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About Music Quotes


"Music isn't about music, it's about life." - Herbie Hancock

"Music is about the performance." - Vanessa Mae

"I'm really passionate about music." - Bridgit Mendler

"I care about writing music and playing my music." - Carla Bruni

"Rock 'n' roll is about music. Music. Music. Music. It's not about you, it's not about me, it's not about Oasis. It's about the tunes." - Noel Gallagher

"There isn't anything weird about my music." - Frank Zappa

"I know absolutely nothing about music." - Richard Wagner

"I know nothing at all about music." - Richard Wagner

"I absolutely love everything about Christmas music." - Chris Tomlin

"Just make music; don't talk about politics." - Mia

"I'm so passionate about making good music." - Pitbull

"I'm happy. I feel good about music." - Norah Jones

"I never feel guilty about liking music." - Rivers Cuomo

"My parents were very relaxed about music." - Agnes Obel

"I don't like talking about music." - Martha Wainwright

"Pop music should be about young people." - Gary Kemp

"I don't know anything about music." - Captain Beefheart

"I am totally unapologetic about pop music." - Mika

"I don't know anything about music." - Don Van Vliet

"Well, I get excited about music." - Anthony Kiedis

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." - Laurie Anderson

"When I think about country music, I think about America." - Johnny Cash

"It's Always about the music, never about anything else" - Eddie Van Halen

"I'm not about being sexy. I'm about the music." - Cheyenne Kimball

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." - Frank Zappa

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture." - Steve Martin

"It's always about the music, never about anything else." - Eddie Van Halen

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture." - Martin Mull

"It's just about really being sensitive, and trying to play a music that is about music." - Lester Bowie

"He [Vaclav Havel] did love music. And so much about the Czech revolution was about music." - Judy Woodruff

"We're also passionate about music and very critical about the music that we listen to." - Will Champion

"But anyone who knows anything about the music industry knows it's not only about the music." - Isaac Hanson

"Pop music is a difficult term to define. I think about good music and bad music. Good music is good music whatever origin it comes from." - Nina Persson

"Pop music, disco music, and heavy metal music is about shutting out the tensions of life, putting it away." - Peter Tork

"In the long run, any words about music are less important than the music." - Dmitri Shostakovich

"I don't want to make music for people who don't care about music." - T Bone Burnett

"People never ask people doing serious music, 'Do you ever think about doing funny music?'" - Al Yankovic

"That's one wonderful thing about country music - it shifts, ebbs, and flows stylistically, unlike pop music." - Steven Curtis Chapman

"The cool thing about music is no one can take music away from you, writing wise." - Darren Criss

"The whole thing about rock music, pop music, is it's really for kids." - Juliana Hatfield

"The music is first and foremost everything - no egos, no attitude, nothing - it's about the music." - Big Boi

"My music is the most 'me' thing about me. Everything is in my music." - Banks

"I don't need a sensationalized headline to sell music or to bring attention to my music. It's the music and it's always been about the music." - Big Boi

"My music is about being strong, even in your vulnerability" - Miranda Lambert

"I've always had a fascination about mixing music," - Blake Michael

"What do you know about music? You're not a lawyer." - John Lurie

"I want to be a person crazy about music." - Minzy

"There is nothing more difficult than talking about music." - Camille Saint-Saens

"The most unique thing about music making is sharing." - Igor Levit

"Learning from other people is what music is all about." - Neil Young

"Verbal communication about music is impossible except among musicians." - Virgil Thomson

"The thing about Christmas music is the recognizability. It's great." - Jane Lynch

"Directing music videos is all about capturing images." - Nia Long

"That's another interesting thing about music: It can mean anything." - Matt Corby

"I don't think of my music as being about something." - Paul Lansky

"I've forgotten more about music than I ever knew..." - Rob Schwimmer

"Someone who knows only music, understands nothing about it." - Hanns Eisler

"I'm not crazy about the rap thing. Or house music." - Wolfman Jack

"But otherwise, music is about a beat and a message." - Casey Kasem

"My music is about being strong, even in your vulnerability." - Miranda Lambert

"I love playing music. And that's what it's all about." - Jason Aldean

"For me, music is all about emotion and attitude." - Peter Criss

"I am optimistic about the future of music." - George Crumb

"For me, music and life are all about style." - Miles Davis

"As a little girl, I had huge fantasies about music." - Lou Doillon

"I don't know anything about the history of music." - Sia Furler

"I hate talking about music, to tell you the truth." - Brian Eno

"Music is all about wanting to be better at it." - Geddy Lee

"I've always had a fascination about mixing music." - Blake Michael

"I played piano, I learned a lot about music." - Maximilian Schell

"Music is about expressing things you can't in everyday life." - Brian Molko

"People speak with enormous pomposity and arrogance about music." - Elvis Costello

"Music is about textures as well as melody." - Ken Hill

"Music is about imagination. It's about thought. It's about creating something from nothing." - Glenn Branca

"Music is about giving and about searching and so that is the spirit....because without spirit, music is just notes." - Steve Turre

"What is music about? You can't listen to one era, one composer, and know what music is about." - Twyla Tharp

"Anybody I'm dating, I don't want them to talk about my music. I don't talk about my music to them." - Nas

"You have a history of art-music that you equate with music. That's what I love about that term art-music. It separates itself from music-music, the music people have always made." - Frank Fairfield

"Elvis Presley once said that I don't know anything about the music. It is because he is the music itself! The nightingales don't know anything about the music!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"If anybody is excited about my music, that's all I care about. I care about people who are excited about new music." - Diplo

"When I listen to music today, it is about 99 percent classical. I rarely even listen to folk music, the music of my own specialty, because folk music is to me more limited than classical music." - Tom Glazer

"Ive managed to dodge the curse. Not all my family have. Of course, music helped me - music is all about civilization, about something worthwhile. Its all about ideas." - Gordon Getty

"Naturally, no one knows more about music than musicians. They talk about their own work all the time, but they rarely get to talk about other people's music." - Michael Azerrad

"I've managed to dodge the curse. Not all my family have. Of course, music helped me - music is all about civilization, about something worthwhile. It's all about ideas." - Gordon Getty

"The more I can learn about music, the more I learn about other things." - Pat Metheny

"Kid A is about an abortion. *laughs* It's about how our music is an abortion" - Thom Yorke

"Punk is like not about the style, its about the music!" - Avril Lavigne

"The people who know nothing about music are the ones always talking about it." - Nat King Cole

"Early in my career, people wanted to hear music about protest, about trying to change things." - Ice Cube

"Country music is about new love and it's about old love." - Jeff Foxworthy

"My music is about the journey, about love and the human experience." - Wynonna Judd

"My music is not just about entertainment. It is about enlightenment also." - Kailash Kher

"Acting is largely about putting on masks, and music is about removing them." - Hugh Laurie

"It's really about making the best music you can make. It's really about working hard." - John Legend

"My music is not really about one ideology. It's not about one truth." - Matisyahu

"It's all about theme and development anyway. That's what music is about." - John Otto

"It's funny when people debate about music, because they get so passionate about what they enjoy." - Judd Apatow

"I make music for people to feel happy with my music and the people that actually want to support me, that's all I care about. I care about the people that want the music. I make the music for them." - Marques Houston

"Music really helps me stay centered. I can listen to music and forget about any issue that I have." - Wiz Khalifa

"Music lovers always want to hear the best. It's about freedom of choice, we supply the music." - Neil Young

"Country music is not a formula it's a music with its own soul and I'm all about saving that soul!" - Sammy Kershaw

"Stop thinking about the audience and what they may be thinking of your music. Just play the music." - Philip Toshio Sudo

"I guess, people like myself and Roxy Music that had a different agenda about taking up music." - David Bowie

"We have always been thinking about different ways to perform electronic music, i.e. music made with machines." - Thomas Bangalter

"When I work on music, I never think about vocalists. They're the last person I'm making music for." - Ayshay

"Logically, when you talkin' about folk music and blues, you find out it's music of just plain people." - Brownie Mcghee

"I don't know about folk music. I play guitar, so there's a feeling I make folk music." - James Vincent Mcmorrow

"I've been writing Indian music for a while. Indian music is about Mother Earth, and mine is no exception." - Jimmy Carl Black

"I think the future looks great for music, musicians, bass players, and all we love about music." - Billy Sheehan

"A lot of my music is slow and subtle. The subtly is what I enjoy about making music." - Norah Jones

"The greatest thing about music is everyone has their own style, and I respect all styles of music." - Adam Hicks

"Music kept me sane. I love music too much. I'm too passionate about music to let anything or anyone come in between me and my love." - Joe Budden

"I'm extremely happy about music altogether, and the history that I've made. How I changed the world, music-wise, music over the internet and stuff like that." - Lil B

"Music gets inside you, music captures you. Music becomes your heartbeat. It's a drug and makes you feel whatever the song's about." - Ed Westwick

"I'm a big fan of music, I'm a student of music, and I just wanna learn and keep enhancing my education about the music." - Troy Andrews

"Music gets inside you, music captures you. Music becomes your heartbeat. It's a drug and makes you feel whatever the song's about." - Ed Westwick

"It's all about the music. For me, that's truly what I live for. Just music constantly. Always listening to, writing, or playing music. That's definitely me." - Tommy Lee

"For the music, it's not about the individual - so the more you let the music speak for yourself, the more powerful the music will be." - Maynard James Keenan

"Americana Music is about all sorts of different music. It's very free and open: a world where people just like authentic music." - John Oates

"I still have a lot to learn - about the business, about music, and about myself. Its exciting." - Britney Spears

"I don't pay attention to sales because it's not about that for me. It's about the music. Music is all I have." - Kevin Gates

"I care about making music and I care about creating experiences for my fans with my music and my videos and my performances." - Steve Grand

"Mick Jagger has produced some great films and brought us stories about the music industry that have changed the way we think about how music is made." - Olivia Wilde

"When I dream about music, or think about music, by myself, I try to be as free as possible and allow my creative mind full reign." - John Dieterich

"The moment you start to talk about playing music, you destroy music. It cannot be talked about. It can only be played, enjoyed and listened to." - John Mclaughlin

"My ideology was, if I just make very happy music, very happy music, then people will forget about whatever their problems are. I will forget about my problems." - Mac Miller

"I really don't know anything about music. I don't really listen to it. I don't know anything about the history of music." - Sia

"I view life as a learning experience. It is not so much all about music; it is about what happens when you are doing the music." - Michael Schenker

"A real active music set, based and really concentrated on what the music's all about. That's what I'm all about - singing and a really good strong music set." - Jon Secada

"Well, first of all, they're all about the music and all I care about in my professional career is the music." - Ronnie Spector

"No, in 1968 I still wanted to be a Pop Star, and be about the music. Now, I want to be just about the music." - Peter Tork

"Don't worry about what others say about your music. Pursue whatever you are hearing... but if everybody really hates your music maybe you could try some different approaches." - Wynton Marsalis

"Country music is the people's music. It just speaks about real life and about truth and it tells things how they really are." - Faith Hill

"The joy is actually in the music. It's the music that supports you and tells you what to do. It tells you how to fill the music. You don't have to be shy about feeling the music when you're singing. If you believe in music-the power of music-the music will support you and take you to another dimension." - Cecilia Bartoli

"I'm into indie music. I think indie is going to bring back the spirit in music. There was a time when it was all about accommodating the music business, the music was getting tasteless, but the spirit is back." - Yoko Ono

"I write music, it's performed. After all, my music says it all. It doesn't need historical and hysterical commentaries. In the long run, any words about music are less important than the music." - Dmitri Shostakovich

"I write music, it's performed. After all, my music says it all. It does' need historical and hysterical commentaries. In the long run, any words about music are less important than the music." - Dmitri Shostakovich

"I don't fake my music. If I want to be known for anything it's for creating honest music. Noting is fake or will ever be fake about the lyrics and pain in my music. My music I live it." - K.Michelle

"I'm definitely nostalgic about the music of my youth; The Clash and Fishbone and that whole music scene. I still have all that music to this day. There was some great music going on in the late 70s and 80s." - John Cusack

"In the digital age we're in now, with satellite radio and Pandora and stuff like that, it's not about, "I listen to this kind of music." It's about, "I listen to good music and bad music."" - Eric Church

"I came up during that time when music, to me, was really music. It wasn't about talking about a woman and calling them a derogatory name or something like that. It was real music." - Michael Clarke Duncan

"It was writing about music for NPR - connecting with music fans and experiencing a sense of community - that made me want to write songs again. I began to feel I was in my head too much about music, too analytical." - Carrie Brownstein

"If you're in music, you're in music, and if you're in music you just want to keep making records and playing. That's what it's about, isn't it? At least, that's what I always thought it was about, anyway." - Paul Weller

"Cleavage Sister: What do you feel about erotic art? Morrissey:I don't know much about rotting art? Cleavage Sister: What about erotic music? Morrissey:I know a great deal about rotting music." - Steven Morrissey

"The greatest thing about music is putting it out there for people to figure out." - Diana Krall

"When rock music came in, I wasn't bitter about it. I was puzzled." - Jo Stafford

"That's not easy to find in a corporate world, somebody who cares about music." - Michael Penn

"The power and the potency of music will transcend any one person's opinion about it." - Adam Levine

"I respect country music because I feel like it's more about the talent and the songwriting." - Carrie Underwood

"If you ever tell anyone about Jonah's sexual dysfunction, I'll never play music again." - Bob Dylan



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