor Lincoln by sending people to the theater." - Jimmy Fallon

"There have been many amazing Presidents in American history, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan, all of whom I greatly admire." - Donald Trump

"My wife told me that in the Bible, Abraham circumcised himself... wow! I can't even get to the bank before it closes." - Jim Gaffigan

"When Abraham Lincoln was shoveled into the tombs, he forgot the copperheads and the assassin... in the dust, in the cool tombs." - Carl Sandburg

"Being the companion of the folk of this world is fire. There must be an Abraham if the fire is not going to burn." - Shams Tabrizi

"Charles Darwin, the Abraham of scientific men - a searcher as obedient to the command of truth as was the patriarch to the command of God." - John Tyndall

"Abraham Lincoln needs no marble shaft to perpetuate his name; his words are the most enduring monument, and will forever live in the hearts of the people." - Osborn H. Oldroyd

"Father, Father Abraham, To-day look on us from above; On us, the offspring of thy faith, The children of thy Christ-like love." - James Weldon Johnson

"When Abraham Lincoln was shovelled into the tombs, he forgot the copperheads and the assassin... in the dust, in the cool tombs." - Carl Sandburg

"Steven Spielberg is going to release a biopic about Abraham Lincoln next year. Right, that's a good way to honor Lincoln ? by sending people to the theater." - Jimmy Fallon

"We know enough at this moment to say that the God of Abraham is not only unworthy of the immensity of creation; he is unworthy even of man." - Sam Harris

"In 1862, Abraham Lincoln signed the Homestead Act, a bill opening one half million square miles of territory in the western United States for settlement." - Peter Agre

"Being the companion of the folk of this world is fire. There must be an Abraham if the fire is not going to burn [you]." - Shams Tabrizi

"Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan. They'd all fit more under the Libertarian label than the modern day Republican label." - Drew Carey

"If you think Abraham Lincoln became famous for inventing the town car, it is time to spend a few hours on history." - Bo Bennett

"I therefore shared fully the intense chagrin of the New York and other State delegations when, on the third ballot, Abraham Lincoln received a larger vote than Seward." - Henry Villard

"Painting for a whole morning gives one as excellent an appetite for one's dinner, as old Abraham Tucker acquired for his by riding over Banstead Downs." - William Hazlitt

"When I was a child I had a crush on Abraham Lincoln. Why I would choose to reveal this, I know not." - Julia Roberts



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