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About Selling Quotes


"New York restaurants are about selling atmospheres." - Andy Warhol

"It's about listening first, then selling." - Erik Qualman

"Selling is never about convincing. It is always about helping." - Mark Cuban

"This is about black people selling out other black people." - John Mellencamp

"Selling is the most important skill as an entrepreneur. I'm not talking so much about selling a product so much as selling yourself, team, and deals." - Robert Kiyosaki

"I'm always happy when I hear about people selling records or selling books or selling movies. It makes me proud of them." - Ian Mackaye

"The point to remember about selling things is that, as well as creating atmosphere and excitement around your products, you've got to know what you're selling." - Stuart Wilde

"The best thing about being a best-selling writer is being a best-selling writer. More seriously, today I can write full time and pay the bills." - James Lee Burke

"All the auction houses care about is the selling of luxury goods." - Ai Weiwei

"Politics, like advertising, is about people selling you things you didn't really want or need." - Tom Tomorrow

"I always tell the truth about what I'm selling, and then nobody buys it." - Orson Scott Card

"I always tell the truth about what I'm selling, and then nobody buys it." - Orson Scott Card

"Recruiting talent is no different than any other challenge a startup faces. It's all about selling." - Vivek Wadhwa

"360 deals are the new things of the industry. It's not about selling records; it's about selling T-shirts, getting a piece of your publishing, getting a piece of your touring, and all these other kind of properties." - Lupe Fiasco

"Selling real estate isn't like selling stock." - Donald Trump

"Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value. Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion." - T Harv Eker

"The journey from not knowing to knowing was his work. He was selling his desire to learn about a subject." - Richard Saul Wurman

"It's business, selling comics, you work out what sells and you don't want to muck about with it too much." - Eddie Campbell

"I've got an overly developed sense of what selling out is, and I of course worry about it too much." - Martin Freeman

"The Internet is disrupting every media industry...people can complain about that, but complaining is not a strategy. And Amazon is not happening to book selling, the future is happening to book selling." - Jeff Bezos

"If I stop to think about fans, or best-selling, or not best-selling, or good reviews, or not-good reviews, it just becomes too much. It's like staring at the mirror all day." - Jhumpa Lahiri

"Stop selling. Start helping." - Zig Ziglar

"Every artist should live by these words: Never feel bad about successfully selling your creations. Never feel bad about creating art you can't sell." - Marc Ecko

"Business is not financial science, it's about trading.. buying and selling. It's about creating a product or service so good that people will pay for it." - Anita Roddick

"My dad was in the life insurance business, so I learned about selling when I was about 14 because I started working as a secretary." - Annette Bening

"Basically we get confused a bit about what retail is. It is really just buying things, putting them on a floor and selling them." - Gerry Harvey

"Great marketing is all about telling your story in such a way that it compels people to buy what you are selling." - Gary Vaynerchuk

"A good bookshop is not just about selling books from shelves, but reaching out into the world and making a difference." - David Almond

"I want to keep making records as long as I can and that's the beginning and end of my concern about selling records." - Elliott Smith

"The history of pop is a progression of underground styles going mainstream, so there's nothing unusual about the White Stripes or Franz Ferdinand selling records." - Sasha Frere-Jones

"Kanye West talks about being Axl Rose, being Kurt Cobain, being Jim Morrison. Adam Levine is selling acne ointment to teenagers." - Ian Astbury

"I'm a terrible salesman, he finally said. I always tell the truth about what I'm selling, and then nobody buys it." - Orson Scott Card

"People want to talk about whether I have rock cred, whether I'm selling out, the theatricality, the gay stuff... Chill out! And just enjoy yourself." - Adam Lambert

"Chicago is fun. We've spent a lot of time there, about 15 years. My wife's parents and family live in Chicago, so that's a big selling point." - Luke Donald

"When I read about young designers selling 51 percent of their company to someone else, I cringe. I want to say, 'Don't do it - call me first.'" - Tom Ford

"We should be about more than just selling chicken: we should be a part of our customers' lives and the communities in which we serve." - S Truett Cathy

"I can only speak as an American, but most journalism here isn't doing its job any more. It's about selling stuff." - Lance Reddick

"I think about never losing my voice, never giving in, never selling out, always keeping black, always sticking to the street. Staying neighborhood and not Hollywood." - Paul Mooney

"There are two things that have always haunted me: the brutality of the European traders and the stories I've heard about Africans selling other Africans into slavery." - Henry Louis Gates

"I've noticed that when I am selling a lot of records, certain things become easier. I'm not talking about getting a table in a restaurant." - David Byrne

"Telling is not selling. Only asking questions is selling." - Brian Tracy

"I enjoy selling my music. I don't enjoy selling myself." - James Taylor

"Hip-hop culture is deeply rooted in the wrong things. Hip-hop is about drugs right now. It's more so about drugs - about selling drugs, about using drugs - it's bad for kids." - Vince Staples

"I don't care at all about the mainstream; I don't care about popularity contests; I don't care about who's got the biggest-selling album; and I don't care about glossy production." - Phil Anselmo

"honesty dies in selling itself." - George Sand

"Everyone lives by selling something." - Robert Louis Stevenson

"Evangelism is selling a dream." - Guy Kawasaki

"I heard a quote once in a documentary about a band that said you're better off owning everything 100 percent and selling 20,000 copies of an album than signing with a record company and selling a million copies. There has never been a truer statement about show business than that." - Bill Burr

"When we started out, we were among the first. Beijing had no and Shanghai had very few large buildings. At that time, it was all about building, building, building - and then selling, selling, selling. We were working like a manufacturer. Soon, however, we realized that land was running out in Beijing and Shanghai. So we started keeping our buildings, and managing and renting them out. We became landowners. That was the second act." - Zhang Xin

"Have you seen some of the crap they're selling as exercise equipment now? How about that Suzanne Somers? She should have been thrown in jail for selling the piece-of-crap Thigh Master. It just develops a little muscle on the inner thigh. What good is that?" - Jack Lalanne

"When no one's buying your records, it's easy to justify selling a song. But once you start selling records, you can't really justify having two songs in Cadillac commercials. It looks greedy. And it is greedy. This whole music thing should be about music." - Patrick Carney

"I don't like to change things too much. I think pretty hard about things before I jump in, and once I do, I feel, 'All right, I don't want to waste the energy of buying, selling this, going on Consumer Reports, test driving, buying, selling a house.' I feel life is to be lived." - Greg Fitzsimmons

"Whether talking about addiction, taxation [on cigarettes] or education [about smoking], there is always at the center of the conversation an essential conundrum: How come we're selling this deadly stuff anyway?" - Anna Quindlen

"I don`t know anything about bankrupting four companies. I don`t know anything about bankrupting four companies.If he hadn`t inherited $200 million, you know where Donald Trump would be right now? Selling watches in Manhattan." - Marco Rubio

"American business at this point is really about developing an idea, making it profitable, selling it while it's profitable and then getting out or diversifying. It's just about sucking everything up." - Ian Mackaye

"We've got to get our fans back. We've got to start winning and get our fans excited about the 76ers again... We're selling hope. This is about hope. We have hope that we have a chance to be good." - Doug Collins

"I swear that woman had a previous career as a death-hunter selling tragic ballads down around the Seven Dials," said Will. "And I do wish she wouldn't sing about poisoning just after we've eaten." - Cassandra Clare

"The idea of selling is a projection that people create about people that is more of a reflection of who they are than what is actually happening in front of them with the artist." - Mark Ruffalo

"There always has been a mystique and a romance about aviation, but in terms of the principles involved of satisfying your customer there's no difference between selling airlines seats and chocolate bars." - Mike Batt

"The irony about selling out is that they only call you a sell-out when your stuff finally sells - I've had products bearing my name since I was 14, but nobody was buying them then." - Tony Hawk

"There is a lot of anxiety in India about writers selling out to foreign audiences, but I'm neither flattering the Indian audience nor the American audience. I'm uneasily somewhere in the middle." - Pankaj Mishra

"Hopefully 10 years from now people won't even realize we started out selling shoes. They will just think about Zappos as a place to get the best customer service." - Tony Hsieh

"With conglomerates selling companies to liquidators, who close down plants and move to non-union areas, it's about time progressive union leaders step in to stop such job-losing tactics... ESOP should become a part of future bargaining packages!" - Tom Colicchio

"I don't want to take up literature in a money-making spirit, or be very anxious about making large profits, but selling it at a loss is another thing altogether, and an amusement I cannot well afford." - Lewis Carroll

"Now you're selling out, the devil sold a dream and you bought it without thinking about. How the beast will decrease the brain wave, with material thoughts from the crib to the grave." - Kool Moe Dee

"I care desperately about what I do. Do I know what product I'm selling? No. Do I know what I'm doing today? No. But I'm here, and I'm gonna give it my best shot." - Owen Wilson

"I just started to do my own thing for about a year and a half, and I worked in the evening selling phonograph records. Then I said to myself, "I'm afraid I have to go to New York after all."" - Claes Oldenburg

"The only useful information about the market will be what I create through expeditions into the market, through testing and probing, trial and error, by selling real products to real people who pay real money." - Clayton Christensen

"Clearly, something I am grateful for today is that my father had the strength to recognize and tell me about his activities instead of selling me a fabricated story. I think that helped us build a relationship based on trust." - Juan Pablo Escobar

"I feel like so many people get into that place where creating for someone else is selling out and it is so not about that. It is a stupid, kind of pretentious way of thinking." - Thomston

"It's my story ["Selling Isobel"].I chose to write a screenplay about it because I think film is the quickest medium to get a story out, rather than writing a book." - Frida Farrell

"It would be crazy for me to come out now talking about selling drugs and doing all this stuff I never did for the sake of A&R or records or trying to keep the street buzz or whatever." - Chamillionaire

"The Globe reports that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Il raises money by selling fake Viagra pills. What it is about this guy? None of his missiles seem to launch." - Jay Leno

"You know I used to work at Ikea, selling over 7,000 products. Give me a number between 1-7,000 I'll tell you about it. Sorry out of stock, lucky you chose that one." - Milton Jones

"Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am all about money. I mean, just look how well my line of zodiac-inspired toe rings and homeopathic children's medications are selling on Home Shopping Network." - Tina Fey

"Sellers who've embraced social media are creating new opportunities that totally bypass traditional sales channels... It's about good selling - using all the tools that are available to you today." - Jill Konrath

"I had been a fashion photographer for over ten years, but I'd always been dissatisfied with what I was doing. It was all about selling people, and I got disheartened by the whole industry." - Giles Duley

"The evangelists' success points to a hunger for the product they are selling, a hunger that goes beyond any particular issue or cause. They need an assurance that somebody out there cares about them, is listening to them." - Barack Obama

"When you talk about the Final Fantasy series, the series started selling better after 7, and that was the base idea for the center of the set list for the LA concert." - Nobuo Uematsu

"Most people who are selling their mineral rights, this is a once-in-a-lifetime transaction. The people who are buying, the landmen who are coming in, do it every day. So there's a little inequity there about knowledge." - Mike Dewine

"I pay attention to lyrics and I know what rap fans care about. I try to write for the average listener and I'm conscious of the mainstream without selling out." - J Cole

"I don't know how to explain how, probably to my detriment, unselfpromoting I am. I used to have a cabaret act and I didn't even like to tell me people about that. I really hate selling myself." - Zooey Deschanel

"Not offering this kind of guarantee means that they do not believe in their product enough, and they do not care about if a salesman is over promising or over selling their product." - Matthew Lesko

"I suspect that we might actually start selling some records with these artists in about 10 years. Some the people who invested, they're a little tight-because it's a lot of money to start up a company." - Branford Marsalis

"It took me the bulk of my twenties to write one book about a family of alligator wrestlers. Whereas somebody like Steve Martin is releasing his latest banjo symphony, having just completed another movie and acclaimed, best-selling novel." - Karen Russell

"I used to help my dad with a stall selling eggs when I was about 12. People were so hard up they would ask for one egg. But mostly no one came by at all. It was very demoralising." - Lynne Truss

"Buy when everyone else is selling and hold until everyone else is buying. That's not just a catchy slogan. It's the very essence of successful investing." - J Paul Getty

"True professional selling is simply sharing enthusiasm." - Dan Miller

"Look at companies selling at new lows." - Walter Schloss

"Selling is essentially transference of feeling." - Zig Ziglar

"You're not selling products. You're creating relationships." - Robert G Allen

"Our rogue President, after selling face time..." - William Safire

"They're selling postcards of the hanging." - Bob Dylan

"You sell more when you stop selling." - David Meerman Scott

"When selling, never answer an unasked question." - Jeff Thull

"Always look for forced urgent selling." - Seth Klarman

"You meet yourself when you start selling." - Eben Pagan

"Writers are always selling someone out." - Joan Didion

"I have reached here by selling tea." - Narendra Modi

"Anybody that says different is selling something." - William Goldman

"Buying and selling is essentially antisocial." - Edward Bellamy

"Selling is not a static activity." - Scott Kahn

"I buy when other people are selling." - J Paul Getty

"Writers are always selling somebody out." - Joan Didion

"My greatest regret is selling my company." - Vidal Sassoon

"Give serious thought to why your company should care about your strategy. Specifically, find problems that the board wants to be solved. What are senior managers scared of? Part of becoming a credible strategic thinker is learning effective approaches to selling ideas for your situation. You"ll know that you're getting better at selling (or pitching) strategy when managers start coming to you when there is strategic thinking to be done." - Max Mckeown

"Give serious thought to why your company should care about your strategy. Specifically, find problems that the board wants to be solved. What are senior managers scared of? Part of becoming a credible strategic thinker is learning effective approaches to selling ideas for your situation. You'll know that you're getting better at selling (or pitching) strategy when managers start coming to you when there is strategic thinking to be done." - Max Mckeown

"We think of prices as simply the notation of how much we must pay for things. But the price system accomplishes far more than that. Hundreds of millions of people buying and selling, and abstaining from buying and selling, generate a system of signals - prices to producers and consumers about relative scarcities and demand. Through this system, consumers can convey to producers their subjective priorities and entrepreneurs can invest accordingly." - Sheldon Richman

"My aim is to agitate and disturb people. I'm not selling bread; I'm selling yeast." - Miguel De Unamuno

"I'm not good at selling laptops. I'm good at selling ideas." - Nicholas Negroponte

"Now as far as the organization selling drugs, no. Individuals selling drugs is something else." - Chuck Zito

"I'm almost violent about that stuff - electronic manipulation of pictures. I think it's an abomination. I reject it all. I mean, it's OK for selling corn flakes or automobiles or for taking pimples out of Elizabeth Taylor's face, but it undermines the thing that photography is about, which is about observation and not about manipulation of images." - Elliott Erwitt

"The Flavr Savr wasn't about taste at all; that was just the name. It was about the shape and the shipability of it. My dad's company was all about flavor. His tomatoes are some of the best selling at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods." - Sanjay Rawal

"Fashion is temporary; fashion is a race. What it's doing is giving you something that you say, "This is the outer wrapping of me." Style is something else. It's not quantifiable. Fashion is about selling. Fashion is about what's in. Style is independent of that; style is individual." - Annie Lennox

"American business at this point is really about developing an idea, making it profitable, selling it while it's profitable and then getting out or diversifying. It's just about sucking everything up. My idea was: Enjoy baking, sell your bread, people like it, sell more. Keep the bakery going because you're making good food and people are happy." - Ian Mackaye

"The business of selling is not just about matching viable solutions to the customers that require them. It's equally about managing the change process the customer will need to go through to implement the solution and achieve the value promised by the solution" - Jeff Thull

"I came from advertising. For me it's about protecting the director's vision. That's always the goal. There's keeping things on budget and on time and dealing with selling the movie so that to me is a focus. But also it's about serving the script. We are genre filmmakers, those are the films we love to make, so my perspective is a little different." - Charles Roven

"I might tell a story about somebody else, but I don't sit there and do a story about somebody snitching on me selling coke because people know I didn't sell coke. So I just try to keep it real but still try to do it in a creative way." - Chamillionaire

"I don't know if there is an existing model that anyone can hold on to right now. Every [piece of] advice about how to go about in the record business you would get 5 years ago is no longer valid. Everything is changing very rapidly and there is an increased sense of anger and despair among artists that are not major-selling megastars." - Olof Arnalds

"Once we start worrying too often or too deeply about what certain individuals and what certain groups think about us, then we might start selling our souls for the sake of expediency. I suggest if that day ever comes, then the press has had it." - Otis Chandler

"When I think of the artists I admire and seek out musically. It's because I'm curious about where they're going to go the next time they have a chance to put a record out. It's not about where I find them on the radio dial, or how many records they're selling." - Mary Chapin Carpenter

"If you write a lovely story about India, you're criticized for selling an exotic version of India. And if you write critically about India, you're seen as portraying it in a negative light - it also seems to be a popular way to present India, sort of mangoes and beggars." - Kiran Desai

"It's important to me that I don't get trapped in the whole teen scene, because I feel that you can get lost in those kind of movies, and they aren't really about the actors; they're about the selling of the concept, and how much money it makes." - Kirsten Dunst

"Capitalism is not about free competitive choices among people who are reasonably equal in their buying and selling of economic power, it is about concentrating capital, concentrating economic power in very few hands using that power to trash everyone who gets in their way." - David Korten

"Resolution Trust Company was set up to liquidate a bunch of assets that the government had inherited because the savings and loans went broke. So the savings and loans went broke, the government stepped in, paid off depositors, and now they're left with this mass of assets to sell. We're not talking about selling here, we're talking about buying intelligently. They were selling what they got handed to them by a bunch of savings and loan operators that had in many cases had done some very dumb thing. But their job was to liquidate it. And they liquidated." - Howard Warren Buffett

"I used to do fight sequences, and I started to get self-conscious about fight sequences, because invariably the other person would get hurt, and you never want anyone to be hurt on a film, let alone you being responsible. The great thing about working with guys who have spent their life choreographing fights for wrestling is that that's what they do. That's their specialty. Their specialty is selling taking hits. Their specialty is selling explosive hits without making a contact or doing too much damage." - Vin Diesel

"Education is the process of selling someone on books." - Douglas Wilson

"Hip-Hop went from selling crack to smoking it" - Mos Def

"The temptation to entertain instead of selling is contagious." - David Ogilvy

"Our very living is selling. We are all salespeople." - James Cash Penney

"There's a difference between making an imitation and selling it." - Jonathan Hoefler

"It's a gold rush ad we're selling the shovels." - Josh Williams

"The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous." - Peter Drucker

"We are selling dreams. We are merchants of happiness." - Bernard Loiseau

"Fortunes are made by buying low and selling too soon." - Nathan Rothschild, 1st Baron Rothschild

"It's very gratifying that someone likes what you're selling." - Bruce Campbell

"I make more money selling advice than following it" - Malcolm Forbes

"It's a good thing Doom 3 is selling very well..." - John Carmack

"Television was our chief tool in selling our policy." - Richard N. Haass

"I don't know how many records I'm selling." - Squarepusher

"The most important advance in selling for many years" - Neil Rackham

"There's a difference between making an imitation and selling it." - Jonathan Hoefler

"In selling as in medicine, prescription before diagnosis is malpractice." - Tony Alessandra

"I was a 10 million-plus selling artist" - Toni Braxton

"When you come close to selling out, reconsider." - Lee Ann Womack

"I'm selling evolution. You grow or you die." - Eddie Bravo

"I always thought we were selling dreams, not clothes" - Irving Penn

"The customer rarely buys what the company thinks it's selling." - Peter Drucker

"To me, 'selling out' means everyone bought a ticket." - Courtney Love

"You start selling the movie before you make it." - David Cronenberg



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