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About Being A Woman Quotes


"Being a black rapper is like being a Southern, socialite woman: You're always worried about appearances." - Killer Mike

"The best thing about being a woman, is the prerogative to have a little fun!" - Shania Twain

"You know, there's nothing damnable about being a strong woman. The world needs strong women." - Ginger Rogers

"If I had been more self-conscious about being a woman, it would have stifled me." - Marissa Mayer

"I love being a woman. I love the sexiness we get to exude. But the best thing about being a woman is the power we have over men." - Eva Longoria

"Feminism means to me being comfortable with who you are as a woman and being unapologetic about it." - Charissa Thompson

"I don't think about it in terms of being a woman. Being gracious, attentive, curious, interested are requirements for everyone." - Jenna Lyons

"I design for the woman who loves being a woman." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"Everything about us black people is complicated, us being here, being a minority, being a woman, all those things are complicated." - Nicole Beharie

"Being a woman anywhere is dangerous." - Mona Eltahawy

"Being a woman is hard work." - Maya Angelou

"What does it mean, being a woman?" - Brigitte Bardot

"Being a woman is really crap." - Siobhan Fahey

"Making a woman laugh. What is that about? And the prettier the woman, the more satisfaction I get. It doesn't make any sense, but I'm being honest." - Larry David

"The truly unsettling thing about being a woman was needing a man to realise one's full potential" - Margaret Way

"There's a stereotype that to be a strong black woman is to be strong about being black." - Ayana Mathis

"Just being a woman is God's gift. The origin of a child is a mother, a woman. She shows a man what sharing, caring, and loving is all about. That is the essence of a woman." - Sushmita Sen

"A woman enjoys intercourse with her man-as she fantasizes about being raped by 3 men simultaneously." - Bernie Sanders

"Women's bodies are curvy, sensual, it's about being happy to be a woman - and sexy is always good" - Donatella Versace

"I certainly know about the oppression and prejudices of being black and a woman and from the South." - Clarice Taylor

"I wanted to be the greatest woman guitarist alive. I had fantasies about being a female Jimi Hendrix." - Phoebe Snow

"I love being a woman and I love being feminine." - Charlize Theron

"Being Latina for me is also being a strong woman." - Natalie Martinez

"I'm very physical. It's an important part of being a woman - feeling good about yourself and really being in tune with your personality." - Summer Glau

"Every three minutes a woman is being raped. Every eighteen seconds a woman is being beaten. There is nothing abstract about it. It is happening right now as I am speaking." - Andrea Dworkin

"There's something about being a woman in a technology space, unless you happen to be model beautiful, where there's always, always talk about what you look like." - Mitchell Baker

"I think for a woman, the hardest thing about growing old is becoming invisible. There's something very front and center about being young." - Amy Grant

"Being a Hot Mom means being respected as a mom and a woman. And, the key to being a Hot Mom is having a sense of humor about yourself and all the crazy situations that arise." - Jami Gertz

"Besides being a model, I'm a human and a woman." - Crystal Renn

"I mean, I'm not a sexist person, but a woman has no business being down there trying to make some comment about a football game." - Andy Rooney

"I hate women who complain about being fat when they're like a size 5. Anything under size 5 isn't a woman. It's a boy with breasts." - Laurell K Hamilton

"I'm not trying to make myself look like a girl because I'm not a girl anymore. I'm very happy about being a grown woman." - Sharon Stone

"I love being a mother...I am more aware. I feel things on a deeper level. I have a kind of understanding about my body, about being a woman." - Shelley Long

"When a woman forsakes her vulnerability because she's been hurt or because she lives in a dangerous world or doesn't want to be used, she loses something essential about being a woman." - John Eldredge

"A brave man, whose only fault was being a woman." - Albert Einstein

"I like being a woman and having a womanly body." - Jennie Garth

"I like being a woman, not a girl." - Sharon Stone

"Until you become a woman you don't know the things that come with being a woman." - Bethenny Frankel

"One good thing about being a woman is we haven't too many examples yet of what a genius looks like. It could be me." - Sheila Heti

"My appearance has changed a lot over the years, but it has far more to do with how I feel about being a woman." - Emma Thompson

"For me, being a woman suits what I want to talk about and what my audience wants to hear. Maybe I'm a dying breed." - Jenny Eclair

"It is so fascinating that someone can commit their whole entire lifestyle to being such a fantastic woman when I'm such a bum about it." - Kesha

"I have more of a desire to write songs about being an independent woman than being in love, songs about getting up and moving on even if I have a broken heart." - Katerina Graham

"I have more of a desire to write songs about being an independent woman than being in love, songs about getting up and moving on even if I have a broken heart." - Kat Graham

"So much of being a woman is telling lies" - Candace Bushnell

"One should not be adventurous being a woman." - Sheila Dikshit

"Being a single woman is like going off to war." - Zoe Listerjones

"Being a single woman is like going off to war." - Zoe Lister-Jones

"Being a woman has only bothered me in climbing trees." - Frances Perkins

"Don't be ashamed of being a woman and don't be ashamed to be an accomplished woman." - Marion Vernoux

"If a woman isn't being hazed, she's not being tested; therefore, she is not being trusted." - Warren Farrell

"To a woman who complained about her destiny the Master said, "It is you who make your destiny." "But surely I am not responsible for being born a woman?" "Being born a woman isn't destiny. That is fate. Destiny is how you accept your womanhood and what you make of it."" - Anthony De Mello

"You know the hardest thing about having cerebral palsy and being a woman? It's plucking your eyebrows. That's how I originally got pierced ears." - Geri Jewell

"I've had my fair share of being dismissed. But I'm only about to turn 30. And when I finish running, I'm going to be a dangerous woman." - Cathy Freeman

"There's nothing wrong with a woman being proud of an element of her life that's talked about in rap music all the time!" - Demi Lovato

"one of the good things about being a woman is that my level of testosterone poisoning is lower than most men's." - Laurell K Hamilton

"I feel the feminist movement has excluded black women. You cannot talk about being black and a woman within traditional feminist dialogue." - Katori Hall

"The great and almost only comfort about being a woman is that one can always pretend to be more stupid than one is and no one is surprised." - Freya Stark

"I think for me the best thing about being a woman is that I get credit for things I should be doing anyway." - Jenna Lyons

"I would like to be known as an intelligent woman, a courageous woman, a loving woman, a woman who teaches by being." - Maya Angelou

"Now that I'd experienced being a woman to a man I was in love with, I'd become self-conscious about being a woman to the world in general. Of course, being female is always indelicate and extreme, like operating heavy machinery. Every woman knows the feeling of being a stack of roving flesh. Sometimes all you've accomplished by the end of the day is to have maneuvered your body through space without grave incident." - Hilary Thayer Hamann

"The natural power of breastfeeding is one of the greatest wonders of the world. It is about real love. It is about caring and celebrating the wondrous joy of nurturing a new life. It is about enjoying being a woman." - Anwar Fazal

"Men rarely worry about using or being used because all relationships work that way. A man perceives himself as owning and being owned by a woman. Use is a dirty word only when theres an imbalance in the relationship." - Warren Farrell

"Men rarely worry about using or being used because all relationships work that way. A man perceives himself as owning and being owned by a woman. 'Use' is a dirty word only when there's an imbalance in the relationship." - Warren Farrell

"Being a woman in 2016 if very different, imagine being a woman 20 years ago, and when we talk about consent, maybe 20 years from now we'll know things about consent and examine it from a different perspective than we are now." - Nate Parker

"Almost all the ideas we have about being a man or being a woman are so burdened with pain, anxiety, fear and self-doubt. For many of us, the confusion around this question is excruciating." - Andrew Cohen

"Women are just beginning to see that; there's something about being a woman that's innately different from being a man. I love what I'm seeing take place and I know Julia has so much to offer." - Kenny Loggins

"Being a woman is interesting, but it shouldn't stop you from being a person." - Mildred H. McAfee

"Unfortunately, modeling takes you with no transition from being a girl to being a business woman" - Karolina Kurkova

"Being a woman is interesting, but it should' stop you from being a person." - Mildred H. McAfee

"Being a celebrity is probably the closest to being a beautiful woman as you can get." - Kevin Costner

"Unfortunately, modeling takes you with no transition from being a girl to being a business woman." - Karolina Kurkova

"I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore." - Georgia Okeeffe

"I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore." - Georgia O'Keeffe

"Being the person I am, you know, the size I am, being a woman, being a black woman, there's not a lot of roles for us." - Amber Riley

"This is a woman [Hillary Clinton] who for many of her 52 years never cared a fig about her appearance, but in the chrysalis of transformation from political wife to independent woman, the jawline has been chiseled, the dominatrix eyebrows weeded, the weight dropped, and the result is a woman who obviously enjoys for the first time being called beautiful." - Gail Sheehy

"Hillary Clinton knows, as I did know, as my women members know - that a woman being elected to a position, it's not about what it means to that woman. It's not about what it means to Hillary to be the first president. It's about what it means to all of the women in America, that a woman has broken the ultimate marble ceiling and that anything is possible for them and their daughters - and their sons. It's about sons, too." - Nancy Pelosi

"Being a healthy woman isn't about getting on a scale or measuring your waistline. We need to start focusing on what matters-on how we feel, and how we feel about ourselves." - Michelle Obama

"In our family, being powerful means you never, ever apologize for being a woman." - Georgette Mosbacher

"I've always met more discrimination being a woman than being are men." - Shirley Chisholm

"Being an ugly woman is like being a man. You're gonna have to work. Yep." - Daniel Tosh

"Being interested in a woman is quite another matter from being in love with one." - Linda Lael Miller

"Being a famous print journalist is like being the best-dressed woman on radio." - Robin Williams

"It took me ages to grow into being a woman, into being happy with it." - Helena Bonham Carter

"It`s not about women acting like man, it`s about women acting like woman and being sucsessful" - Zooey Deschanel

"Everything about woman is a riddle, and everything about woman has a single solution: that is, pregnancy" - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Forget the credit, they (male actors) take all the money as well. We don't get paid even one-third of what male actors get. It's not so much about the money, but it's about (being a) woman." - Kangana Ranaut

"[Woman Walks Ahead] is from me being a very bizarre child. From the age of about 8 to the age of about 15, I was obsessed with Native Americans." - Steven Knight

"All women have a complicated relationship to beauty, but as a transgender woman it's a bit more complicated. There's a lot of pressure to appear feminine. When I was younger, I was most insecure about my size, my angular features, my feet, my hands . At the end of the day, it's about being comfortable in your own skin, and being able to walk down the street and not have people question your gender - and, for me, being perceived as a woman." - Andrej Pejic

"Being a man or a woman is a matter of birth. Being a man or a woman who makes a difference is a matter of choice." - Byron Garrett

"I'm just being normal. A normal woman. Well, I don't know what a normal woman is, but I'm a woman and I'm Yoko and I've never changed that." - Yoko Ono

"A woman with confidence is hypnotic. A smile is mesmerizing. Presence, openness, a sense of humor-these are all things that make a woman attractive. We"ve all experienced the presence of someone who walks in and lights up a room. It's never about their looks but about their energy. Allow yourself to light up the room by being your beautiful self." - Jessica Ortner

"A woman with confidence is hypnotic. A smile is mesmerizing. Presence, openness, a sense of humor-these are all things that make a woman attractive. We've all experienced the presence of someone who walks in and lights up a room. It's never about their looks but about their energy. Allow yourself to light up the room by being your beautiful self." - Jessica Ortner

"Current conflicts and guilt about being a woman who is a mother and a person in her own right are a socially defined malaise, notan individual problem.... The conflict is not between being a mother and having a career; it is between nineteenth-century ideas about children and today's ideas about women." - Sandra Scarr

"A woman is a woman!" - Heidi Klum

"No woman ever hates a man for being in love with her, but many a woman hate a man for being a friend to her." - Alexander Pope

"I try to not think too much about how stuff gets seen as it's being done by a woman. Because if you think about it, then you end up thinking about how you're acting, and if you are thinking about how you're acting, then you are preoccupied and you're going to end up being insincere. You're kind of not present." - Christine Quinn

"I think that the best day will be when we no longer talk about being gay or straight - it's not a 'gay wedding,' it's just a 'wedding'... It's not a 'gay marriage,' it's just 'a marriage.' It's not a 'black man' or 'white woman,' it's just 'a man' and 'a woman,' or 'a human' and 'a human.' I'd just like to get to that." - Kerry Washington

"Being forced into early retirement can be to a man what being "given up for a younger woman" is for a woman." - Warren Farrell

"I'd like to say I'm ready to kick ass and show the guys how it's done. But I'm not here to prove anything about being a woman. I'm here to drive a race car and try to win a race." - Lyn St. James

"Simple femininity is the most important thing about a woman, and it is a quality a great many women are in jeopardy of losing. Women are being emancipated out of their femininity in this modern age." - Yul Brynner

"My favorite cut is probably "Drink of Choice," and it was done by Bryan Michael Cox, it's a metaphorical type song, about a woman being a drink. I'll let your mind wander with that one." - Ginuwine

"Feminism isn't simply about being a woman in a position of power. It's battling systemic inequities; it's a social justice movement that believes sexism, racism and classism exist and interconnect, and that they should be consistently challenged." - Jessica Valenti

"Saving lives is not a top priority in the halls of power. Being compassionate and concerned about human life can cause a man to lose his job. It can cause a woman not to get the job to begin with." - Myriam Miedzian

"I will say that the idea of a woman being deceptive came from that original discussion with critics and reporters about if woman could do that kind of thing. Evelyn, herself, grew out of the discussions about how capable women are of deceit and lying and manipulation." - Neil Labute

"But think about how evil that is for one man to think that he's actually more valuable than a woman, because as a human being your worth is immeasurable." - Terry Crews

"In the real world, it is hard to be taken seriously as a woman. Use your brain and be smart about your choices. There's nothing wrong with being a good girl - it's actually very attractive and sexy." - Faith Hill

"I don't worry about being a woman alone out there. My advice to people is to smile a lot, talk to strangers, accept all invitations and eat everything you're offered." - Rita Gelman

"The excitement that you were feeling about a special, unique path for yourself as a woman is all part of your identification with and attachment to being female. And that's ultimately all ego." - Andrew Cohen

"I love the idea of a woman being able to discover the idea of power this way, on such a scale. And I don't know about that, what it means - well, I guess I'd better, or my part's in trouble." - Mary Mcdonnell

"The tyranny of Harvard and Yale is another thing that transcends this problem of the set point. But what's so striking about [Louis] Brandeis is he had this vision of cultural pluralism that completely gave the lie to the idea that there was any inconsistency between being Jewish or being a woman or being African American and being fully American." - Jeffrey Rosen

"Being a mother is no longer a liability, and being a woman is no longer a pre-existing condition!" - Kathleen Sebelius

"If a woman isn't feeling sexual with herself, she won't respond to advances from any partner, male or female. When this woman goes dancing, she's finding a connection with her own erotic self. It might be about being on a dance floor, feeling free, not having to feel at all responsible for anybody else's well-being. For other people, it might be about going on a hike for four days by herself and reconnecting with nature and strength and endurance and beauty." - Esther Perel

"I should coldly, clinically think of myself and stop worrying about other people, as though I'm a necessary woman, indispensable to their happiness and well-being. Self-preservation is the first law. I must start trying to obey the law." - Helen Van Slyke

"All the things that are taboo are the things that are not normal, and all the things that are not normal are the things that are exclusively about physically being a woman." - Caitlin Moran

"I never think that being a woman is so hard. Maybe don't think about your gender and be confident as you go forward rather than try to single yourself out as some underserved part of filmmaking." - Jerusha Hess

"I'm always thinking about women, and what we need to hear. It's difficult being a woman. It's so much pressure, and we need that support sometimes and we need that escape sometimes." - Beyonce Knowles

"It has not been an easy cross to bear. It has caused considerable confusion. My husband constantly complained about the awkwardness of being married to a woman whom he called Sister." - Sister Parish

"For me, I don't feel it is a success in the career to be the pretty woman; career success comes from being characters who tell us something about the truth." - Emmanuelle Beart

"I enjoy being on CNBC's 'Fast Money,' in part so that audiences can watch a woman who is as well informed about, and invested in, the market as her male counterparts." - Karen Finerman

"It suddenly dawned on me one day, when I was reading in the paper about a woman wrestler, that being a curmudgeon was the last thing in the world that a man can be that a woman cannot be. Women can be irritating - after all, they are women - but they cannot be curmudgeons." - Cleveland Amory

"There's something advantageous about being a woman in rock versus, say, a woman in chemistry or construction. There's definitely a built-in sexism across the board, but I think you're afforded a degree of freedom in rock because, historically, the rules have been flexible." - Amanda Palmer

"It is the ordinary woman who knows something about love; the gorgeous ones are too busy being gorgeous." - Katharine Hepburn

"Personalized beauty is about each woman being able to create her own makeup routine that complements her coloring and style." - Bobbi Brown

"As a woman, I know that if I write about another woman, it will be perceived as a catfight." - Maureen Dowd

"A woman uses about 20,000 words per day while a man uses about 7,000." - Louann Brizendine

"It's easier to write about Socrates than about a young woman or a cook." - Anton Chekhov

"If a woman writes about a domestic situation, everyone automatically assumes that it's about her." - Yoko Ono

"I love saying 'yes' and I love saying 'please.' Saying 'yes' doesn't mean I don't know how to say no, and saying 'please' doesn't mean I am waiting for permission. 'Yes please' sounds powerful and concise. It's a response and a request. It is not about being a good girl; it is about being a real woman." - Amy Poehler

"You can be very fulfilled as a mother, but that can't be the only way you are fulfilled. What about being a woman? What about being yourself? Your awareness of what's happening in the world? It lives altogether in a way that makes a whole. I guess I'd say I'm the wholest I've ever been.#8;" - Alicia Keys

"You know, there's nothing damnable about being a strong woman. The world needs strong women. There are a lot of strong women you do not see who are guiding, helping, mothering strong men. They want to remain unseen. It's kind of nice to be able to play a strong woman who is seen." - Ginger Rogers

"The entire being of a woman is a secret which should be kept." - Isak Dinesen

"I don't particularly consider myself just an artist. I'm a woman - I'm a human being." - Yoko Ono

"The biggest obstacle I've had to overcome is being a woman in a man's world." - Zoe Saldana

"A feminist is someone who loathes being a woman and who dislikes the chief feminine characteristics." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"...proved that woman isn't a half but a whole human being, and can stand alone." - Louisa May Alcott

"Don't get consumed by the false idea that being a woman is a disadvantage." - Esra Saydam

"When being interviewed by a woman for a job, never begin with listen up doll face." - Dov Davidoff

"Call me a slag. If it means being a strong woman, I'll gladly be that." - Christina Aguilera

"Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade, since it consists principally of dealing with men." - Joseph Conrad

"Of course, now as a woman you can do so much, without being necessarily a rinpoche." - Tenzin Palmo

"I don't have a problem with a woman being president; I just want the best candidate." - Michael Bloomberg

"She was not a Respectable Married Woman but fully a human being." - Sinclair Lewis

"The entire being of a woman is a secret which should be kept." - Karen Blixen

"Being a woman is a terribly difficult trade since it consists principally of dealings with men." - Joseph Conrad

"It feels like being a woman now gives you a slight advantage." - Rachel Bloom

"A woman being never at a loss... the devil always sticks by them." - Lord Byron

"Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men." - Joseph Conrad

"I don't have a problem with being a woman. Women's bodies are so beautiful." - Malin Akerman

"The idea of being a single woman in Hollywood is a very peculiar thing." - Marsha Mason



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