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Ability To Choose Quotes


"I choose not to place "DIS," in my ability." - Robert M. Hensel

"It is the ability to choose which makes us human." - Madeleine L'Engle

"You have the ability to choose your reactions." - Steve Maraboli

"It is the ability to choose which makes us human." - Madeleine Lengle

"An ability to choose is a necessity for the artist." - Eric Maisel

"Response-ability is the ABILITY to choose our response to any circumstance or condition." - Stephen Covey

"Cruelty depends on an understanding of cruelty, and the ability to choose against it. Or to choose to ignore it." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"The ability to choose is at the essential core of our grandeur. Even evil exists because God respects our ability to choose." - William P Young

"The essence of greatness is the ability to choose personal fulfillment in circumstances where others choose madness." - Wayne Dyer

"You have the ability to choose what you want to experience." - Rhonda Byrne

"The greatest weapon we have to combat stress is the ability to choose our thoughts." - William James

"What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change." - Madeleine Albright

"Feminism is the ability to choose what you want to do." - Nancy Reagan

"Real freedom is the ability to pause between stimulus and response, and in that pause, choose." - Rollo May

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." - William James

"Liberty, taking the word in its concrete sense, consists in the ability to choose." - Simone Weil

"My imperfections will never override God's promises. God's promises are not dependent on my ability to always choose well, but rather on His ability to use well." - Lysa TerKeurst

"My imperfections will never override God's promises. God's promises are not dependent on my ability to always choose well, but rather on His ability to use well." - Lysa TerKeurst

"Freedom's possibility is not the ability to choose the good or the evil. The possibility is to be able." - Soren Kierkegaard

"Choose your customers. Fire the ones that hurt your ability to deliver the right story to the others." - Seth

"The ability to choose cannot be taken away or even given away-it can only be forgotten." - Greg McKeown

"With self-acceptance, we have the ability to choose compassion and forgiveness over anger and self-hatred." - Michelle Cruz

"My greatest talent is in my ability to choose good friends. It's about as important as things get." - Hunter S Thompson

"The obligation to receive reduces our ability to choose whom we wish to be indebted to and puts that power in the hands of others." - Robert Cialdini

"Liberty is the essential precondition for achieving virtue... In order to exercise virtue, we need to have the ability to choose freely." - Dinesh D'Souza

"Power: The ability to force or coerce someone to do your will, even if they would choose not to, because of your position or your might." - James Hunter

"Freedom is not the absence of commitments, but the ability to choose - and commit myself to - what is best for me." - Paulo Coelho

"The reason why America was built is so that we would have the ability to choose who we pray to, whether we do or don't." - Gabourey Sidibe

"Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves without any insistence that they satisfy you." - Wayne Dyer

"Actually, the ability to choose presence depends on the degree of presence that's emerging in you. Ultimately, you are not choosing, there's nobody there to choose. When you think you are choosing, presence is simply emerging in that moment." - Eckhart Tolle

"Freedom is the awareness of alternatives and of the ability to choose. It is contingent upon consciousness, and so may be gained or lost, extended or diminished." - Allen Wheelis

"No one can take from us the ability to choose our attitudes toward the circumstances in which we find ourselves. This is the last of human freedoms." - Viktor E Frankl

"If I could have a superpower, I would choose the ability to make people's heart stop, if I just point at them." - Damon Wayans Jr

"Choose to make up for what you lack in innate ability with discipline, hard work, and good habits. Become a creature of champion habits." - Darren Hardy

"Choose your corner, pick away at it carefully, intensely and to the best of your ability and that way you might change the world." - Charles Eames

"I am an artist, and I have the ability and the free will to choose the way the world will envision me." - Lady Gaga

"Sickness is a hindrance to the body, but not to your ability to choose, unless that is your choice. Lameness is a hindrance to the leg, but not to your ability to choose. Say this to yourself with regard to everything that happens, then you will see such obstacles as hindrances to something else, but not to yourself." - Epictetus

"Choose To Be Inspired." - Joe Rogan

"You have the ability to choose which way you want to go. You have to believe great things are going to happen in your life. Do everything you can - prepare, pray and achieve - to make it happen." - Benjamin Carson

"The right to choose to live or to die is the most fundamental right there is; conversely, the duty to give others that opportunity to the best of our ability is the most fundamental duty there is." - Aubrey De Grey

"The one thing that I appear to have been given, bearing in mind that I am capable of being very, very scatty and extremely lazy, is the ability to concentrate on something I choose to give my time to." - Daniel Day-Lewis

"The one thing that I appear to have been given, bearing in mind that I am capable of being very, very scatty and extremely lazy, is the ability to concentrate on something I choose to give my time to." - Daniel Daylewis

"You have considerable power to construct self-helping thoughts, feelings and actions as well as to construct self-defeating behaviors. You have the ability, if you use it, to choose healthy instead of unhealthy thinking, feeling and acting." - Albert Ellis

"The idea of a talent that was bigger than an artist's ability to choose to use it, that would dictate the artist's life more than the artist could dictate, was interesting to me." - Alexander Chee

"I wouldn't call myself a shut-in. I have the ability to leave my home; I just choose not to. But because I'm such a homebody, it's important to be surrounded by things I love." - Amy Sedaris

"Everyone has the ability to accomplish unique feats, everyone. You choose this. Become someone great in one other life. Forget about failing to many. Who cares? Doesn't matter when you start or finish, just start, no deviations, no excuses." - Tom Platz

"When we speak of choice, what we mean is the ability to exercise control over ourselves and our environment. In order to choose, we must first perceive that control is possible." - Sheena Iyengar

"Nothing influences our ability to cope with the difficulties of our existence so much as the context in which we view them; the more contexts we can choose between, the less do the difficulties appear to be inevitable and insurmountable." - Theodore Zeldin

"We can consciously end our life almost anytime we choose. This ability is an endowment, like laughing and blushing, given to no other animal... in any given moment, by not exercising the option of suicide, we are choosing to live" - Peter Mcwilliams

"We commonly think of freedom as the ability to define alternatives and choose between them. The creative mind exceeds this liberty in being able to redefine itself and reality at large, generating whole new sets of alternatives." - Robert Grudin

"Ultimately the way to win the game of life, is found in only one thing: Our ability to choose meaning in any life circumstance. Become the master of meaning and you master your life." - Tony Robbins

"We've gotten into the bad habit of overlegislating. I believe in the America people's ability to govern themselves. If government would just get out of the way and allow them to lead their lives as they choose, they will succeed." - Jesse Ventura

"Science of mind teaches you how to realize how much control you have over your own life. It teaches you that we have the ability to change our lives at any point we choose." - Marla Gibbs

"I believe in the America people's ability to govern themselves. If government would just get out of the way and allow them to lead their lives as they choose, they will succeed." - Jesse Ventura

"We can consciously end our life almost anytime we choose. This ability is an endowment, like laughing and blushing, given to no other animal... in any given moment, by not exercising the option of suicide, we are choosing to live." - Peter Mcwilliams

"Anyone has the ability, if they choose, to move to the higher end of the state of mind they are in. From that higher end, they can generate another state of mind." - Frederick Lenz

"Every girl - and boy, if you so choose - should take some ballet. Because ballet gives you grace. It gives you [the ability] to work with your hands. It's all about your hands." - Stevie Nicks

"The truth is that momentum, in the sense in which we are discussing, is a feeling, and if it's a feeling, that means we have the ability to have it on our side at all times if we so choose." - Eric Thomas

"Your ability to use mind whatever way you choose is outrageous. Much will depend upon how intensely you approach the study and the state of mind in which you begin." - Frederick Lenz

"To live is to choose." - Kofi Annan

"To love is to choose." - Philibert Joseph Roux

"To choose not to choose is still to act." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"Society functions in a way much more interesting than the multiple-choice pattern we have been rewarded for succeeding at in school. Success in life comes not from the ability to choose between the four presented answers, but from the rather more difficult and painfully acquired ability to formulate the questions." - David Mamet

"No matter what, we always have the power to choose hope over despair, engagement over apathy, kindness over indifference, enthusiasm over lethargy, love over hate. This is our true freedom. Whatever life may throw at us, we have the freedom and ability to choose our attitude. And I believe it is in those moments of choice that we manifest our destiny." - Cory Booker

"Fallen man is free to choose what he desires, but because his desires are only wicked he lacks the moral ability to come to Christ. As long as he remains in the flesh, unregenerate, he will never choose Christ. He cannot choose Christ precisely because he cannot act against his own will. His fall is so great that only the effectual grace of God working in his heart can bring him to faith." - R C Sproul

"The ability to fantasize is the ability to survive, and the ability to fantasize is the ability to grow" - Ray Bradbury

"To choose always the hardest." - Mother Teresa

"I choose to express myself." - Dan Fogelberg

"I choose to paint beauty." - Igor Babailov

"Look at the word responsibility-"response-ability"-the ability to choose your response. Highly proactive people recognize that responsibility. They do not blame circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for their behavior. Their behavior is a product of their own conscious choice, based on values, rather than a product of their conditions, based on feeling." - Stephen Covey

"If you choose to criticize, you choose your enemies." - Ozzy Osbourne

"A people free to choose will always choose peace." - Ronald Reagan

"I choose bold. I choose action. I choose what's right for the people. I choose to make a difference." - Bill Richardson

"The chief ability of an executive should be his ability to recognize ability." - Evan Esar

"To invent is to discern, to choose." - Henri Poincare

"Love is the ability to live your life with an empowered heart without attachment to the outcome, the ability within yourself to distinguish within yourself between love and fear and choose love regardless of what is going on inside yourself or outside. This is self-mastery or authentic power...that means you become clear, forgiving, humble and loving... you are grounded in harmony, cooperating, sharing and reverence for life." - Gary Zukav

"Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity. We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement, or destructively using words of despair. Words have energy and power with the ability to help, to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm, to humiliate and to humble." - Yehuda Berg

"To choose is also to begin." - Starhawk

"To choose time is to save time." - Francis Bacon

"What if you had the ability to make EVERYDAY the BEST day of your life? You do! You see, we have the opportunity to make everyday our best, through the power of our perspective. The quality of our lives has little to do with what happens to us, but is always determined by the perspective we choose to view our lives from." - Hal Elrod

"I've always wanted to have the ability to do what I want to do. And there are so many things that I want to do because I love acting, I love directing, I love producing, I love being a mother, I love being a wife. If I had to choose one, just would put me in the crazy house." - Jada Pinkett Smith

"Honesty: The ability to resist small temptations." - John Ciardi

"Genius: the ability to prolong one's childhood." - H L Mencken

"Power is the ability to achieve purpose." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"I have an amazing ability to forget." - Gene Mauch

"Security lies in our ability to produce." - Douglas Macarthur

"Faith is your reaction to God's ability." - Zig Ziglar

"The ability to adapt is everything!" - Denis Waitley

"Maturity is the ability to postpone gratification." - Sigmund Freud

"Happiness is the ability to recognize it." - Carolyn Wells

"Teaching is the ability to inspire learning." - Nick Saban

"Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt." - Nolan Ryan

"Purity is the ability to contemplate defilement." - Simone Weil

"Disability is the inability to see ability." - Vikas Khanna

"Responsibility is the ability to respond." - Lucille Ball

"Worry destroys the ability to write." - Ernest Hemingway

"Power is the ability to make change." - Geneva Overholser

"Intelligence is the ability to solve problems" - Robert Kiyosaki

"Man's ability to delude himself is infinite." - Kinky Friedman

"Ability has nothing to do with opportunity." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Music has the ability to comfort people." - Matthew Morrison

"Progress is man's ability to complicate simplicity." - Thor Heyerdahl

"It is a fine thing to have ability, but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test." - Elbert Hubbard

"It is a fine thing to have ability, but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test." - Lou Holtz

"Capitalism demands the best of every man - his rationality - and rewards him accordingly. It leaves every man free to choose the work he likes, to specialize in it, to trade his product for the products of others, and to go as far on the road of achievement as his ability and ambition will carry him." - Ayn Rand

"Choose to view life through God's eyes." - Charles R Swindoll

"You have to choose your future regrets." - Christopher Hitchens

"Happiness is what you choose to remember." - Jodi Picoult

"When in doubt, choose to live." - Terry Pratchett

"You should know which opportunities to choose." - Pittacus of Mytilene

"Choose to experience peace rather than conflict." - Gerald Jampolsky

"We notice what we choose to notice." - Seth Godin

"I didn't choose to be an actress" - Francesca Annis

"I can choose to be unstable." - Elizabeth Swados

"Choose to be optimistic, it feels better." - Dalai Lama

"You are who you choose to be." - Ted Hughes

"You're not always able to choose." - Anatoly Chubais

"I didn't choose to be an actress." - Francesca Annis

"I walk where I choose to walk." - Norman Thomas

"The Democrats complain; I choose to compete." - Jan Brewer

"Art's whatever you choose to frame." - Fleur Adcock

"I choose to live, not just exist." - James Hetfield

"The measure of our rationality determines the degree of vividness with which we appreciate the needs of other life, the extent to which we become conscious of the real character of our own motives and impulses, the ability to harmonize conflicting impulses in our own life and in society, and the capacity to choose adequate means for approved ends." - Reinhold Niebuhr

"We're fighting for LGBT rights and for women's rights and for Muslims and for refugees. Well, we shouldn't be fighting for those groups, we should be fighting for freedom and the liberties that are enshrined in our founding documents and that covers everybody: the woman's right to choose, the ability to be able to pursue happiness." - Sam Rasoul

"Every morning I offer my body, my mind and any ability that I posses, to be used by Thee, O infinite creator, in whatever way Thou dost choose to express Thyself through me. I know that all work is Thy work, and that no task is too difficult or too menial when offered to Thee in loving service." - Paramahansa Yogananda

"There is something that is much more scarce, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability." - Robert Half

"Any person who recognizes this greatest power... the power to choose. Begins to realize that he is the one that is doing the choosing and that friends, although they mean well, cannot do his choosing for him, nor can his relatives. Consequently, he develops real self-confidence based upon his own ability, upon his own action, and upon his own initiative." - J Martin Kohe

"This issue is whether or not our government should be infusing religion into the public schools. Our churches are very strong in this nation and I think that's great and everybody should have the ability to worship as he or she sees fit. I choose to worship not believing in God and government should not thrust a religious idea down my throat." - Michael Newdow

"Forced to choose, the poor, like the rich, love money more than political liberty; and the only political freedom capable of enduring is one that is so pruned as to keep the rich from denuding the poor by ability or subtlety and the poor from robbing the rich by violence or votes." - Will Durant

"You can offer the ability to citizens to choose from one of the two parties and elect their leaders as much as you want. But "democracy" is an illusion - a sham - if the most significant acts taken by those leaders are kept concealed from the citizenry." - Glenn Greenwald

"I, from the luxury of my laptop computer, can summon extraordinary bargains on everything I want, and I can also move my savings anywhere. This ability to choose more broadly and to switch more easily is the central fact of modern economic life." - Robert Reich

"In terms of playing ability there is nothing to choose between number one and 100. Instead, it's a question of who believes and who wants it more? Which player is mentally stronger? Which player is going to fight the hardest in the big points? These are the things that determine who is the champion." - Novak Djokovic

"Choose beliefs that serve your soul - choose beliefs that serve the grander dream of who you choose to be." - Joy Page

"We have the ability to choose, we are God's higher form of creation, we surpass all other forms of life and we don't use the mental faculties we've been given. We don't even understand what we are capable of doing. School doesn't teach us anything about ourselves. So the more we learn about ourselves, the more we take control over our life." - Bob Proctor

"I suspect that here theists and atheists would agree: Human beings have within them the ability to choose evil or good. We wake up each day facing the age-old struggle of good and evil. In some situations, mental illness clouds our judgment." - Adam Hamilton

"Choose the way of life. Choose the way of love. Choose the way of caring. Choose the way of goodness. It's up to you. It's your choice." - Leo Buscaglia

"It is radical for a woman to choose to survive and to choose to eat anything." - Micah Perks

"Our ability to grow is directly proportional to an ability to entertain the uncomfortable." - Twyla Tharp

"Your ability to generate power is directly proportional to your ability to relax" - David Allen

"The ability to speak exactly is intimately related to the ability to know exactly." - Wendell Berry

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his ability." - Craig Bruce

"It's up to us to choose whether we win or lose...and I choose to win." - Mary J Blige

"A leader's ability to convey confidence and his ability to communicate effectively are similar." - John C Maxwell

"It's not our ability to get forgiveness that saves us. It's out ability to grant forgiveness." - Jeri Smith-Ready

"Your ability to learn depends partly on your ability to relinquish what you've held." - Milton Hall

"Vitality shows not only in the ability to persist, but in the ability to start over." - Anonymous

"Our ability to adapt is amazing. Our ability to change isn't quite as spectacular." - Lisa Lutz

"My ability to function effectively will not affect my ability to serve as commander-in-chief." - Michele Bachmann

"Human inventiveness is overwhelming human adaptiveness. Our ability to judge lags behind our ability to create." - Robert E. Ornstein

"Our ability to destroy ourselves is the mirror image of our ability to save ourselves," - Terence Mckenna



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